Reunion Planning
Class of 1957 - 1960

Hi Skip,
I am trying once again to get a reunion together for the classes of 57,58,59.60. The class of 59 was the first graduating class from Cardozo Junior High which will be 50 years since we graduated from Cardozo.  I heard that many of our former classmates are now  living in Florida. I was contemplating having the reunion take place in New York City or Florida. The past few years I was hoping to have the reunion in Aruba. Since the Aruba response was slim, I have decided to arrange the reunion in  Fort Lauderdale or New York City for Memorial Day Weekend 2006. I know it is short notice, but hope that there would be enough interest and a big turnout.  If anyone is interested please have them email me with their full names (maiden names for the ladies), phone number and email address. Also have them include their availability for Memorial Day weekend 2006 and which location they are interested in. My email address is  Hope all is well and  hope you can post on upcoming reunions very soon. Please email me when you have posted my requested. 
Warmest regards,

Karen Klein Lutzker   Email Address:

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