Graduates From Rockaway In 1965

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Abrahams, Robert -  - Great Neck, NY

Albert, Francine (Berg) -  - Albany, NY
Far Rockaway will always be a special place in my heart.

Alexander, Howard - - Miami, FL

Alter, Roberta (Heitman) -  - Pompano Beach, FL - Updated, January 2008

Appleman, Selma (Abrams) -  - Boca Raton, FL
Visit website at

Aspel, Dorine (Gordon) - - New York, NY

Axelrod, Jon - - Las Vegas, NV - Deceased, 2014

Balen, Illana (Johnston) -  - Brookfield, CT
This is a fabulous site! I would love to hear from Hermine or Jo Ellen Stern, Carole Winokur, Joan Beldock and Arlene Rubin...or anyone else that would like to share some "remember whens" with me.

Barasch, Elliot C. -  - East Windsor, NJ
Hi all you Rockawayites. My wife Ellen and I are currently residing in New Jersey with our two daughters, Hallie, age 15 and Shara, age 12.

Barten, Richard -  - Merrick, NY

Beacher, Bobby -   - West Palm Beach, FL - Deceased, 2015

Beckerman, Gail (Resnick) -  - Brooklyn, NY


Behar, Vivian (Goldfarb) - Reseda, CA - Deceased, 1998

Helen Bergman, Class of 1965, joins us from Port St. Lucie, FL and writes the following. "I just wanted to thank you for creating this page. If I can figure out how to do the picture thing, I'll send one along. I don't know if you know her, but, you graduated with my sister-in-law, Holly Dick. She has a brother Joe who graduated in 1959. Holly married my brother, Jeff Bergman, who graduated in 1961. Hopefully, I can convince them all to come to the reunion. Once again, thanks !!"

Helen can be reached at - Updated January, 2008

Thanks to Helen for writing.

Helen, I'd love some pictures. It makes the web site more alive. If you have any photo images of you or Rockaway on your computer, you can e-mail them as an attachment to your e-mail letter. If you have any photos on CD-ROM, you can do the same. If not, mail them to me and I'll be sure to return them to you.

Billig, Ronda -  - Irvington, NY

Black, Peter -  - Phoenix, AZ - Updated June, 2013 


Blankoff, Susan (Wagner) - - Bridgehampton, NY - Posted April, 2021
I went to LIU, Brooklyn Center and have my masters degree in speech pathology and audiology from New York University. This year I celebrated 51 years of marriage to Harry Wagner. We have a daughter, a son and one grandchild. We divide our time living in Manhattan and Bridgehampton.  My dear friend Barbara Shevins, who I remained friends with after high school, tragically passed away very young. I’m grateful for the kind words I read about her on this site.  Reading this site brought me back to so many fond memories of high school and living in Rockaway- a very unique place at the time. 



Bobkin, Marc -  - New York, NY


Book, Shelley (Vogel) - - Ocala, FL - Updated March, 2010
Would love to hear from anyone who graduated in 1965. My name is Shelley (Book) Vogel. I lived in Arverne and Wavecrest. Hoping to attend the Reunion.  I have been living in Florida for a little over 5 years now. I have two granddaughters who live in Deer Park, so I get up to NY as often as I can. Still in touch with Deena Ginsberg and Karen Berman. We see each other when I am in NY and talk on the phone all the time. Would love to hear from some other 65 graduates.
Shelly can be reached at

Boxer, Phylis - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Brennan, Michael - - Smithtown, NY
Left Lane Is For Passing ! ! ! ! Slower Traffic Keep Right ! ! ! !

Bronstein, Linda (Combe) - - Surprise, AZ - Updated December, 2017

Buntzis, Emilee (Gomberg) - - Annapolis, MD - Updated May, 2014

Capasso, Vincent A.- or - Village of Hemingway, The Villages, FL
I enjoyed looking at the photos, it brought back many happy memories of life in a simpler time. In the decades since my years at FRHS, I served 21 years in the Nassau County Police Department. Additionally, I served 38 years in the U.S. Army both active and reserve. I have served as the Commanding General of the U.S. Disaster Relief Command, and have received the President of The U.S. Gold Medal for Volunteer Service. The U.S. Congress Award of Special Recognition for Volunteer Service, and The New York State Gov. George Pataki, Defense of Liberty Medal for my service at Ground Zero following the Sept. 11, 2001 attack. I currently am continuing my service as a member of the Multinational Security Transition Command-Iraq. I am the Advisor to the Minister of Defense, Director General, IVA. in Baghdad Iraq.

