Listed below are classmates we've lost touch with, either after the 1997 reunion or due to an e-mail change. Please let me know any information about those you find, especially e-mail, or someone who might act as an e-mail contact for that person, and if you have it, address and phone number.

Please send information to me at:


Allweil, Joyce (Bazzini) 
Benjamin, Robert L. 
Berkal, Robert 
Bulger, Frank 
Bush, Ken 
Cohen, Marilyn (Pincus) 
Cohn, Linda (Gurry) 
Debetham, Catherine (Sinclair)
Denenberg, Byron A. 
Guth, Janet (Kronenberg) 
Halpern, G. Tilden 
Holzberg, Martin 
Hyman, Jack 
Kass, Ruth (Berman) 
Kraminitz, Rhoda (Solomon) 
Lemberger, Carla (Schafer) 
Mackston, Sandra (Rosenstein) 
Manheimer, Jane (Stoll) 
Nadell, Phyllis (Levey) 
Schwarcz, Theodore T. 
Shapiro, Joan M. (Feinberg)
Slote, Leatrice (Spanierman) 
Solomon, Zachary 
Stein, Joseph 
Wallerstein, Robert