Johnson & Wales University, North Miami

My name is Kalen Neer Hezard and was a 1970 graduate.  I work at Johnson & Wales University in North Miami.  My position there is Student Advisor and through that position I have learned we have some students enrolled from Far Rockaway.

Several of our alumni could use our financial assistance.  There are students that have no money for food, but come to get an education to lift themselves and their communities.  If you
would like to help, please forward a fax with the amount you wish to donate and indicate that you are donating to the Far Rockaway High School Fund.  The individual you will send it to is
our Director of Financial Services, Chris Magnan.  His fax is 305-892-2433. This is a charitable donation which makes it tax deductible.

Thank you in advance for any and all assistance.  I have told them how wonderful you all are and how lucky we were to grow up in Rockaway.  Happy New Year to those who celebrate at this time of the year and G-D Bless!  Kalen

Kalen Neer Hezard, Class of 1970    Email Address:

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