Thanks to Irene Kirschner
For These Wonderful Rockaway Family Photos

The following photos were taken in 1966 at the Glazer/Resch bungalow colony in Arverne

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Me, Irene Kirschner and my grandfather, 
Sam Glazer
My sister, Susan Kirschner Brown
Me, Irene Kirschner
Irene, Sam Glazer & Susan
My grandmother Julia Glazer & my mom Marilyn Glazer Resch on the beach.  Early 1950's. My mom Marilyn with her father, Sam Glazer taken in 1950.
My great Grandmother Clara Glazer (sitting in chair), standing behind her is Sam Glazer (Clara's son), to the left of Clara is Julia Glazer(Sam's wife) and to the left of Julia (with only her head showing) is my aunt Gussie Glazer Yager (Clara's daughter).  This photo was taken in the early to mid 1950's. My grandmother Julia Glazer standing on the beach (mid 1950's)
My mother Marilyn Glazer Resch standing outside our bungalow in 1966. My brother Bob Resch in the middle of our bungalow colony in 1967.
Me on my bike
Sam me and Susan

Thanks again to Irene Kirschner for these wonderful photos
My father, Lewis Resch with my brother Bob on the beach in 1966

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