Graduates From Rockaway In 1971

Steve Schwartz, Class of 1971, joins us from Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and writes the following.

Hi Skip!!

 Reading these entries - checking names on the list against the pictures in the yearbook - all I can say is nostalgia isn't what it used to be. I'm now living in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) but part of me will always be on the peninsula. I'd love to hear from anyone who'd like me to hear from them. (Including Dulcie Goldinker.) Most likely, I won't be making it to the reunion, so thanks for making this site possible.

Steve can be reached at

Barbara Brand Silverman, Class of 1971, joins us and writes the following.

Hi Skip!!

 I am absolutely thrilled to finally find this site again after my computer did a total crash and I ended up losing it all. Thank you So VERY MUCH for all your efforts at this. I was on the original 100th anniversary committee with my colleagues Warren Kramer and Joan Flig. Kindly add my screen name and the fact that I graduated FRHS in '71 to the list.

Barbara can be reached at

David Shiman, Class of 1971, joins us from Cooper City, Florida and writes the following.

Own my own Allstate insurance office. Been married for 22 years-same woman. Yes really. Two great daughters-age 18 and 15. No dog.

David can be reached at

Ron Krouse, Class of 1971, joins us from Alexandria, VA and writes the following.

Thanks for memories and putting up the Rockaway home page. It says volumes that few, if any, of us middle class types are still in the Rock. It's a shame. The last time I drove through "town" a few years ago, it nearly broke my heart. Schlock stores and empty storefronts. No crowd at Gino's or Crazy Eddie singing "Barbara Ann" on the corner. It now seems like an ideal time. Living technically in the "city" but having a real sense of community and a town of our own with 3 separate movie theaters. The Boardwalk arcades, Playland, touch football in Wavecrest, PAL baseball leagues, and hanging out on 17th street. All gone.

My mother stayed in the Rock until '92. Before her move, I took one last drive around. The karma was wierd. As I passed FRHS, I swear the Madonna song "This used to be my playground" came on the radio. Driving down Central Ave, 'Barbara Ann indeed came on and I instantly thought I saw Crazy Eddie from the corner of my eye. It was a mere mirage. How strange.

Ron can be reached at

Thanks to Ron for the memories. I had totally forgotten about "Crazy Eddie".

Ron, send me any photos you have. I'd like to put them on the site. Thanks!

Michelle Maslow, (Miki Strauss) Class of 71 unfortunately not FRHS, joins us and writes the following.

Dear Alan,

I grew up in Far Rockaway and moved when I was 16. It was traumatic to be moved away from the friends I had for so long. Far Rock has remained what I considered home and I have maintained a few of those long term friendships. This site of yours is great. It has answered the "Do you know what happened to ....."

I can't wait to participate in the reunion. My company's bookkeeper is a graduate of Far Rockaway and so are her children. A picture of Marni Plant! Her dad took me to the one and only pro football game I ever attended ( the Heidi bowl). I could go on and on but most important of all THANKS!!! for the memories, the ability to contact long lost friends, and everything else that goes along with this.

I have never spent so much time on the net! I'm looking forward to visiting this site again.

Michelle can be reached at

Thanks to Michelle for writing. We won't hold it against you that you didn't graduate from FRHS. How about a few photos for the web site??? Do you still hear from Marni Plant? Tell her I said hello after all these years........

Debbie Fiore Ruck, Class of 1971, joins us from Poughkeepsie, New York and writes the following.

Dear Skip,

I graduated FRHS in 1971 and have often wondered what happened to the friends I grew up with. After leaving FRHS, I moved on to Brooklyn College, then LIU to complete my Masters in Special Education. I am currently a Ph.d. candidate at Fordham University in Tarrytown NY.

My fondest memory of living in Rockaway centers on Playland. I lived in the first building of Dayton Towers on 88th Street and my bedroom window faced the rollercoaster. I used to force myself to stay up at night to stare at the rollercoaster waiting for them to turn the lights off. It was better than wishing on a star. I used to make a wish and believed it would come true if I stayed up long enough to actually see the lights go out when they shut the park. I must admit that I fell asleep far more often without seeing it, but I remember the magical feeling I got when I actually caught the lights going out.

Many of my friends lived in Arverne and I traveled back and forth by bus, visiting Roslyn Goldstein, Alan Goldstein, Richard Schwartz, and several others whose faces have stayed with me, but who's names have left.

I am looking for Alan Goldstein (~69), Richard Halpeern(~69), Marlene Libin, and Roslyn Goldstein(71). Anyone with information about the above please drop me a line...

Attached is a picture of me now, for those of you who didn't graduate in 1971. You'll have to guess what I used to look like!

Debbie can be reached at

Thanks Debbie for writing and for the great photo. I too have wonderful memories of Playland and the beach. Some nights I can still smell the salt air. Sorry I missed you on ICQ the other night. Maybe next time.

Harriet Schwarzber ( Shatzer ), Class of 1971, joins us and writes the following.

This is Harriet Schwarzber, class of 1971 writing. I would love to hear from all the old classmates who are still out there and remember me. Please contact me at my e-mail address.

Harriet can be reached at

Betty Pollock Ehrlich, Class of 1971, joins us and writes the following.

This has been a wonderful stroll down memory void lane. So many places are popping back into my mind as I've read about "Gino's, 17th street, Wavecrest", so many good memories.

I was just informed about the reunion from an old ( ha we're all old) friend David Millner and I can't wait to attend. But in the mean time I would love to hear about Joanne Hoffman '71, Lynn Colodney , Ellen Benson , Mitch Sanders, Steven Schwartz, Boney, Albie Ramos, Danny Cecere, or anyone who remembers me kindly from 1971.

