Great Photo From

Walter Rutherford, Class of 1973

The following photo was sent in by Walter Rutherford, Class of 1973.  It's a great shot of several grads from 1972-73 who attended the Florida Reunion in July, 2000.  Thanks so much for sending it in.  Sorry Walt but some of the faces didn't make it on the scanner....if you want to try to send it again, please do.

                           Back Row: L to R -    Jeff Lieberman, Rory Simmons, Larry Cohen, Walter Rutherford, Marty Silverberg?, ???
                           Middle Row: L to R - Gwen Dolman, Elaine Adler, Louie Echerverria, ???, ???
                           Front Row: L to R -    Lisa Berman, Ilene Gold, Lois Mark, Arlene Groden, Lenore Lavenda and Susan Rice AKA Debbie Conn

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