Roseanne Lisi Kahn, Class of 1971
Where Are You?

Hi, my name is Michelle Engleberg Handwerker Class of 1971. I saw that an old friend was looking for me in the "Lost Classmates" listing. I e-mailed her at the address listed way back in August and I have not received a response. I understand that sometimes people change their e-mail addresses and an e-mail address box can be so called dead and mail goes there but it is not an actual address.

I cannot expect you to know if this is the case or not with Roseanne Lisi Kahn, Class of 1971, or not, but I wonder if you might have a ground mail address or perhaps a phone number. I also submitted a Lost Classmate listing for her some time ago but do not see it posted. I would appreciate any help you may be able to offer in order for us to connect. Thank you heartily, Michelle Handwerker.

I can be reached at the following e-mail address -

If you can assist Michelle in her search, please write to her and let her know.

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