Betty can be reached at

Bambi Schnall Polk, Class of 1971, joins us from Brooklyn, New York and writes the following.

Hi! My name is Bambi Schnall Polk, graduate of FRHS, January 1971. I heard about this incredible centennial reunion effort from my great friend since 1961, Ilene Gold Glick. This has been lots of fun browsing the web at this site. I have lost touch with most of my old school and neighborhood friends from Arverne, Edgemere, Nordeck, Dayton, Belle Harbor, FarRockaway, JHS 198 and FRHS. If you remember me from the good old days, please get in touch. I lived in the Arverne Houses uintil I went to college at SUNY at Plattsburgh in Jan, 1971.

Since then I have lived in Florida and then in Brooklyn. I've been married for 17 years and have two daughters ages 15 and 10. I am an Educational Evaluator with the good ole NYC Board of Education. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion in Sept.

Bambi can be reached at

Ackerman, Chris - - Butte, MT
I attended FRHS from 1969-1971.  I moved west in the summer of 1973 and never returned.  The events of 9/11 have caused me to reflect on my birthplace.  I spoke with Marc Behar last night (same FRHS class) and he suggested I get reconnected via the FRHS website.  I am the father of two girls...Ashley age ten and Katie age six.  My wife Patti and I have been married since 1989.  I was married before but we had no children.  I graduated from Washington State University in Communications in 1976.   I have been in the Radio Broadcasting Industry for all of my professional life.  Mostly in the Seattle area...I did a brief stint in Dallas, 1980-1984...and was transferred to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a year, 1996-1997.  Patti and I decided to make a quality of life move "to the Small Market"...and for the past few years we have done just that.  I am now the General Manager of three radio stations in Butte Montana.  One question I have  is...our FRHS football team finished the 1970 season undefeated.  That was a FRHS record winning season.  Has that record held?  Thank you for allowing me to get back in touch with my high school.  Greetings from the Rocky Mountain West. Love to hear from you.



Alexander, Kenneth - - Hackensack, NJ

Anderocci, Julie C. - - Phoenix, AZ

Apfelbaum, Adrien  (Panitz) - - Plantation, FL

Arleo, Pauline (Kline) - - Prosper TX
Hi everyone. Any friends who remember me, please drop me a line. Would love to hear from you. I am in contact with a few classmates, including the Provenzano brothers, Vinny and Frankie. Husband is an airline captain for major airlines and am a world traveler, also love to cross country in our RV.

Barasch, Ellen (Morochnick) -  - East Windsor, NJ

Baron, William  Suffern, NY

Batwin, Shelley (Cobbel) -  - Dallas, TX

Bayard, Emily -  - Shutesbury, MA

Becker, Marc  Manalapan, NJ

Behar, Marc - - Seattle, WA - Updated February, 2010
Hello my old friends from my years at Far Rock. I have enjoyed this site a great deal. It has been great hearing from friends from the days of my youth. While life is very wet in Seattle it has been a good 31 plus years in the Pacific Northwest. I have a wonderful family. Kathleen my wife of 16 years and 3 great kids. I have been a middle school teacher for 10 plus years. Before that I was a commercial fisherman all over Alaska for a decade where I met my wife in 1984. My wife says I'm living my dream, three kids that love athletics! They do keep us busy carting them to their various sports. I love teaching and teach at a very unique public school in Seattle. Life is full of surprises for example tonight we celebrated the 7th day of Chanukah and the theme for tonight was baseball. Seattle Mariner baseball ornaments for each of the kids to hang on our beautiful Christmas tree. Growing up Jewish I never did get Christmas, but I sure enjoy celebrating it since our children were born. Anyways, I would love to hear from old friends and share some stories about your life and mine. Marc Behar Class of 1971

Berger, Jonathan - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Stanford, CA

Berkley, Carole (Kralstein) - - Coral Springs, FL

Berl, Sandra (Ross) - - Fanwood, NJ
Hello everyone from Far Rockaway H.S. - I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me!

Binn, Joel -  - Lynbrook, NY

Bixenspan, Meryl (Posin)  - Long Beach, NY

Blashka, Norman -  - Woodbury, NY

Bloom, Craig A. - - South Huntington, NY - Updated January, 2008
Hello to all the guys. Elliot, Larry, Alan B, Ritchie G, Ronnie K., Marc, Jerry, Allen K.  I just wanted to take the time to say hello to all of my fellow Far Rockaway High School friends and classmates, 1971.

Bock, Batsheva "Shevi" (Salberg) -  - Manalapan, NJ
I attended the 100 year re-union and had a blast.  Most recently, I have seen Sue Rothberg Moss & Ellen Marachnick Barash, who also live in Central New Jersey.  I heard that there will be a re-union in May, 2004.  Hoping to attend this event.

Bossert, Robin (Levey) -  - Merrick, NY

Bostick, Marlene - - Far Rockaway, NY - Updated July, 2016

Brand, Barbara (Brand Silverman) -  - East Rockaway, NY

Thanks for all you have done to maintain this website and for giving us a link to our past. It's wonderful to see and recognize names, as well as see where life has taken them. I still have some very close, almost family like, friendships with some fellow FRHS alumni. Regards to all who remember me!

 Brandes, Hank -  - Forest Hills, NY

Brandl, Gary -  - Hewlett, NY

Brandt, Lynne (Nussbaum) - Syosset, NY

Brodkin, Abbey (Herman)  Churchville, PA

Brown, Ellen (Freed) - - Sylvania, OH - Deceased, 2006

Budick, Alan -  - Jericho, NY - Updated June, 2008
It's a shame that it is all just a memory, Central Avenue, Gino's, Ely's and of course, the beach.

