Group of Alumni Planning to Attend the November 7th Football Game

Hi Skip-

Hope all is well.  A bunch of FRHS alumni are planning to attend an FRHS football game on Sunday, Nov 7 at 11am. Could you post he following on the website?

Many thanks and best regards,

Rob    Email Address: 

The FRHS football game plans for FRHS friends and others. The game is this Sunday, Nov 7 and begins at 11am. I suggest we meet at the "site" of the infamous STATE DINER, which is now a McDonalds, at the corner of Mott Ave and Beach Channel Drive at 10:30am. So far Ellen, Joyce, Sam, Mike, Norman and myself are going. Others are welcome. After the game- Gino's (yes, it is still there!!) on Central Ave for pizza.


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