Rockaway Children's Fund Established


Thanks for all you and Carol have done to keep the Rockaway website going. Those of us who grew up in Rockaway have been deeply affected by both the November 12 plane crash into Belle Harbor as well as the September 11th terrorist attack.  Because so many of Rockaway's children lost parents or grandparents on those days, the "Rockaway Children's Fund" has been organized.  The man who is collecting for the fund is Joseph Gargano at 359 B. 147th Street, Neponsit, NY  11694.  His phone number is (718) 474-7497.  Is there any way we can put a message on the website to alert people about the fund?  Joe would talk to anyone with questions (all proceeds go to the children - there will be no administrative costs).  Anyone wishing to donate should make a check to the Rockaway Children's Fund, and send it to Joe at
the above address.  Thanks, and have a wonderful 2002!

Steve Farbman - class of '63!

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