Classes of 1979 - 1981
How About A Reunion!

I just received this note from Karen Fiorello, Class of 1981.

Dear Skip,

I am trying to see if anyone from the classes 1979 -1981 would like to get togther for a reunion.  Although I graduated in 1981, most of my friends were from those years.  Some I lost contact with and maybe we can find them through this page.  Other grads from these years, if you are intrested in a reunion contact me at  My name is Karen Fiorello and I live in Brooklyn NY.

If you remember any of the teachers from that time I would love be able to contact them and invite them to come.  They made a big impact on my life.  Some of their names are:

Bob Burns
Sue Kriesman
Trudy Bernstein
Ms. Bergstein
Susan Simon
Nick Coletto
Mark from Spark
Janet Goldsmith

Hope to hear from you all soon.

Karen Fiorello, Class of 1981   Email address:

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