Brian Amelkin 's Incredible
Rockaway Photos

 A Big THANK YOU to Brian Amelkin, Class of 1969
for these great photos taken in 1963 and 1965.
If you have any photos to share, send them to

Click on some of the photos below to see them in their larger format

Skip - Most of these folks graduated from Far Rock class of 1969. I thought they would like to see these photos. I search what was left of my brain cells for days trying to come up with names.  To those whose names I have forgotten, I apologize.  To those whose name I have forgotten wrong... I
really apologize.  I remember you all.

I came across a couple of photos taken during the 1968 Championship game with Brooklyn Tech (I think).   Also received an update on the names of a previously contributed photo of PS 105 6th grade class taken in 1963 (special thanks to Denise Riche for her wonderful memory).

Brian Amelkin '69




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