A Great Photo From Larry Weiss, Class of 1966

Dear Skip,

Enclosed is a copy of my first grade class in PS 39.  The year was 1955.  1955!!!! Wow!  The teacher was Mrs. Durlach.  It was Thursday;  it was rainy;  it was chilly,  as you can see by the blackboard.


As best as I can remember:

First row sitting from left to right: ???, Michael Bronstein, Daniel ???, Mark ???
Second row from left:  ???, Linda Lano, Ronnie Vise, Lois ???
Third row from left:  Peter Schnal, Alan Popkin, Freddie Strober,
Tommie Tai, (family owned the Palace on Central Avenue) Nancy Schwartz
Back row standing from left:  Ronnie Robbins, ???, Fred Lehrer, David Saunders, John Stern
Standing on right from back to front: Mark Donerson, Me-Larry Weiss, ???, Cliff ???
Sitting on right from back to front:  ???, Rene ???, Linda ???, Helene Rubenstein

Corrections and additions accepted.  I hope this brings back memories for some PS 39 alumnis.
Regards, Larry Weiss, Class of 1966


Larry can be reached at: bookmaan@aol.com

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