Thanks To Vivian Kessler (Geller),
Class of 1963 for the following important information

I would like to alert all my fellow FRHS alumni, those of us who spent our summers sunning at the beach, as I did, to check their skin for possible skin cancer. I was lucky. My melanoma was caught very early. However, when my doctor asked me where I grew up and I answered "the beach," his eyes rolled and he said "AHA!. Those sunburns can come back years later as skin cancer, as yours did."

This has made me think of all of us who spent every bright summer day broiling in the sunshine, before the days of sun protection. Perhaps you can put in an announcement somewhere to ask our fellow alumni to get their skin checked, to look for any changes in a mole, or new growths that look unevenly shaped or in varying colors. We Rockawayites may be at increased risk. I'd like to think that I may help save some lives with this warning. Can you post something on the website? Thanks. VG

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