Can You Help To Reconstruct Rockaway?

Thanks so much to you for posting the query regarding my memoir. I got some amazing replies, and more importantly, a real sense that we all still share such strong feelings for the place. I will mention the website in my book, and when it comes out I'll let everyone know. It won't be for awhile. Anyway, you can remove the "Reconstructing Rockaway" post, as I got way more than I need now. Both you and Carol have my gratitude--not just for allowing the post but for creating a community in absentia via the internet. It warmed my heart and has helped renew many sweet ties.

Best Wishes,

Donna Gaines

Dr. Donna Gaines ('68) is under contract to write a memoir for Random House.  She is interested in anecdotes, memories and tales of street life in Rockaway circa 1966-1972.  The State Dinner, Ellie's, Gino's, 35th Street, Crazy Eddie, Benny the cop, parking lots, sniffing glue,  famous cars, roadscapes and surf spots. Looking for any memories of legendary characters from Breezy Point to Bayswater---heroes, martyrs, dead or alive. All replies will bekept absolutely confidential. Gaines is a journalist and sociologist,  the author of Teenage Wasteland: Suburbia's Dead End Kids.
If you are interested in assisting Donna, please contact her directly.

Donna can be reached at:

Barbara Needleman left, ('69) with Donna Gaines, right, in Key West

Donna Gaines in Florida

Donna Gaines still doing what she loves Deerfield Beach, Florida

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