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January 30, 2004

Skip,  I am writing to ask if anyone from the class of '73 remembers the fight that  Lloyd(student)  had with Mr. Alexander (teacher) in I believe it was 5th grade at P.S 105.  This is a memory I've had for years, and I am not quite sure if it was real or if it was my imagination.  I went to PS 105 thru 5th grade before moving to Jersey.

Steve Margolies        Email Address:

January 30, 2004

Dear Skip,  Here's something for the Inquiries section. Does anyone remember Mr. J.P. Duffy? He was my English teacher at JHS 198 and was really quite wonderful. He taught me how to diagram sentences. By so doing he helped me learn how to think rationally. I'd like to know more about him, since I've thought about him many times over all these years. Yours,

George Berger, Class of 1960      Email Address:

December 2, 2002

Walter, David - - Los Angeles, CA
It's been a looooooooong time, let's hear from you Dan, Mac, Lenny, Milton.

Too bad  you weren't around in Arverne during the  mid. 20's  to mid 30's. the only way in was by Long Island R.R or the long way around by car. There was no cross-bay bridge.  The summers were great. Big hotels--Prince Hotel, Colonial, Berkowitz.  In the 20's there was only small sections of the old boardwalk.  "Mickey" roasts on the beach at night.  Girls had to be in by 10 p.m.  May sound corny to you but they were fun days.  By Labor Day the natives were glad to see the summer gang leave. We would then reclaim  the beach. Songs in those days were Stardust, Love Letters in the Sand, Faded Summer Love,  and when they were sung you could understand the words, no earplugs required.

Did you ever go frost fishing along the beach in winter. Fish would wash up and glisten on the moonlit shore.
I used to live on Beach 64th St. in the bungalows, also on Larkin and 66th St. and Beach 67th St. next to what was then F.R.H.S. annex '28 & '29.  My P.S.42 Grad pix Class of '28 is on the web.  I'm front row third from the left.
See if you can relate to any one in the pix. Names are at the bottom

Just rambling!

David Walter, Class of 1932    Email Address:

May 4, 2002


I recently  purchased a CD from that I thought you and the rest of the world and especially the FRHS Alumni should know about. It is by far the greatest CD that I have ever heard and I am quite sure that anyone that hears it will agree with me. And further more, the featured artist on the CD is none other than Lloyd Michel Bergman, FRHS graduate 1961. I wonder how many Far Rock graduates know that Lloyd is perceived as the "world's greatest lead trumpeter", by Woody Herman, Maynard Fergussen, the late and great Duke Ellington and Buddy Rich. Anyway, if anyone is interested, I highly recommend contacting Amazon and purchasing this album."Lloyd Michels & Mistura" or "Hornfire".  Lloyd also has a website with his phone # on it. It located at

If you would please put this info on the Far Rockaway website I think that all that see this would be pleasantly surprised. "One of our own"!!!!

Irv Mazur

April 16, 2002

Dear Skip,

My neighbor, Roz Shapiro Siklay, graduated from FRHS in 1928.  She lived in the Crossways apartment house, along with her late brother Emmanuel Shapiro, who graduated in 1932.  Does anyone remember them?  If so, please email me.   Thanks.

Susan Shapiro Klein        Email address:

April 13, 2002

Dear Skip,  Here is a response to Steve Grossman's question below:

Dear Steve,

This is Alan Frost, your classmate from '63. I just saw your request on the Rockaway Reunion web site for info on grads serving on school boards together.

I can't quite meet the requirements since I was the only grad on the Webster Central School Board here in this suburb of Rochester, NY; but there is an interesting Rockaway connection. After leaving home in 1965 to live in Detroit and later Milwaukee before settling in the Rochester area, I never ran into anyone from Rockaway. When I ran for the school board (and won a two-year term) in 1993, I became better acquainted with Tom Strining, a school district administrator who had been principal of one of my son's elementary school. Tom had also grown up in Rockaway but did not go to FRHS. He told me that his dad had run the Park Inn. Tom was appointed principal of Webster High School while I was on the board and became superintendent (his current job) after I left the board.

[For more information on the school district, see]

If you haven't seen it yet, please read my recent reminiscence at alanfrostremembers.html. This piece was instrumental in putting me back in touch with a number of Class of '63 friends including Joe Davis, Roger Koerner, Saul Raw, Ray Neinstein and Bobby Rothblatt. Skip Weinstock has really created and maintained a wonderful resource for all of us at his web site.

Good luck in your quest,


April 12, 2002

Dear Skip,

I'm exploring the possibility of producing an independent documentary on the history of Rockaway Beach.  I was wondering if you knew of any historic film footage or even home movies of Rockaway Beach, especially Playland, that might be available.  Thanks.

Steve Schindler     Email address:
The Elevated Press

PS- Love your site!  Very nice job.  I have a small "message board" website that I put together for my old neighborhood in the Bronx, and your site puts it to shame.

April 7, 2002

Dear Skip,  I lived at 364 B. 56 St. from 1963-1970.  I am looking for pictures from that time frame of the playground that was in front of the building.  Where can I post on your website?  Thanks very much.

Amy (Zaleznic) Alessi     Email address:

March 28, 2002

Dear Skip,

I graduated from FRHS in 1970 and still have my yearbook.  I have been searching for many years to find a 1967 yearbook from JHS 180 .  If there is anyone that might know where I can locate the JHS 180 yearbook, I would really appreciate your help.

Skip, this is a wonderful website.  I just love reading what people I went to school with are doing  these days and just searching for old friends.  Thanks so much for posting my request.

Susan Tallis         Email address:

Last November, Andy Sutter, Class of 71 was elected to the Bexley School Board, a city next to Columbus Ohio.  In January, Andy joined Steve Grossman, Class of 63 who has been on the school board for the last four years.  Bexley has 5 school board members.

Andy and Steve would like to know if there is (or ever was) any other occurrence outside of the New York Metropolitan area of Far Rockaway graduates serving together on a school board...or even a city council.

Your assistance in posting this on the web page would be appreciated.

Steve Grossman, Class of 1963   Email address:


I just saw on the FLIX movie channel a 1969 movie called "Out of It" starring Barry Gordon and John Voight.  While the movie is about a high school football player at a high school on Long Island, the actual football scenes are played at a school field that looks just like the Far Rockaway HS football field.  I was wondering if anyone else has seen the movie and if I am correct that the football scenes were filmed at Far Rock.  The movie will air again on the Flix channel next Tuesday, November 27, 2001 at 6:30pm EST.

Bob Natt, Class of 1965   Email address:

Hey Skip

My name is Will, I live in Oregon and I want to tell you that I appreciate your Rockaway site. I will turn 50 this year. I left the beach at 20 and thank G(g)od I began my life again on the west coast. Still, I carry that goddam penninsula around in my heart and soul. Riding the Green line bus, Ginos pizza and the candy stores, being put in the back row of the Park theater for talking too much during Dracula (by the lady with the white uniform and the flashlight) slate gray hurricane waves, Nik-L-Nips, Dirty Irv's and Leon's. The Admiration! salt sticks! running along the beach to Riis Park and back (barefoot), George the cop's funeral, stay away from the jetty, splinters from the boardwalk (where'd they get all that wood?), rerides only a quarter use the turnstle on your right.

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