This just in from Larry Cohen, Class of 1972. Can you identify the faces in this photo? If you attended P.S. 42 and graduated from Far Rockaway High School in 1972 or 1973 and can recognize any of these wonderful faces, please send me their names and I will post them.

This also just in.........

Hey Skip

I don't know if it's that important or not but I like to give credit where it is due. The picture that Larry Cohen sent you of the PS 42 kindergarten class actually belongs to Debbie Schwartz of the 1973 class. She loaned it to him.

In the picture there is Mike Taska (fourth row, fourth boy from left), Melanie Dubin (second row, fourth girl from left), and Debbie Schwartz (second row, second girl from right).

I don't know any of the others, maybe someone else can identify them.


Thanks about sending your last name and the year you graduated.......

More names from Steve "Bagel" Spiegel

Here's the best I can do with this picture:

In the next to last row all oriented from the right side: Far Right:
Robert Spiegel (No relation to me)
4th in: Howard Babich
5th in: Earl Whetstone
7th in: Mitchell Cooper
8th in: Barry Mann

Next row moving forward:
2nd in from left is either Warren Dumfort or Keith Bonsignore

These are all best guesses from so long ago and since I wasn't in these classes but grew up on Bch 64th Street around the corner and was in the same grade I'm pretty familiar with this group.

Keep up the great work!

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