Were We Ever This Young?

My brother dug deep into the archives of the Weinstock family photo album to come up with these incredible pictures probably taken in the late 50's.  The Weinstock household hosted an annual "end of summer" party in the basement.......yes, the same basement that flooded every year and the same basement which held my Mickey Mantle baseball cards until they floated out into the Atlantic during "Donna" (I think).  The following photos were taken during one of these parties and the memories they have brought back to me have been wonderful.  If you know the names of any that are missing, please send them to me.  Names if I remembered them are listed left to right.

Photo 1 - Liz ??? & Gary Meyers, Marilyn Feingold & Frank Masie

Photo 2 - Phyllis Carmen

Photo 3 - Marion Reiver

Photo 4 - Unknown & Steve Greenwald, Sharon Tepp & Mark Wiskoff

Photo 5 - Fredda Broder & Alan Weinstock, Kevin Katz ??? & Barbie??, Unknown & Barry Uslianer

Photo 6 - Susan Levenberg & Buzzy Rappaport

Photo 7 - Susan Levenberg & Dennis Weiskoff, Marian Reiver & Gary Meyers

Photo 8 - Arnie Yeschin & Unknown, Steve Gerald, Sheryl Levenberg

Photo 9 - Marlene Citrin & Howie Mednick, Phyllis Carmen, Bob Weinstock

Thanks Bob for the memories.  Lots more to come so check back here in the coming days.

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