Career Day Planned For FRHS

On May 5, 2005 FRHS will hold their annual Career Day.  I have attended the last 4-5 of them and have run into other FRHS alumni participating as well.  It is a bit of a challenge to try and get these kids motivated, but you do get through to a few of them.  I mix the class up by talking about my profession, the skills necessary for success regardless of profession, and then I talk about how it was in the 50s and 60s.  I talk about being on the football team, how kids of all colors/religions got together and then I usually shock them with 2 stories about FRHS: 
 1. The Rifle Club and how guys brought rifles to school- no metal detectors, etc.
 2. Boys Swim class in the pool-  all the guys were naked!!  This really freaks them out.
The Assistant Principal in charge for Career Day is Tania Torres and she can be reached at (718) 327-6000, ext 189.
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