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I love the new web site! Thank you for all your hard work. Please settle a debate for us- Isn't there (or wasn't there) a section of the Rockaway Peninsula called "Holland"? I think it was just before Rockaway Park. Do you know where I can get a copy of an old map of Rockaway? Sari Golos (Katz), '61.

How about this reply from Ann-Marie Connors, Class of 1974.

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I lived on 90 th st and Rock. beach blvd. as a child. I do not recall a Holland ave but there was a street named Bruce Road in back of the post office which happens to be in the exact location of the present Holland ave.   From what I remember, it was a dead end street that went mid block from 88 th or 89 th st. and ended in a cul-de-sac in back of a house that was along side the two story, 4 family house that I lived in.

In the late 50s, early 60s that street was a slum street of epic proportions. There was garbage and piles of rubble everywhere but I could only glimpse at it through a rotting fence at the rear of a well upkept house with a big yard in front on 90 th.  Anyone have any records or pictures of Bruce Rd ?

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I was born and raised on Beach 93rd street and Holland Ave. was where my block began. It runs from Dayton at
90th St. to the plaza on 94 th St. and runs past what is left of the PS 44 schoolyard.

Dennis Simmons, Class of 73

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If you look on a current map of Rockaway, you'll see a street called "Holland Ave", running east-west between Beach 84th St and Cross Bay Pkwy. It would seem logical that this area may have been called Holland at one time. I actually do not know whether the street really exists, because for many years maps of Rockaway (especially the Hagstrom maps) have always included some non-existent streets, for reasons that I don't understand.

 For old maps of Rockaway, try the gift shop at Old Bethpage Village Restoration. They had a large collection of old maps (reproductions)of many villages on Long Island, and I once bought a 19th century map of Far Rockaway there.

 I hope this information has been helpful.

 Barry Fomberstein
FRHS 1969

 Barry writes again to say:

 I just checked the De Lorme "Street Atlas USA" on CD-ROM, and the area described is clearly labeled "Holland" in bold face lettering. Therefore, Holland still exists.

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Holland did exist. There was even an LIRR station called holland. I think that i have a picture of it (maybe a map too) at home. If I can find same, I'll put it up on the web.

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 David Cohen

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Indeed, the "Holland" section of the Rockaway peninsula does exist. While no official designation exists, it is generally understood that Holland begins on the West at 95th street (the 100 Pct. & the entrance to the Cross Bay Bridge) and on the east to about 87th street. It was named after Michael Holland, of Jamaica, who purchased the land in 1857. Part of Holland Avenue still remains. It runs from 90th street to 94th street, parallel to Rockaway Beach Blvd, between the Blvd. and Shore Front Parkway.

Dean Georges (The Rockaway Museum) -

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