A Rockaway Tribute
by Melanie Wilner (nee Simon)
Rancho Bernardo, California
Email address:  mwilner@hotmail.com
November 12, 2001

I was a Far Rockaway resident from birth, 1957, till the day I married (1981), living on Nameoke Ave. and Neilson St. (close to the Five Towns in Long Island). I graduated from Far Rockaway High School in 1975; my parents and their families were long-time Rockaway residents. This expresses my loving memories of Rockaway:


Rockaway, where people work and children play,
Rockaway, where life is spent in no better way.
Rockaway, a town where you know your neighbor,
Rockaway, a town like no other.
Rockaway, where people shop, live and pray,
Rockaway, where families grow and families stay.
Rockaway, a place to sun and ride the surf,
Rockaway, a town so valued in its worth.
Rockaway, the town where I was born,
Rockaway, the town I dream of each morn.

Melanie Wilner
Rancho Bernardo, California

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