The Wonderful Ladies of the Edge-Vern Jewish Center

Dear Skip,

My mom was very friendly with all these ladies from the Edge-Vern Jewish Center which was located on 54th St. for many many years.  I wish I could live with the closeness that these women shared.  Mom is now in a nursing home and is doing fine. She's the one on her knee in the gold and black dress.

I know the love these ladies had for one another because as a child, I always tagged along with them. . . . . I would suppose that the photo was taken in the early 1970's.

Thanks for letting me share this warm moment.


Arleen Kaplan Matier, Class of 1975

The following letter was received from Carole (Waxman) Cohen  '59 who viewed the photo and writes to fill in some of the missing names.

Dear Skip

Since the Edge-Verne Jewish Center merged with the Bayswater Jewish Center, many of these women are still active in synagogue life.  I showed the picture to Essie Schoenholtz, and she was able to supply several of the missing names.  Essie, Ida and Muriel are still active in BJC. Marsha Gorodnick splits her time between Far Rockaway and Arizona.   I will try to get to Muriel
Lavenda, and see if she can supply the three missing names.


Carol (Waxman) Cohen, Class of 1959

                  (Left to right-front row) Eleanor Kaplan, Miriam Tamofsky, Rose Leichter,
                                                      May Appleman (Rabbi's wife), Beth Grossman, Shirley Jurist

(Top row) Tammy Becker, ?, Edna Eindbond, Essie Shoenholtz, Dora Parker, Barbara Seigle,
             Shirley Rifkind, Peppy Greenberg, Zena Berg, Marsha Gorodnick, Pearl Gillman,
Muriel Lavenda, Miriam Peppin, Jean Schnitzer

Thanks so much to Arleen for sending this wonderful photo.  I'm sure that it will bring a smile to many of our grads who click into this page.  If anyone can send the missing names, please do so.


Skip Weinstock
Class of 1963

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