Help, please!?!

I'm searching for photos of the area where the boardwalk used to begin at Beach 19th St.
That was next to Roche's Beach.   The entrance to the boardwalk was a wooden ramp and
right next to the ramp was a really terrific bumper car ride.  Directly across the street from
the bumper cars was the merry-go-round where I stretched for YEARS trying to catch the
brass ring but never got it.   Any old photos of Rockaway would be much appreciated. 

These are for my "More Old  Rockaway Photos" pages, so it's not important to show people
as much as old home (with date, if possible), storefronts from the entire peninsula;
again, please guesstimate the date.  An approximation is fine...please describe the photo when
you send it.
If you scan your photos, please send in the form of a jpg scanned not higher than 200 dpi.

Carol Marston, FRHS 1956

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