Budman, Alan  Cherry Hill, NJ

Byer, Karen (Eisenberg) -  - Belle Harbor, NY

Caldwell, Clarence - Send Me Your Current Email Address  - Aurora, CO

Cappell, Bruce - Staten Island, NY

Cohen, Sam -  - Los Angeles, CA

Cohen, Stephanie (Snider) -  - Commack, NY


Colodne, Lynne (Bover) -  - Groton, MA
This site has been so much fun for me; it has brought back to life so many memories that didn't seem to be real anymore.

Darnelle, Suzanne (Darnelle-Shutter) -  - Dix Hills, NY

David, Debi - New York, NY

Davis, Lowell -  - Great Neck, NY

Derck, Debbie (Hess) -  - Wellington, FL

DeVivio, Anthony -  - New York, NY

Diamond, Harriet (Diamond Jones) -  - Newton, MA
I can't believe this site! My brother Lee (keyboard player for the Vicious Egg) told me about it, but this is the first time that I have had time to go on!   I remember so many of you!! Please call or e-mail me. I am still in touch with Sharon Domfort- do you know that John Morales came to summer sleep away camp as a waiter with us when we were 16? So sorry to hear that he is gone.  After college at SUNY Binghamton, I went to graduate school to be...what else? An oceanographer. Moved up to Boston after grad school and started the cleanup of Boston Harbor. Did that for many many years and then took a break. I am now running a company bringing a product to market that my husband invented. We have two wonderful girls in college.  My parents still live on the pennisula in Belle Harbor, and I am in NY often. You can't beat that beach!! Or the city!! I am looking forward to hearing from all of you.

DiMurro, Cristina -  - Oro Valley, AZ
I am so glad this website exists.  I grew in Rockaway and have many great memories about which I will write in another time to be posted.   Most of my brothers and sisters graduated from Far Rock High when it was the #1 school for Academic diplomas (remember FRHS offered 3 differnet diplomas: general, commercial, academic)  I attended the 100th Anniversary and that was so exciting and heart warming.  Thanks for maintaining the site.

Dinnerstein, Noé -  or  - Lake Hill, NY

DiResta, Richard - - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Updated October, 2010

Domfort, Sharon (Rose) -  - Soquel, CA
I went west after graduating Queens College in 1976, and have returned only for visits.  I have lived in Venice, CA, (teaching), West Virginia (homesteading), San Diego, CA (nutrition consultant), and  the Monterey Bay area (teaching and consulting).  It has been 32 years since I graduated FRHS. During all those years, someone from my family has lived in my Rockaway home, yet I never received an invitation to a reunion.   This is the first contact I've had with the graduation classes  of FRHS.  I was told about it by the only friend who has stayed in contact with me over the years.  It is amazing to see this website.  Looking at the names of those registered, I remember Nina Garfinkel and Richard DiResta, and I hope that more people register.  Thanks for doing this! Sharon Rose (Domfort)  P.S.  I was visiting my family in Rockaway and got caught in the 2003 East Coast Blackout!

Ehrlich, Jacqueline (Zimmerman) - - Rockaway Beach, NY - Updated August, 2016
Still have sand in my toes. Love traveling, gambling (especially if I win), still a trekkie and especially love shopping. If shopping were an Olympic event I could captain a team to victory! I work with several Far Rockaway alumni and we love to remember the "Good Old Days". Would love to hear from other classmates, although I still keep in touch with some of them. I can be reached at I am the first female chairperson of my entire union (over 500 people) which is a surprise, since I voted against the ERA. (That last comment should generate a lot of feedback!) My Mom passed away in April of 1998 but most people found out about it and I thank everyone for their support in my hour of need. I have a bachelors degree in English and taught English and Math for one year before deciding I would rather work with adults who don't have weapons than Junior or Senior High School kids who carry weapons. I got my M.S. (also from Brooklyn College in Special Education) and find my job keeps me on my toes.

Eisenstadt, Keith - Brooklyn NY - Deceased

Eiven, Larry - East Brunswick, NJ

Elkin, Rochelle (Lask) -  - Virginia Beach, VA

Engleberg, Michelle (Handwerker) -  - Boca Raton, FL

Epstein, Mollie (Makar) -  - Wilmingron, DE
I was so pleased to find this website.  I attended FRHS 1967-1970 when my family relocated to Caracas, Venezuela. I graduated from an American school in Venezuela in 1971.  It was very hard to leave Far Rockaway the summer before my senior year.  I've tried to find old friends (web searches) at times.  I'd love to hear from anyone from the old group at FRHS and from Belle Harbor.

Farbowitz, Bruce -  - Staten Island, NY

Fein-Feldman, Sharon -  - Belle Harbor, NY
Lived on 143rd on the beach block. Went to PS 114, then JHS 180, (was a cheerleader) then FRHS. Camp Blue/Ridge/Equinunk in the summers. Married to another born and bred Rockaway person. In fact, we were in kindergarten together.. Two step-children, girls, 16 and 21. Work in the Big Apple as an Executive Legal Secretary specializing in securities litigation - class action suits.

Feldman, David -  - Harrisburg, NC

Feldman, Fran (Shabsels) -  - Pembroke Pines FL

Feldman, Madeleine (Raphael) - - (No city/state listed)

Feldstein, Steven -  - Columbia, MD

Ferreri, Philip -  - Oxnard, CA

Feuerstein , Robin -  New York, NY

Fiore, Debra (Ruck) -  - Poughkeepsie, NY

Fischer, Barry - - Stockbridge, GA - Updated February, 2008
I would love to hear from friends.

Fisher, Andre' -  - Merrick, NY
Hello friends, it was great seeing a lot of you at the reunion. It sure has been a long time. Please feel free to drop me a line via e-mail anytime just to say hi, and let me know what you are up to.

Fishkin, Jeffrey - - Merritt Island, FL - Updated June, 2011
It has been a long time since I've gotten in touch with anyone from the class of 1971. I might as well start now. If anyone remembers me, please feel free to contact me.

Fishman, Michelle (Buehring) - - Agoura, CA

Flig, Joel – 1971 - – Boca Raton, FL

Folber, William -  - West Islip, NY
Married, 3 great kids. Retired Police Officer.

Fraum, Michael -  - Hewlett, NY
Wow, I remember that we had a graduating class of over a thousand kids and we went to school on different shifts! How about when we walked out of school to protest the War in Vietnam. I was always a little envious of the popular kids. I kid my family that I was a nerd in High School. Anyone remember me??

Freed, Marc -  - Sylvania, OH

Frey, Barbara (Mercurio) - - Plantation, FL
I enjoy working as a medical assistant and phlebotomist.

Frumkin, Yvette (Feis) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Melville NY

Ganin-Toporek, Abby -  - New City, NY

Garfinkel, Nina -  - New York, NY
I just got off your site today after another hour or so as I couldn't cover the whole thing in one sitting! I think I registered but am now not sure I did it correctly. I had just written down your web address and was going to email you to verify. I graduated in 71 and posted messages on the site in a couple of places. Hopefully someone will remember me as I saw many posts from people I remember vividly. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work in putting the site together. It surely shows! Will try to logon to a chat one of these Tues. eves. I will give Barbara Saber a call as I have some stuff she may be able to use. Thank you again for all your wonderful work!

Gedzelman, Robert - - New York, NY - Updated November, 2014

Geller, Diana -  - Ft. Lauderdale, FL  
This site is a wonderful stroll down memory lane. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I went to PS 105, JHS 198 and  of course, FRHS.

Gewirtz, Andrew - - New York, NY - Updated December, 2012

Gilbert, Howie  - Dix Hills, NY
Now that we are adults (chronologically at least), I have assumed somewhat the semblance of the mantle of responsibility. That, however, does not mean that fun is a four letter word. Growing up in Rockaway when we did was a unique and amazing time. Memories stick to you like the salt water taffy we loved. I for one was too young to fully appreciate what we had. I am a Labor and Employment Law Attorney with my own practice. I took off for 2-1/2 years after early graduating from Clark University in Mass. and worked a bunch of jobs, traveled, and wrote. After graduating St. John's Univ. Law School, I worked in the city before returning to Dix Hills, Long Island where I am now. I would love to hear from anyone from the Rock who knows me. I can be reached at or call: 631-630-0100.

Glaser, Jeffrey - - No city/state listed

Gliboff, Gary -  - Belle Harbor, NY

Gochberg, Bethe (Lipper) - - Charlottesville, VA - Deceased, 2014

Gold, Allen -  - Freeport, NY

Gold, Leonard -  - New York, NY
Sami Cohen, where are you?

Goldberg, Harvey -  - West Bay Shore, NY

Goldberg, Robin (Schafler)  - - Jupiter FL

Goldklang, Merill (Abbate) -  - Arlington, VA
Married 21 years, two kids (girl 16; boy 14), living in Virginia since 1977, working as Network Administrator with Head Start.

Goldstein, Craig -  - Chicago, IL
I'd love to hear from any old friends and acquaintances.  Thanks.

Goldstein, Elise (Levy) -  - Flushing NY

Goldstein, Roz (Cooper) - - Yorktown Heights, NY

Goldstein, Roberta (Sarria) - - Rockville Centre NY  -  Deceased

Gordon, Beverly (Kandell) -  - Muttontown, NY

Gordon, Scott -  - New York, NY

Gore, Debra (Ginos) -  - Rotonda, FL

Gould, Randy (Brandon) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Aventura FL
I would love to hear from everyone -- especially the crew from '69 & '70...17th St. crowd...35th St.... everyone Trudy & I used to hang out with.

Granados-Boyce, Maria (Granados) -  - Soquel, CA
It would be so nice to talk with anyone who might remember me back in those years! I've been away from Rockaway for many years but it still is home. Bobby Cohen or Tommy Burns are you out there? I'm hopin' -- Maria (Lupe).

Greber, Ileen (Herberg) -  Phoenix, AZ

Greenberg, Glen -  - Newtown Square, PA

Greenberg, Harvey -  - Howard Beach, NY

Greenberg, Larry -  - Wellington, FL - Deceased, 2011

Greenberg, Richard - - Culver City, CA - Updated on January 20, 2008

Greenberg, Richard -  - Levittown NY

Greenberg, Robin (Johnson) -  - Lake Worth, FL
I welcome all old classmates, memories of my hometown, Far Rockaway

Grober, Joel  - - Oceanside, NY

Groden, Karen (Schoenberger)  - - Hewlett, NY

Handwerker, Meryl (Vasquez) -  - Sunrise, FL

Hanzelik, Franny (Unger) -  - No City Listed, NJ

Hanzelik, Wendy (Widom) -  - No City Listed, NY

Harris, Sharon (Clark) -  - Oceanside, NY

Harrison, Riva (Schechter) - - Westbury, NY

Herbitter, Bruce -  - Prattville, AL
Hi folks: So glad to have found this page! It would be great to hear from any of you about how your lives have gone these 30 years or so. Liked History, LOVED Biology, ended up in the steel biz. Go figger. Also nuts about fountain pens, inks and papers. Would love to hear from any and all..Drop a line GET in touch...God Bless B

Hirsh, Don (Donny) -  - Clarksville, MD

Hirsch, Rhonda (O'Brien) -  - Hicksville, NY
I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me!

Hirschbaum, Lori (Harris) -  - Bellmore, NY

Hoffman, Joanne -  - New York, NY

Holland, Robert - - Atlantic Beach, NY

Horlick, Cindy (Davis)  - - Norwood, NJ

Jacobs, Edward - - Windham, NH - Updated November, 2010

Jacobs, Hiram - - New York, NY

Jacobs, Suzanne (Fusco) - - Atlanta, GA - Updated March, 2008  

Johnson, Cynthia (Woods-Johnson) - - Arverne, NY
The Rockaway People's Network is holding their 9th Rockaway Reunion at Bayswater Park on July 25, 2009.
For more information you can contact: Cynthia Woods  P.O. Box 921154  Arverne NY11692

Kahn, Helen (Feldman) - - Belle Harbor, NY

Kammerer, Lorraine (Lafkoff) - - Spring, TX
Always looking for old friends.

Kapell, Miriam (Kook) -  - Columbia, MD

Kaplan, Joan (Flig) - – Boca Raton, FL - Updated June, 2016

Karen, Herbert -  - West Hempstead, NY

Karp, Carol (Martens) -  - Coram, NY

Karsh, Sheryl (Eisenberg) -  - Plainview, NY

Katzel, Les -  - Lutherville, MD

Kenig, Steven - - Liberty Hill, TX

Kesselschmidt, Allen - - Virginia Beach, VA

Kessler, Linda -  - Brooklyn Heights, NY

Kirshner, Rhonda (Rachlin) - - East Rockaway, NY

Klauber, Jan (Romm) -  - Rockaway Park, NY

Klein, Fred - - New York, NY

Klein, Irwin - - Teaneck, NJ

Klosky, Robin (Cavallo) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Kogut, Steve -  - Far Hills, NJ

Kopel, Bruce -  - Sacramento, CA

Korzuk, Elaine (Loconte) -  - Mineola, NY

Krouse, Ron - - New York, NY

Kurkomelis, Kirby -  - or -  - North Woodmere, NY
Click on Captain Kirby Kurkomelis's photo to view it in its larger format.  Website located at

Lang, Steven Neil - - - Santa Cruz, CA - Updated March, 2011
Just a fantastic website!  I was on the phone talking with Jerry Sadin earlier tonight and we were both scrolling down "memory lane" and were equally surprised at how many people we remembered, along with some great stories about them.  But what amazed me even more was while reading many of the comments about Far Rockaway, I was brought to tears by how much everyone's feelings were just like mine.  There is something "magical" about having lived in Far Rockaway that seems to be shared universally by those that did.  I have had a dificult time attempting to explain to loved ones and friends just what that "magic" is - and yet, many of you so eloquently described what I have been feeling all of the years since leaving Far Rockaway. And while I have lived in some beautiful locations throught the USA, I still feel connected to that time and place as if it were only yesterday that I was walking down Central Avenue towards Wavecrest and hollering up to Gale Rosenfeld (I had a crush on her and her older sister Lois) while she would open her 2nd story bedroom window with that generous smile and just chat away, usually inviting me in and having her sweet parents always offer me something to eat.  Her parents always made me feel like "family." I still have photos of them.

I have fond memories (time does heal all emotional wounds) of Bonnie Kivolowitz (speaking of photos - I'm still waiting for half of the pictures we took together), whom I dated almost all through high school. The dances at the "Y" with her brother Jack and his band, including Bobby Silverman (is he still alive?), I think Scott (maybe Andy) Lask - and some others whose faces I remember, but not their names.  And Susan Seagal (sorry if i didn't spell this right, Susan) who Jack dated throughout high school.  I had a big crush on Susan, and if you read this Jack, I have a confession to make - I "made out" with Susan. All and all - just a great group of people to have known!

Mike Stein (stay away from scissors), Bob Stauber (ever finish that Corvette?), Bob Thompkins (wish we were still playing paddleball), Barry Kalfin (remember the "pot?"), Andre Fisher (didn't you, me & Pat Terry play musical girlfriends once?) , Wayne & Bobby Sadin (remember the Greatful Dead @ Stoneybrook?), Stu, Ellen & Neal Fox (2 broken wrists?), Pat Terry (I told you to stay out of trouble), Todd & Patty Silverstein (I could never decide who was prettier?), Ricky Stockner (remember the "dude ranch?"), Bennett Manzella (remember anything from that time?), Mike Taska (still popular with the girls?), Robin and Mark Siegel (also couldn't decide who was prettier), Bonnie Wolk (you could have had your way with me), Warren Mitchell (remember when staff wanted to have you leave the beach club?), Leslie Slaff (remember when your parents stopped staff from making Warren leave?), Ronnie Kamm (remember the blizzard and the bathrobes?), Louie Echavarria (it's always the music - dude!), Bob Goldman (high school claim to fame: most "sit-ups" record while having Jerry Sadin hold your feet - and Jerry's high school claim to fame is holding your feet while you set a "sit-up" record), Michelle Strauss (just a huge great dane), Barbara Brody (freckles and warm personality), Leslie Caron (why did your parents name you Leslie again?), Gail Foster (please forget that Judy Garland comment, ok?), Debbie Schwartz (kind and considerate), Debbie Conn (great sense of humor), Bruce Schwartz (ummm...something about cigarettes?), Steve Reitkopf (see: Bennett Manzella), Lisa Berman (if only I could go back in time...beautiful & smart), the Pappas sisters (Stu says hi!), Bobbi Oshinsky (we all say hi!), Sharon Muchinikoff (I'm still trying to figure out why you smacked me one summer night while at the playground behind Wavecrest by the boardwalk?), Bobbe Gordon (remember the black & white checkered mini skirt? Jerry Sadin's going to kill me - but he once wrote up a "will" on a piece of paper and bequeathed his "manhood" to you in the event he died - he carried this in his wallet like forever), Nadine Leeds (your big sister taught me how to "french kiss"), Judy Heifitz (see: Lisa Berman), Beverly Spiegel (lips sweeter than wine), Lois Mark (did Jerry Sadin really beat up Danny Klinger & protect you?), Sharon Stein (I think you made up for Bonnie Wolk?), Michelle Grosso (I just finished looking at the pictures you provided this website of your sweet 16 - I remember you being as kind, warm, smart & funny as you are beautiful - the pictures are great - thanks!), Mindy Wetzler (hi - I have always had a sweet memory of our friendship - you were a great friend - hope life has given you all the things you deserve - having said that, I also had a crush on your big sister Arnie, especially when she wore those "Jesus" sandals with the thin leather straps).

There are many more of you and many more stories that I haven't included, but time, a 12 year old son and a new puppy precludes me from continuing.  I would like to point out that all of those people I mentioned above have a precious place in my heart for one reason or another.  Your families, all of which I had the good fortune of meeting, and many of whom I got to know personally, have one thing in common - like me, they are blessed with memories of an ecclectic group of wonderful people that for whatever reasons crossed paths on our journey in life at the same time in a "magical" place called Far Rockaway.

I wonder if the "magic" isn't just Wavecrest; the boardwalk; the beach; Playland; Bch. 17th & 19th Streets; the el; the Pix & Town movie theaters; Gino's Pizza; Grants; the bowling alley; Marty's Pizza; the Green Bus Lines; the Good Humor guys on the beach in the summertime; FRHS; the library; the bakery; the bungalows; Arverne; Edgemere; The Five Towns; the diner; the market...but also the people that were just damn lucky enough to have something that other's didn't - the good fortune of belonging to an exclusive group of extraordianry people in their own right that just happens, where ever they might be, to call their home Far Rockaway - maybe it's that simple - maybe we too are the "magic?".

One last thing - I would be remiss if i didn't extend my condolences to the families of our friends that are not with us anymore.  Remember, they too are the "magic" that makes Far Rockaway, in our collective memories, one hell of a great place to have lived while growing up:  Steven Shuster; Bruce "Rat" ____ (sorry, I can't remember his last name); Bruce Goldstein; David Weinstock; Johnny Morales, and all the others...REST IN PEACE!  Hope to maybe hear from some of you!

Lantz, Steven -  - Atco, NJ
Looking for Donna Giardano, lived on Beach 63rd St. in Arverne.

Lask, Andrew - - Virginia Beach, VA

Laxer, Eugene - - Alpharetta, GA - Posted July, 2008

Lee, Jeannette (Gray) - - Orange City, FL - Updated January, 2011
Would love to hear from any "old friends" and especially some "new friends"

Lefkowitz, Carol (Laursen) -  - Wantagh, NY

Leopold, Lance -  - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Lieberman, Amy (Green) - - East Rockaway, NY

Lieberman, Gail - - West Haven, CT
Anyone who remembers me from Far Rockaway H.S. or from F.R. please contact me. I don't have a computer, so I hope you can call or write me. I graduated F.R in 1971. I was the captain of the boosters, in leaders club, bowling club, and very actived. Most of you might remember me as being very skinny, with thick long hair and always eating candy. I am using the library computer, and not here all the time. Contact: Gail Lieberman, 200 Park Street, West Haven, Ct. 06516. Tel. (203) 932-2535. Miss you all. xxxAnyone who remembers me from Far Rockaway H.S. or Rockaway Beach please call or email me.  I miss the great times I had with all.

Lisi, Rosanne (Kahn) -  - Stony Brook, NY

Littman, Beth (Littman-Quinn) -  - Southboro, MA

Lutsky, Harold "Hal" - - San Francisco, CA

Maffeo, Andrea (Ferrandino) - - Allentown, PA - Updated May, 2010
Hi everyone.  Please change the e-mail address you have for me (tupperware).  Now that I am married and have a new last name (and the fact that I retired from tupperware 4 months ago) please add my new address to your list of contacts.    Thank you one and all.  And if you still haven't seen our wedding pix, you can view all 253 online at 

Magid, Mark -  - Las Vegas NV

Malakoff, Elyse (McClean) -  - Corona Del Mar, CA

Marcus, Jay -  - Irvine, CA

Marcus, Melanie (Goldman) -  - East Brunswick, NJ

Mark, Adele (Lawton) -   - Salem, VA
Reading some of the emails does take me back to a simpler time. Wednesday nights on the boadwalk seeing the barge move towards Playland and then watching fireworks. Walking down Central Ave. and having your choice of 3 movie theaters. Eating at Gino's pizza and getting popcorn for 15 cents at Grants and then sneaking it into the movie. Thanks for the memories.

Marrone, Barry -  - Calabasas, CA

McNulty, Ellen - - Garden City, NY
Great site!    Website:

Metzing, Ken -  - Jupiter, FL - Deceased August, 2010

Michaels, Robin (Slater) Send Me Your Current Email Address - Dobbs Ferry, NY

Miller, Kenneth -  - Las Vegas, NV
I am now the operation's director for a logistics company in Los Angeles.

Minsky, Warren - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Westfield, NJ

Missan, Robin (Efron) - - Kingston, MA

Morales, John (Deceased) -  - Jackson Heights, NY

Morgenstern, Elissa (Delosso) -   - Howard Beach, NY

Morris, Roy - - Arlington, VA

Nagin, Susie (Klass) - - Reno, NV - Updated April, 2015

Nankof, Jodi -  - Coram, NY

Neuman, Sharon -  - Brooklyn, NY

Nortez, Victoria -  -  Reston, VA
I just happened to come across this site as I was surfing the internet and " my goodness what a surprise." It's been a very long time.  A big hello to all.

O'Keefe, Barbara (White) -  - Cocoa, FL

Oken, Wayne - - Pompano Beach , FL
Finest years growing up and allowed me to face the world. My 1st job was working on the roller coaster with Walter at Rockaway's Playland. I was promoted to the main office and worked with the Geist family of Rockaway's Playland for the next 5 seasons - each summer. Best summer job while attending Far Rockaway High School and college.

Paskoff, Andrea - - Harbor Isle, NY

Petrara, Laurie (Rice) -  - Morganville, NJ


Pollock, Betty (Ehrlich) -  - West Hollywood, CA

Poretsky, Irene -  - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Post, Glenn - - Rockaway Beach , NY

Rausch, Melodie (Kitton) - - East Hills, NY

Reback, Neil - - Washington Crossing, PA

Reiter, Marlene (Yuzik) -  - Howard Beach, NY

Rieber, Arlene (Turocy) -  - Westlake, OH

Robins, William - - Weston, FL
I am thankful to have grown up in the Rockaways. Many friends and lasting memories of good times by the beach.

Rosenblatt, Alan (Chuck) - - Andover, MA - Updated January, 2014
I was in Bellemore NY , this past summer, to visit my brother Steve (also 1971) and we ran into a number of FRHS at Tommy Koenig's performance. Gordon Freed, Marty Siroka, Jeff Glaser, Frank Hassid, Lori Hirschbaum, Harriet Diamond......and probably a few more '71 well as Tommy, after his outstanding performance. We also ran into a couple of "older" gents from the Wave Crest days....Stuart Schor and Mike Feinberg.

Rosenblatt, Steven - - Melville, NY

Roth, Elliot - - North Bellmore, NY - Updated July, 2014

Rothberg, Susan (Moss) Send Me Your Current Email Address - Marlboro, NJ

Rothenberg, Howard -  - North Woodmere, NY
Hope all of you are all doing well in matters of health, spirit, and success!!!!

Rubin, Andrew - - New York NY
Hi ! Many many thanks for keeping up this terrific web site. There really isn't a better place on earth to have passed through. Far Rockaway is a truly unique experience. I am fortunate in that because of work, I get to visit Far Rockaway weekly. Sadly, the neighborhood has changed a lot. I was in Valley Stream today having my tires aligned. A woman drives into the repair shop to have her car inspected. She was wearing the reunion t-shirt. Turns out she is also from the class of 71. Better still, while we were reminiscing, the manager of the shop comes over and comments on her shirt as well. Guess what...He also was in the class of 71. I have been using this shop for 25 years and never knew that he was from Far Rockaway, let alone that he graduated with me. The three of us spent two hours playing "Where are our classmates now". It was terrific. See what a t-shirt will do. Guaranteed, had this woman not come in wearing her reunion t-shirt, we would have remained three complete strangers. Please keep up the great work, we all appreciate it.

Ryger, Risa - - New Rochelle, NY

Sadovnik, Alan -  - New York, NY
Unfortunately, I could not attend the big reunion because I was out of the country. Three years ago, when I posted my information on the site, Ronnie Krause and Michelle Fishman contacted me. Ron and I have had some brief email conversations. Michelle and I had lunch in Anaheim, when I was at the American Sociological Association Meetings.  The lunch was great and brought back wonderful memories of our adolescence in Rockaway.  I live in Manhattan and occasionally drive back to my old surfing beaches and old house. Although Edgemere-Arverne is still a site of urban decay, there are signs of improvement since my parents left in 1987 (my mother lives in Little Neck and my father is deceased).  As a sociologist of education, I look closely at the New York City school
achievement data. I am always dismayed by the fact that the three schools I attended, P.S. 105, J.H.S 198 and Far Rockway H.S. continue to perform at the bottom of the city's schools. Although I understand the complex social, economic and political reasons for this, it is disheartening nonetheless.  I have always played with the idea of writing a book on what happened to the Rockways, including its schools. However, at Rutgers I spend so much time doing
research on the Newark schools, that I have never found the time. Recently, however, after seeing anthropologist Sherry Ortner's book, New Jersey Dreaming, on the class of '58 at Newark's Weequahic High School (which has undergone the same demographic shifts as Far Rockaway High School), I am considering doing a similar project with our class of '71; this would trace what has happened in the lives of as many graduates as possible, with respect to occupation, education, family life, etc. and include in-depth interviews with a representative sample.  If you would be interested in participating, please email me at .  I hope you all are well and I look forward to hearing from you.  Alan Sadovnik, '71

Sandler, Eileen (Reich) -  - Westfield, NJ
I always felt bad that my family moved to Lawrence in 1970 after my junior year (would have graduated '71), so I didn't get to graduate with people I grew up with. I had a great childhood in Far Rockaway, and now, as an adult, living in land-locked Westfield NJ where you have to join the pool or go to the Y (my husband is also a Long Islander and we just don't think of the Jersey shore when we think of the "beach" but I guess we'll adjust our thinking eventually), we really had it great, growing up with the beach nearby. I remember the pies in the window at Pickwick's and milkshakes and comic books at Miltie's, and thinking Roaches was a beach club til I grew up and lived in the city. Since I was in the 2 year SP I also went to school with a lot of people who would be class of 1972 as well as 71.

Santlofer, Jeff - Deceased

Schnitzer, Judy (Triebwasser) -  -  Flushing, NY

Schriber, Richard -  - N. Massapequa, NY

Schulman, Eileen -  - New York, NY

Schwartz, Barbara (Tilleman) -  - Far Rockaway, NY

Schwartz, Richard -  - East Rockaway, NY

Schwarzber, Harriet (Shatzer) -  - Edison, NJ

Seckler, Eddie -  - East Brunswick, NJ

Seelick, Beth (Mellars) -  - South Salem, NY

Seiler, Tina - - Toluca Lake, CA - Updated January, 2008

Shapiro, Deborah (Kapp) -  - Coral Springs, FL

Shapiro, Donna (Haber) -  - Howell, NJ

Shiffman, Carla (Honig) -  - Boca Raton, FL
Thanks for this sweet nostalgic website.  And how weird to discover that nobody is looking for me!!! I graduated U at Albany in '75, where I met my husband and best friend of 26+ years,  got my Masters in Speech Path in '76 at Adelphi.  We moved to L.A. in '77 where I lived happily for 14 years and switched careers a few times, and had my daughter (now 12), soon after which we relocated to Florida.  Still in touch with just 2-3 FRHS friends -- that's how I came to this website.  Did I miss something, or did our class opt out of a 30th year reunion?? (as well as a 20th?)  Did anyone besides me think it's unusual to have had a 17th year reunion in '88.  Does anyone know what happened to Bobby Chiarello, Tommy Koenig, Susan Engel?  I would love to hear from anyone who wants to connect.

Shiman, David -  - Weston, FL

Shulman, Larry -  - Dix Hills, NY

Siegel, Ellen (Koller) -  - Agoura, CA

Silver, Roberta (Reid) - - Santa Monica, CA

Siroka, Martin -  - Hollis, NY

Sornik, Marshall - - East Rockaway, NY

Sperling, Elyse (Pattinger) -  - Woodbury, NY

Spiegel, Janet (Lorin) - - Laguna Niguel, CA - Updated August, 2013

Spivak, Sue Ellen (Schaffel) - - Bayside, NY

Stankevich, Ray - - Warrenton, VA - Updated April, 2008

Steinberg, Debra (Halladay) -  - Jupiter, FL

Strauss, Michelle (Maslow) -  - Sciota, PA

Stuminski, Denise (Maughan) -  - Winter Park, FL

Susnick, Harvey -  - Woodmere, NY

Tanner, Tom -  - Kent Lakes, NY

Tellerman, Jeff - - Cape Elizabeth, ME
Can I be added to the list even though I don't have an e-mail address? Would like folks to know we're out here! Am filling out this reply at the local library.

Tilleman, Joseph -  - Phoenixville, PA

Topel-Jacobs, Elayne (Jacobs) 0  - Bayside, NY

Toulon, Daryl - Send Me Your Current Email Address - New York, NY

Tremaine, Stephanie (Proserpio) -  - Richmond, VA

Tuz, Michele - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Vero Beach, FL

Unger, Margo (Schockett) -  - Woodmere, NY
Anyone out there who remembers me or my two older sisters Ginger and Rochelle?  Please contact me and congratulate me on my recent marriage to 1968 alum Dr. Kenneth Schockett.  We reside in Manhattan after many years on Long Island.

Vogel, Jaret -  - Delray Beach, FL
What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been! Website:

Waitzman, Linda (Hecker) Send Me Your Current Email Address - East Windsor, NJ

Weiner, Sharon (Rowland) -  - Arverne, NY

Weiner, Sheryl (Furman) -  - Plainview, NY

Weiner, Warren -  - Lake Worth, FL

Weisenberg, Deena - - Pompano Beach, FL
Hi, I was just shown this site. I went to PS 215 graduated in 1965 (I think). I moved to Long Island after the 6th grade. I was just looking over the alumni of FRHS of 1971 (that is when I graduated Plainedge HS in Massapequa, NY) would have been the year if I attended FRHS. Some of the names were real familiar to me I knew at least 5 people on there. I grew up in Wave Crest 20-33 Seagirt Blvd. This is wild. Joanne Hoffman we were buds! And if that is the same Roberta Goldstein (deceased) I'm crushed we were best friends. If any one remebers me please send me an E-mail. This is great!

Weinstein, Marc - - Baldwin , NY
I played in a band with Johnny Morales and Scott Lask. My last job post with FDNY was Far Rockaway right before 9/11, and I can't tell you what it was like driving the streets and seeing the changes. Having memories and giving back to the community I was raised in. No matter where I lived in this world Far Rockaway is always my love. When I was told about FRHS closing I was devastated.   Never forget those who gave their lives on 09-11-01. FDNY-EMS-NYPD-PAPD and at the Pentagon, and those who are still dying.

Wexman, Mark -  - Mill Valley, CA

White, Robert -  - Coral Springs, FL

Willig, Judy -  - Brooklyn, NY

Wilsker, Stu - - Bala Cynwyd, PA - Updated January, 2012

Wolk, Lisa C. -  - Far Rockaway, NY

Yadda, Lynn (Linderman) -  - Bellmore, NY

Yessner, Andrea (Rebackoff) - - Harrison, NY
Back in New York. I have been gone for 13 years and it is so good to be back. Moved here April 30th. Would love to hear from everyone who knows me from in 1971.

Yessner, Debra (Gruen)-  - Santa Monica, CA
It gives me chills to think about Rockaway. What a great place to have grown up there and attend Far Rockaway High  School.  Who ever remembers me!  Here is a great big hello!. I have so many fond memories of great times with all my fellow alumnus.  It feels good to be able to continue to be connected to all of you.  Thanks for the website!

Yuzik, Laurie (Mostafiz) - - Hewlett, NY

Zeitlin, Nancy (Fisher) -  - Stuart, FL

Zisser, Alan (Grtzky) -  - Oceanside, NY
I would love to hear from any of my old buddies.

Zuck, Michelle (Harrison) - - Atlanta, GA

Zucker, Laurence -  - New City, NY


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