Dena Levin, Class of 1963 Invites You to Attend "Keep Walking" on January 30th


I am very excited about the forthcoming fourth staged reading of my play, "Keep Walking", on Monday, January 30th at 7:00 P.M. at CBST, 130 West 30th Street, New York, New York. Thus far, the play has received very positive feedback from both females and males of various ages. I am anticipating a very successful reading and am hoping that you are available to attend this event.

My play, "Keep Walking," is a story of a woman Michelle, played by Angie Kristic, who lost her husband due to an automobile accident, rebuilds her life, and goes back into the dating game. The play unfolds, as Michelle relates her story of the men she has met to her friend and local bartender, played by David Brickman, who then takes on the various personalities of the men. Michelle describes her experiences with humor and poignancy. As Michelle enfolds her story, her personal growth on her road of self discovery becomes apparent. Woman and men of any age can relate to this timeless play, as we have all gone down this road at one time or another.

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Keep Walking Flyer

I am looking forward to your attendance at this reading.

Please RSVP by January 23, 2017 to:

With best regards,
Dena Levin



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