A Final Tribute To Mr. Teitze

Hi, my name is Frank Pindyck, Class of 1958 from FRHS.  I thought it might be interesting to bring alumni up to date as regards to one of our most memorable teachers, Mr. Teitze.  When I was a surgical resident in training at Mt. Sinai Hospital in the early 1970s, Mr. Teitze came under my care.  He was terminally ill from prostate cancer.  I took care of him during his hospitalization and we spent much time together reminiscing about his years at FRHS.  He was overwhelmed by the fact that his physician was one of his graduates.  He died on my service happy that a former student was caring for him.  For my part, I cherished the opportunity to not only see and care for Mr. Teitze but to tell him just how important he was to all of us.

Thanks so much Frank for sharing this with all of us.  Mr. Teitze touched so many lives and as a result of the wonderful memories that graduates have posted on this web site, he will live on our hearts.

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