Florida Reunion 2000

I've added attitional photos.....check the link at the bottom of the page!

Hi Skip:

I took a bunch of pics at Reunion 2000 in Fort Lauderdale, FL this weekend.   Here are a few...feel free to post them on the site. As background, we had  nearly 200 people from 1953-1975. Had a pre-reunion informal dinner Friday night, main gala Saturday nite and brunch Sunday am...all at the Bahia Mar Resort in Fort lauderdale.

Lots of fun...dance contests, prizes....everyone got reunion T-shirts, a directory of attendants and a CD with oldies music that we had made up especially for the occasion.

If you need any more info...on the pics or in general, just yell!


Larry Cohen

Helene Savitz and Sandy Helmsoring get a well-deserved bouquet for all of
their efforts in putting the reunion together.

Ilene Gold, Leslie Karan, Debbie Conn aka Susan Rice,
Foreground; Lana Amiel, Jeff Lieberman

 The reunion committee: Helene, Larry, Helen, Sheri and Sandy

Cocktail hour, Saturday night

On the dance floor, Saturday night

On the dance floor #2: Three in foreground: Gordon Freed,
Lenore(Lavenda) Sherman, Arlene Groden

Doing "New York, New York" on the dance floor

Hula Hoop contest: Lois Mark in foreground,
Helene Savitz, right rear. Lois should have won!

These next photos are from Walter Rutherford, Class of '73

Elaine Adler & Lisa Berman

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