Michelle Simon Blashka, Class of 1973
Sent Us These Rockaway Photos

 A Big THANK YOU to Michelle for these great photos taken at P.S. 42
in 1960 and 1966 and JHS 198 in 1969.
If you have any photos to share, send them to rockaway@astound.net

Does anyone know what happened to Arlene Lisansky and Rhonda Thorn?  Arlene was my best friend at P.S. 42.  If you know their whereabouts please email me.  Thanks.

Michele Simon Blashka, Class of 1973   Email Address:  MPotato3@aol.com

Click on any photo below to see it in its larger format

P.S. 42 Kindergarten Photo Taken in 1960

P.S. 42 5th Grade Photo Taken in 1966

JHS 198 8th Grade Photo Taken in 1969

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