A Message To All AOL Users

  For those of you who use AOL to connect to the Internet, please be aware that we are having trouble reaching some of you via email.  The problem seems to be with the newer version of AOL, version 9.

Our On-Line alumni association database currently has 5,380 registered graduates.  From time to time, we do a mass emailing to everyone in the database with important information.  This is done with 1 click of the mouse and 5, 380 letters are sent.  AOL mail filters are interpreting this as spam, or unwanted mail and blocking it.  If there is a way to set your mail program to allow mail from myself, Skip Weinstock, President of the On-Line Alumni Association, or Carol Marston, Vice President, please do so.  Our email addresses are rockaway@astound.net and lebaroness2@cox.net.

Our promise is that you will never get spam type mail from us but just association information about class reunions or stories about Rockaway from your classmates.


Skip Weinstock  -    rockaway@astound.net
Carol Marston    -    lebaroness2@cox.net

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