Wonderful Memories From
Danny Lobel, Class of 1946

Thanks to Danny Lobel for sending these great photos from the 40's.  I have listed some of the names of the players but if you can help with the rest, please e-mail me, Skip Weinstock, Class of 1963 at rockaway@astound.net

The picture below is of the 1945 football team. There are no pictures of the first team after the 1943 football strike when half the school
walked out to bring football back after many years of no team. Half the players in that picture were on the 1944 team, including me.
I found some of the names of the players in an old scrap book, so I thought maybe they would be of interest.

Danny Lobel, Class of 1946

Top row:  #29 Bass, #23 Lang, #12 Jimmy Coen, #26 Lou Romas, #22 Jerry Bennett, #32 Jim Williams,
Coach Irving Resnick, an all American from Rutgers

Second row:  #24 Chuck Levy, #28 Demaio, #20 Byron Savides, #17 Vernon Demois,  #31 Lehrer,  #15 Stridiron,
#18 Delesesso,  #11 Pete Procops who I also was on the Miami U. team with for a while

Bottom row:  #30 Larry Kasin,  #21 Dan Lobel,  #25 Engleman, #27 Tony Piazza, #10  Jack Kelly who, incidentally made second team all-city the year I made first.  Jack Kelly was a three letter man who was also voted hansomest male.
He was killed in a car wreck and Savides and Piazza were critically hurt three weeks before graduation;
#16 Kramer, #13 Alex Becker, #33 John Ebert

(Not in picture- #14- George Cavooris, #19- Paul Wilsker,  Cookie Kohn,  #25- Fred Engleman
Allan Schriesheim, and Wimpy Wayser!)

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