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Maybe you can help me. I love the Rockaways!  I live in Williamsburg but I go out there whenever I can, and I am learning bits and pieces of history as I go along. I wish I could live out there near the water.
Yesterday I was out on the beach near Ft. Tilden with some friends, just going for a walk. We were talking towards Breezy Point and we came up on what looked like an abandoned beach club? Do you know anything about it? It looked like it was from the 50s or 60s or something. There were buildings on pilings with brightly colored doors--like one would have all red doors, and another all blue. We didn't get to explore too much because the tide was coming in and would have cut off our return route, but it was amazing.
I would love to know anything about this structure, or maybe even see some pictures of it in its heyday.
Thank you, I love your site.
Mikki Halpin     Email Address:

March 23, 2005

Dear Mikki -

My name is Fletcher Eberle (nickname - Chico). I am a lifelong resident of Breezy Point and 1956 FRHS graduate.  The structure you saw is probably the eastern end of Fort Tilden and was a recreation place for the U. S. Coast Guard to use.  On the western end of Fort Tilden you would find the Silver Gull Beach Club which is still very much an active enterprise.  Hope this helps. There is a site which has old pictures of this structure but I forget where it is.  If I can find it again
I would be glad to send you the web address.  Warmest Regards,

Chico Eberle    Email Address:

Hi Skip,
The beach club Mikki Halpin was referring to at Breezy Point/Ft. Tilden is the Silver Gull Beach Club.  It is still a functional beach club, owned by the same people who own Silverpoint and Sun and Surf Beach Clubs in Atlantic Beach.  Matter of fact, the movie "The Flamingo Kid" with Matt Dillon was filmed there (a great movie with scenes of the Marine Parkway Bridge, riding on Rockaway Point Blvd., etc.).  As far as I know, the beach club is going strong - just looks weathered this time of year, just before spring painting.
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