Leslie Karen - Where Are You?

hi i'm jeff lieberman...grad 73...leslie karen..maybe he dropped out and did a g.e.d, but leslie would have  graduated appox.2 yrs before me, i think.   leslie was my blood brother, i think they lived in dayton or one of the uptown buildings.  i miss him of course, cause he was a magnificent bastard.

les and i traveled to isreal in think in 72.  thanks for trying to help.  this putor stuff is new to me and im havin a blast.  we live in wellington fla. thats about a sneeze above boynton bch.  i'll be at the 2000 reunion@ ft.laud. should take 30 min. in a slow car....jeff oh yeah we lived on bch 17 for about a zillion yrs.

Jeff can be reached at Moister17@aol.com

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