HILI Alumni Group

Dear Skip,

I thank you for your kindness.  The HILI group is an online alumni group for the Hebrew Institute of Long Island, that was located on Seagirt Blvd and Beach 17th street for over 30 years.  We have over 350 members at this time, and it is a great place to reminisce, meet old friends, make new ones, and discuss all kinds of topics.

Anyone who ever attended HILI, even if you did not graduate from the school, is welcome to join.  Please send your full name, maiden name if applicable, the years you attended HILI, and the year you graduated high school, even if it was not HILI.  Send this information to me at Ruthkw@aol.com and I will subscribe you promptly.

Thank you so much,

Ruth Kasticher Wenig
Class of '74
HILI List-moderator/owner
Email Address:   Ruthkw@aol.com

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