September 10th Rockaway Beach Reunion

The following was received from Elaine (Soloway) Zimbler who attended the reunion this past September.

Sunday, Sept. 10th was a wonderful reunion - made up of grads, spouses and one daughter.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and after the brunch at The Beach Club (on Beach 116th Street) a few of us even sat on the beach - a perfect Rockaway ending.  Many thanks to Elisa Hinken for handling the restaurant arrangements and to Ash (Sandy Kirschner) Mills for her Beach 122nd Street hospitality.

While most of us were 1970 grads, we had a few in attendance from other classes, as follows:

1.  Marc Aaronson '70
2.  Elisa (Bachrow) Hinken [A Lawrence HS '76 grad, but a Far Rocker at heart!]
3.  Al Hinken
4.  Hannah Hinken (Elisa & Al's Adorable Daughter)
5.  Sheri (Buntzis) Seigal '70
6.  Herb Seigal
7.  Elayne (Cheslow) Flores '70
8.  Sirio Flores
9.  Amy (Ehrlich) Ashe '70
10. Steve Eisenberg '70
11. Myron Eskenazi '70
12. Robert Goltz '70
13. Sherry (Waldman) Goltz '70
14. Mike Goldman '70
15. Mark Gordon ('72)
16. Hiram Jacobs ('71)
17. Ash (Sandy Kirschner) Mills '70
18. Scott Epstein ('67)
19. Barry Linderman '70
20. Sandy (Osherofsky) Fendrick '70
21. Mark Fendrick
22. Roz Silverberg '70
23. Elaine (Soloway) Zimbler '70
24. Eli Zimbler ('67)
25. Richard Stiglitz '70

It was so nice to get together and see familiar faces - and to think that this was put together on a whim just a few weeks ago.  Shows you what a great group of people came out of FRHS (and Lawrence).

Hope you all had a good time.  Looking forward to future reunions.....

Elaine (Soloway) Zimbler

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