The Far Rockaway Alumni Respond
To The Association's Letter

The following was received in response to the letter written by Barbara Zacharia on behalf of the Far Rockaway Alumni Association.  If you haven't read the letter, click here to read it.

Please understand that the feelings expressed here are unedited as is all of the material on this web site.  I feel that it is important for the Alumni to have a chance to "vent" if that is what they want to do.  However, I believe that the future focus should be on strengthening the Association and moving ahead with plans and activities that will be beneficial to all of us.  Go ahead and vent, but please also try to provide positive suggestions  for the Association as we move into the new millennium.

My check was finally cashed. Eight months late! I have still not received my Directory.  But, I am delighted with this web site. I have been reunited with some very dear, old friends and that makes everything worthwhile, Directory or no!!

Betty (Shapiro) Brass, Class of January 1949

Dear Betty,

Thanks for your kind words about the web site.  Have no fear, your Directory will be in the mail this week and given the season, should reach you in 8 to 10 days.  I hope you enjoy it.


Skip Weinstock, Class of 1963

I am very disappointed at the way the mailing part of the reunion was handled. I purchased "boosters" for the journal. I never received a journal.   I was assured time & again by Barbara Zacharia that it had been mailed to me.  It's been quite some time and still I havent received it.  I'm getting my opinion out and cannot believe that the reunion was handled so poorly. I did volunteer to assist with mailing but never heard from anybody!

Jina (Lee) Samulka, Class of 1980

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