Do You Know Cheryl Crawford,
Class of 1975?  A Happy Ending!

May 12, 2003

Dear Skip,

I wish to thank you for the Far Rockaway web site - as I e-mail  this letter to you I am wearing the ring  which I received May 10th (my birthday) and was out of town and came home on Sunday.  So this was the best birthday and Mother's Day present I received.  I am soooooo glad  you have the web site.

How  the  ring was lost, back in June of 1975 I received  the ring at school on friday - wore the ring for about a half of day.  Exchanged school rings with a boy I was dating at the time who lived in Jamaica, Queens.  That Satuday we went to a picnic at Prospect Park, Brooklyn.  During the course of the day everyone was playing sports.  My boyfriend suddenly realized  that the ring was no longer on his finger.

We had everyone looking for it with no success.  He felt so bad.  He knew  that it took me several months to save up for the ring - back then the ring was about $300.00.  I did not have the money to replace the ring and life went on.

28 years later because of the school web site I was reunited with the ring.  Thanks to Barbara Saber who put me in touch with Tony Rizzo and thanks to Tony's uncle who found the ring by beachcombing with a metal detector in Prospect Park, Brooklyn were the ring was lost.  And then thanks to Tony for not giving up seach to find the the owner.

And  again the most important part was our school web site - I am forever in your debt! I thank you.

Thankfully yours

Cheryl   Email Address:

Dear Skip,

Just spoke to Suzi.  She told me to go to the Far Rockaway web site.  I did.  I AM IN SHOCK!!!!  I cannot believe that someone found my class ring.  I lost it 28 years ago.  I would be curious to find out how it was found?

Anyway,  how can I go about getting it here in Florida.

THANK YOU FOR THE WEB SITE, I AM SOOOOO HAPPY Far Rockaway has one.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

From this point on I will be looking at the web site more often.

Again, Thank You,
Sincerely, Cheryl Crawford Schlanger    Email Address:

A class ring belonging to Cheryl was found on the beach in Rockaway.  If you know Cheryl and can contact her, please ask her to email me and I will reunite her with her ring.

Skip Weinstock     Email Address:

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