Cohen, Barbara (Director) -   - Valley Stream, NY
Would love to hear from people who know me. I have been a computer phobic until recently.

Cohen, Michael - - Hollis Hills, NY - Updated February, 2008
Pleased to announce the opening of our second office at 275 Madison Avenue at 40th St., Ste. 617, New York, NY 10016.
212-878-6659  Website:


Cohen, Phyllis (Goodfriend) -  - Bronxville, NY


Cohen, Stewart - - East Sarasota, FL
My name is  and I graduated from Far Rockaway in 1965. My older brother Jack, graduated in 1960, and my younger brother graduated in 1970. Jack had been an assistant football coach and all of us played the sport under Kershman and Jake Miller. I am looking for anyone who knows the whereabouts of or what happened to Coleman Tutt of 1965. He had an older brother named Luther. I would also like to hear information about Chuck Heard of 1970. If anybody has information, please e-mail me at

Stewart can be reached at


Coleman, Barbara (Middleton) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - St. Petersburg, FL


Cooper Elise (Lee) -  - Carmel, NY
I am delighted to be included in this directory.  To each person who comes upon this page I wish health, success, strength and compassion. And with this, I send my love and prayers.  Fond memories become most precious as we enter midlife years.  I have a wealth of stories to share.  My high school days were so wonderfully innocent - filled with life, love, song, and an occasional drama.  It is good fun to reconnect in this fashion. Wishing everyone health and happiness!


Crawley, Joyce (Dirosa) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Lenexa, KS

Davis, Elliot -  - Highland Mills, NY
I would like to find Barry Auerbach & Chip Agliata. Anyone with information, please contact me.

Davis, Ethel "Ethey" - San Rafael, CA - Deceased, 2007

Davis, Linda - - Orlando, FL

Deutsch, Susan (Kover) -  - Brooklyn, NY

Are there any planned reunions coming up for 1965 grads?

DiResta, Barbara (Gardyn) - Foster City, CA

Drozdoff, Martin -  - Tucson, AZ

Drucker, Eric (Ricky) -  - New City, NY

Dubner, Edward -  - Weston, FL - Deceased, 2009


Dyckoff, Gail (Fein) -  - Miami, FL


Eitelberg, Robert - - Baldwin, NY
You can take the person out of the Rockaways, but you can not take the Rockaways out of the preson. What a great place to have been brought up.

Eisenberg, Ross -  - Stockton, CA


Epstein, Sharon - - Chapel Hill, NC
Greetings to 1965 grads and some friends from earlier and later graduating classes! I noticed that a number of people who were in the 1965 class are missing from the 1965 list for some reason. I still keep in touch with several of those "missing" HS buddies. I just returned to the USA from Afghanistan (and living in numerous other countries over a 40 year career), and retired from the Foreign Service to Chapel Hill, NC.   Please contact me if you happen to be in the area. Regards to all, Sharon (Thank heavens you didn't use the picture from the yearbook.)

Erdheim, Ken -  - Lawrence, NY


Ettelman, Steve -  - Gorham, ME

Falci, Vincent -  - Brooklyn, NY
I have been living in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn for the past 30 years. Still go to Rockaway Beach in the summer. Married with 2 daughters. Make my living doing actuarial work on pension plans. Hobbies are: ArgentineTango, Birding, Hiking, Cross Country Skiing and the Asian game of Go.


Feinberg, Michael -  - Merrick, NY
Nothing could possibly beat growing up in Wavecrest. As much as my wife Ellen and I try to explain it to our children and grandchildren, we can only scratch the surface. I have lived in Merrick for about 30 years but I am still a Rockaway boy. I keep a jar filled with Rockaway Beach sand on my desk at work.

