Thanks to Reva Pearlman Yacovone, Class of 1974
For these Great Photos of the "Dayton Crew"

Top:  left to right  Stephanie Swirsky, Helane Carr, Sheryl Aroesty, Marty Bleiweiss, Billy Baron,
Herby Weinberg, Bobby Shapiro, Warren Schiffer, Sue Baron, Cheryl Miller
Middle Row:  Debra Hilowitz, Ruth Paris, Judy ??, Steven Epstein, Lloyd Roberts,
Bottom Row:  Michael Levin, Jan ??, Larry Schiffer, Arlene Genden, Louise Cohen, Neil Bergman  -  1968


Top:  Reva (in blue), Louise Cohen   -    Standing:  Billy Baron, Sheryl Miller, Bobby Shapiro, Ruth Paris, Sue Baron
Sitting:  Denise Russo, Gerry Keltz    -    On the Sand:  Stephanie Swirsky, Arlene Genden   -  Taken in 1968

Carol Felgner, Sheryl Aroesty, Helane Carr, Reva  -  Taken in 1970


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