Trebor Nehoc, a Far Rockaway High School alumnus, Class of 1976, has a new book out which is receiving excellent reviews. A former NYC transit cop, he makes good use of his sense of humor combined with the gritty reality of how it was then.

THE ELECTRIC SEWER is a rollercoaster ride through the final ten years of the New York City Transit Police, following the feckless Officer Trebor Nehoc on patrol from the police academy, through promotions, transfers and the takeover of the Transit Police by the NYPD.  The book’s comic-strip format is complemented by cartoon illustrations originally seen on underground t-shirts “back in the day.”  This seemingly aimless romp is ever optimistic, always true-cop, and very New York.


With A Foreword by Actor/Comedian John DiResta

(Author’s royalties from the sale of the first 5,000 copies of this book are being donated to the Police Self-Support Group, a non-profit organization that assists seriously injured and seriously ill NYPD officers.)

You can purchase this book at or order directly from Oak Tree Press at (217) 824-8001

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