Mike and Ellen in Greece 2005

Mike and Ellen in Greece - 2005


Feldman, Mark -  - Roswell, GA - Updated January, 2008
Hey Skip,  This is so great of you to keep this up. I really enjoy keeping up even if it is only through this site. Just a brief note that might interest some of my old classmates. I finally bit the bullet about 3 years ago and became a professional actor. A real dream come true. I do stage, TV, film, etc. If anyone wants to see my theater resume they can visit and click on search and just put Feldman in the last name box. I have attached a recent picture to post on the site. I haven't been in touch with anyone from FRHS, except Elise Cooper (Lee).Keep up the good work. Thanks.  Mark Feldman ('65)

Fenster, Ellen (Bradshaw) - - Dover, DE

Fink, William -  - Godfrey, IL
My  students found this web site and told me about it. I think it's great. If anyone remembers me please e-mail me. When I was at  Far Rockaway High I was called Billy.

Fitelson, Sherry -  - Brooklyn, NY

Fox, Lynda (Klapow) -  - Snellville, GA

Frankel, Larry -  - Smyrna, GA - Deceased
When I moved to Atlanta from Dallas in 1986 I reconnected with Larry and he and I went on a memorable trip to Brazil at the end of that year. He was one of my groomsmen when I got married in 1990 and we stayed in touch and often met for a beer or two. Larry died in 2013. He suffered from diabetes and was not the best of patients. Anyone who was friends with Larry knew he could be a hard case but they probably also knew he could be the best of friends. He will be missed.

Ed Krakovsky, Class of 1965


Friedman Joel R. -  - Scotch Plains, NJ
I would love to make contact with my classmates from the class of 1965. Norman Rosenberg, Jeff Gold, Fred Small, where are you? Also would love to hear from Faith Bernstein, class of 1967. Please contact Dr. Joel R. Friedman, St. Georges Veterinary Hospital, 10 Remsen Ave. Avenel NJ 07001 732-634-5242.

Friedman, Linda (Schreider) - - Newton Centre, MA

Friedman, Paul -  - Coral Springs, FL


Friedman, Susan - - Roanoke, VA
I guess most of us, judging from comments, are aware that we were lucky enough to share a pretty special place and time. It's just a shame that we usually don't fully realize it until the time and the place are gone...

Friend, Michael -  - Cedarhurst, NY
I have spent quite some time living out of the country, and have lost touch with all the people I grew up with in Rockaway.  Currently living in Florida, but will be returning to NY sometime within the next year.

Frisch, Lewis - - Nazareth, PA

Gaer, Eric - - San Diego, CA
I'm married and have two sons. I'm semi-retired--you know, going to the beach, playing golf, and working 40 hours a week in my spare time.

Gaines, Jeff -  - Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Gedzelman, Jack - - Forest Hills, NY

Gehlhaus, Thomas - - Boca Raton, FL
Trying To Locate Past Alumni!!

Geller, Audrey (Glickson) - - Coral Springs, FL - Updated September, 2011

Gelman, Ron - - Patchogue, NY - Updated February, 2021
"You can take the person out of Rockaway, but you can never take Rockaway out of the person."   I consider Rockaway of the 1960's to be a magic time and place. 
In 2014 after 32 years in the Mental Health field, I retired and moved to Suffolk Co. Since then I have been involved in art, crafts, writing poetry and gardening.  My 215 page volume of poetry, "From the Heart" has been released and is in the Suffolk Co. library system and the Book Revue bookstore in Huntington. Two works of art and an art photo may be seen by putting my name into a search engine. I have also created a line of posters using my original photography and words. A second volume of poetry is near completion.

Since this is the Rockaway site I would like to also say that like the rest of you, I miss that magic place and time. I miss all of you and those I knew in those days. I was there from 1961 to 1971 and I attended Benjamin Cardozo JHS 198 (Give three cheers for 198, our school will always be great - OMG!) and of course FRHS. Jane Heller was my girlfriend throughout H.S. I loved her very much. She died in 2001 of Brain Cancer at only 53 years old. She lived in Bayswater, a wonderful and beautiful community in those days, which horribly today, is in a shambles and a phantom of what it once was.

Strangely in the 1990s, while on Austin Street in Forest Hills, I met the FRHS female gym teacher, who had to leave her position under a cloud of suspicion. She had a table set up and was protesting her prosecution 30 years later. She had written a book about the corruption in the Board of Ed. I spoke with her awhile. I felt very sad for her. I met Phil Ochs once on the Beach Channel Drive Bus from Far Rockaway where his sister lived. Unfortunately it was shortly before he killed himself which he actually talked to me about. Also Richard Bey of TV fame hung out with us briefly. In Arverne where I lived, there was a huge mob of us baby boomers.

