Graduates From PS 106, Class of 1951

Someone Is Looking For You!

The note below and wonderful photo comes from Richard Schwartz, FRHS Class of 1956.  If you are in this photo or know someone who is pictured in this photo, please contact Richard as soon as possible.  He is trying to reunite as many people as can be located from the PS 106 graduating class of June, 1951.  Please look carefully at the names and help if you can.  Richard's email address is:

Hi Skip,

You are to be congratulated on the caliber of this web site. I enjoy going through every page on a regular basis and by doing so, I feel connected to my "roots".

On behalf of myself and a few other persons, I was wondering if this site could be used to attempt to establish contact with persons who were in the class of '51 at P.S. 106 Queens as we are attempting to put out feelers for a possible reunion of that class.

I am also attaching a class photo with names added to it. Perhaps you can place it on your site along with a note to contact either myself at: or Sheldon Thaler at:

Many thanks for your consideration and of course for this site.


Richard Schwartz   Email address:

Below is a more recent photo of Richard along with some of his 1951 classmates.

Left to right:  Richard Schwartz, Larry Hankin, Doris (Nissenson) Blum and Sheldon Thaler.


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