Great Photos From Jack Kivolowitz

Thanks so much to Jack Kivolowitz, Class of 19?? for sending along the following photos.  Those of us who grew up in Rockaway during the 50', 60's and 70's will certainly recall these images.  If anyone else out there has photos to share, please send them along.  My e-mail address is


Alan 'Skip' Weinstock, Class of 1963

Parking lot ticket booth at Beach 17th Street

Do you remember Bargain Town?

Bungalows on fire in Rockaway

How much was the toll on the Marine Parkway Bridge?

Rockin out at the Temple dance

Hi Skip- nice job on the web site, I have enjoyed it for a long time. The band photo at the "temple" dance is of my group the Continentals (later"Lost Souls") in the photo is left to right:  Larry Rubenstein (accordian), Alan David (guitar,vocal), Jerome Ivery (drummer), Mark (I fogot his name- he was from Woodmere, for that gig only) and Michael Berger (bass).  All of the boys but Mark were Far Rock Class of 66. We played many high school dances, parties, temple, church and Y events, and were popular in the 5 towns at sweet 16's.  We went on to play the Cafe Wha in the village  and the world's fair where we won the New York battle of the bands competition and went on to play the US Pavillion. My first gig as a guitarist was in the girl's gym at Far Rock, after I had been playing just a few months. What a great time! I have since played in many bands, and earned two gold albums for sales with the group "Atlanta" on MCA records in 1984-1985.  I have lots of great Rockaway pictures, and will try to get some scanned to send to you. I was always a camera bug and have shots of all kinds of stuff. Keep up the good work!

Alan David

Another photo from the dance

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