There are so many memories, places and people I'd like to mention but that would be a book. I do want to mention a few though. Jane and I once spent a New Year's Eve at a friend's house in Bayswater. Unfortunately I cannot remember his name. He had a Picasso in the living room and a spiral staircase to the second floor. His house was in a sort of cul de sac with a tree & benches in the center of the circle. It was the best New Year's of my life, even though there were some pretty great ones later. I will never forget Pasetta's, the stationary store (Neveloff's?)on Central ave where so many H.S. students worked, Woolworths, The Clothes Closet & Cricket Shop, Cookys the restaurant on Central, The Pix & Strand Theatres, The appetizing store on central ave., The Bell ringing from the wooden Mary Star of the Sea church, 35th Street on the boardwalk, the large estate in Bayswater with a wrought Iron fence around it, the abandoned day camp along the bay or channel at the western edge of Bayswater (strangely decades later I had a patient who attended that day camp), Farcarol's Bowling Ally, The chinese restaurant upstairs on Central and the one on Beach Channel Drive opposite the State Diner (China House?). The State Diner!!!! An exciting and wonderful time and place. A formative time in life with many influences, not the least of which was my friend Jane.

People I remember:
Bernie - - ?
David Wollman
Frank Granite
Jimmy Dunne
Susan & Claudia Katz
Barry & Bunny Levy
Linda & Wanda Ganz
Twins - Ronni & ?
Amy Glick & her older sister
Dennis La Patten
Marty Greene
Larry Sachs
Barbara Frazier
Jane Schwallo
Joy Orlinsky
Renee Argule
A girl named Beverly
Reggie Finkelstein
Cheryl Mazoff
Nancy from the 60th st. area
Linda Bronstein
Irving & Barbara Richmond
Johnny Sherwin
Wayne Massero



Genad, Steven -  - Hollywood, FL


Gershowitz, Marc -  - Oceanside, NY

Glantz, Michele (Salon) -  - Putnam Valley, NY - Updated January, 2008 
Interested in getting in contact with anyone who graduated in June of 1965.  Life has been good to me and my family. I am living a wonderful life and enjoying each moment. My two new grandgirls are the cherry on top.

Gold, Hank - joins us from Lanesboro, MA, and writes the following:

Updated January, 2008 - Hi there....Here's an updated photo of my family.  I want to thank Michael Darby for the tribute to my brother Keith (class of 1974).  For those who might be interested, Jack Kerchman is living here in the Berkshires and has written various letters to the editor - such as encouraging your baseball playing child to become a pitcher.  I've heard from a few classmates, always a pleasure. Keep up the good work on your web site.

Thanks for the web site update. I think you are doing a great job, and you deserve a lot of credit.  I found the link to the photo tour of poor Rockaway a real eye opener. Interesting to see Wavecrest as it looks now. I grew up next to it. Watched it go up in fact and remember kite flying on the site prior to it

"Time doesn't cease moving on. More new marvels keep
me young professionally. We just went to a filmless x-ray department, so all my reading is done on work stations. This means that I can even read my cases at home. Just pause the Patriots football on the TIVO, read the CAT scan, un-pause, and watch another win.  Also not bad when another New England blizzard drops a foot of fresh snow on the driveway.  Hope all is well with my classmates.

Updated August, 2002 - Another summer is passing. We had our 22nd annual picnic attended by over 100 friends and colleagues - and in all this time we have yet to have a rain out.  Just recently have been exchanging some pleasant correspondence with Bob Natt. Have heard from a bunch of my other classmates also. Keep in touch Did another Star Trek trip. This time to Alaska. Really beautiful country. Get to see the glaciers before they melt.  We flew out of JFK. It was the first time I saw the NYC skyline since 9/11. Doesn't look right without the WTC.

