Class of 1978's Wonderful Support
for the FRHS On-Line Alumni Association

As you are aware the Far Rockaway On-Line Alumni Association was created about 4 years ago thanks to the generous donations of the Rockaway alumni whose support goes directly to the maintenance of the Rockaway web site at   Without the contributions of many former graduates of Far Rockaway High School and residents of the Rockaways, the mission of keeping the Rockaway memories alive and bringing people back together, would be impossible.

In keeping with that spirit I would like to thank those members of the Class of 1978 who attended the August 9th mini reunion dinner at the City Hall Restaurant on Duane Street in lower Manhattan, for their very generous donation to the Association.  Roger Baumgarten wrote the following.

"The dinner was a huge success.  The food was great, the company was even better. Several attendees were classmates of mine from way way way back in PS 197--awesome!
And the best news of all for is that at the end of the evening, when the restaurant bill was settled, bartenders tipped, and expenses reimbursed, we had a surplus of funds. The committee discussed "banking" the funds for the next reunion. But we also noted that, without the internet in general, and in particular, the reunion dinner would not have happened...period.

So...on behalf of the entire Class of 1978, I will be sending a check to the Far Rockaway High School Online Alumni Association.  Thanks to you and to Carol for doing what you do to keep the FRHS community connected and vibrant."

Thanks to Roger and the Class of 1978 for their kind words about the Rockaway web site.  Carol and I had always hoped that when we started the web site that it would be able to play an important role in reuniting old friends as well as keep memories of Rockaway alive.  I am glad to find that we are accomplishing our mission.  On behalf of the Far Rockaway On-Line Alumni Association, Carol and I send our thanks and appreciation to the Class of 1978 as well as to all the other individuals whose contributions have allowed us to continue our mission.


Skip Weinstock & Carol Marston

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Below is a list of the individuals who attended the Class of 1978 reunion on August 9, 2003.

Maurice Amiel
Kenneth Anker
Roger Baumgarten
Elise Belilos
Albert Benroubi
Audrey Blume Farber
Hope Brauzer Kaplan
Allan Conover
Randy Cooperman Anker
Milton Cornwall
Scott Crohn
Debbie Dean
Sharon Dobrin Goldstein
Andrea Dulberg
Ellen Fox
Leslie Garten Conover
Seth Glabman
Mark Goldman
Steven Goldstein
Monte Goldstein
Frank Henderson
Kim Kasin
Noreen Knecht Lempert
Nancy Miranda Stone
Merrill Padaetz Siedman
Celeste Sanabria
Jose Sanabria
Barbara Shaw Iannucci
Barrett Sheridan
Rick Smith
Amanda Spitz Moonitz
David Stone
Elizabeth Tinn
Susan/Ilene Zisser Shapiro

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