What Do You Remember About
The Old Rockaway Airport?

Who is the best archivist you know of? I made contact with the Wave a few months ago (and introduced Carol Marston as someone who could do some web work for them). Their records are very incomplete. When Mr. Murray went into bankrputcy, the years and years of picture files were looted by employees and others, so there isn't much there now.

I am trying to find some pictures of the old Rockaway Airport. It was used in the late 30s and 40s as a training center for the Civilian Pilot Training Program which supplied pilots to the Army and Navy. My father was one of those who graduated and flew in the service.

The airport lasted until the mid to late 50s and then was eaten by the city of New York. CUNY Brooklyn has an aviation archive but they don't have any information on Rockaway Airport. Since a lot of Rockaway people had to have friends and relatives who flew there or learned to fly there, there must be some resources.

Help me out. If anything interesting comes up, CUNY would be interested in having it on their site.

Richard Herbst

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