Best to all,  Hank Gold

Hank can be reached at


Gold, Lorraine (Schneider) -  - Austin, TX

Gold, Victor - Deceased


Goldbaum, Sharon (Zant) - - Rhinebeck, NY - Updated February, 2008


Golden, Elliot - - Roslyn, NY - Updated May, 2014

Goldstein, Elinor “Lee” (Holcomb) - No e-mail address - Marin County, CA - Updated February, 2009
I have so many wonderful memories of Rockaway.  If you remember my father, Elias Goldstein, I would love to hear from you.  He passed away 5 1/2 years ago.  He was an optician at 2010 Cornaga Avenue, close to Central Avenue.  I have lived in Arizona since 1975.  I am married to Rich & have two sons.  Greg is 22 & Michael is 26.  I've lost touch with so many friends over the years & would love to hear from you.  Rockaway will always have a very special place in my heart.  I graduated in '65, my brother Gary graduated in '69 & my brother Chuck graduated in '62. I'm a math teacher, my son Greg is a graduate student in chemistry, and my son Michael is a rabbinical student.

Goldstein, Barbara (Gazzaley) - - Howard Beach, NY - Updated May, 2014

Goldstein Marilyn (Wivietsky-West) - - Bell Canyon, CA - Updated March, 2008


Golowesky, Michael -  - Deerfield Beach, FL
I am glad that I found this site. I am excited about hearing from all my old classmates. I have been living in south Florida for 15 years and before that 10 years in Boulder, Colorado. Far Rockaway holds some great memories for me as well.

Gomberg, Jon -  or  - Annapolis, MD

Goodman, Leslie (Blair) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Gorelick, Carin (Rothberg) -   - South Daytona, FL


Gorlick, Cheryl (Freinhar) -  - Oceanside, NY
WOW - did you bring back wonderful memories. We grew up at 138-02 233 Street.  We are four sisters - The Gorlicks - Gail, Karen, Brenda and Cheryl.  I can still remember my old phone number LA 8-0327.  If anyone wants to get in touch, please do.  This is better than a black and white at Lil Ed's.  I remember Mr. Kiley and Mr. Gambino at 156. Double dutch at 59 and OPL and sing at AJHS.  I just found all my sing buttons and senior hat ('65)  Thanks for the memories.

Granit, Frank -  - Weston, FL

Granoff, Arthur - - Forney , TX - Updated June, 2012


Greene, Bob - - Spokane, WA - Updated June, 2020
Still living in Spokane, semi retired and still partying like I did in the days of far rock! Still a deadhead!!


Grossman, Linda (Spanier) - - Massapequa, NY - Updated June, 2008

Grubler, David -  - Phoenix, AZ


Gustin, Glenda (Bobroff) -  - or   -  Valley Center, CA
Recently moved back to USA after three years in Naples Italy.

Hahn, Jerry - - Lynbrook NY


Harris, Nancy (Redmond) - - Berkeley, CA
We are now retired...and enjoying traveling to our various kids and grandkids! We have 4 sons...two are teachers, one is an attorney and one is an Immunologist!

Harrison, Cheryl -  - Clear Lake, WA


Haskell, Bruce S. -  - Louisville, KY
I have lived in Louisville since 1977, and am on the faculty of the Univ. of Louisville (Clinical Prof.- part time ), Dept. of Orthodontics. I went to the U. of Pitts. for my degrees (D.M.D.,Ph.D.), and to the Univ. of Rochester for orthodontics. I have been married for 30 years, and have three girls! Two in college, one still in H.S. I served as an Air Force officer overseas in the 1970's. I miss the beach!!! Thanks to my 4 years of 'tough' Spanish at Far Rock, I am still fluent and lecture in Mexico and S.A. partly in that language!  Visit his website at:

Herman, Maxine (Manara) - Bellmore, NY - Deceased, 2006

Herman, Melissa (Thun) -  - Ann Arbor, MI

Herold, Ellen (Bickwit) - - Dunwoody, GA


Hoffman, Ellen (Lambiase) - - Patchogue, NY - Posted March, 2008  
Though I kept a low profile during the years spent at FRHS, I, too have fond memories of those "good old days." It is with great sadness that our dear school is being phased out--another victim of the state's inability to own up to its flawed educational system. To think that when we attended it was one of the best high schools in the city. Anyone I meet who had lived in the Rockaways remembers it with great love and affection. The web site is a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the memories. My best goes out to my fellow graduates.

Hollander, Helen - - Denville, NJ
I didn't know that I was among the "Missing". