Carol Is Searching For
Additional Photos

I've looked high and low and cannot find a photo of the State Diner. Anyone who might have one to please scan it or have Kinko's scan it and send it to me for use on my "More Old Rockaway Photos" site?

The other photos I am searching for are the missing school buildings which I plan to put on a separate page of my Graduation Class Photos series, the black and white pages where I feature any graduatng class entering FRHS, from the 20s through whenever...I am missing P.S. 44, P.S. 39 (I have that when it was still FRHS), P.S. 114 (all I have is a sketch of that), P.S. 156 (Laurelton), St. Mary's and any other Catholic grade schools, HiLi's school building, JHS 180 and anything else not mentioned on the list below:

This is what I do have: (Note, no I.S. or M.S. are listed because there were none when I was there.)

P.S. 42
P.S. 47
P.S. 104
P.S. 105
P.S. 106
P.S. 198

I'm sure there are other schools which were built after I left in 1956 which I haven't named, so just know that I'm searching for school photos of ANY school which regularly "fed" students into FRHS. If someone wants to compile a more complete list, that would be super, and even better if a photo of the school comes with it (doesn't matter how many...I have three of P.S. 42) no matter what the year.

Please write me at if you can assist. It would certainly be appreciated. Thanks!

Carol Marston, Class of 1956

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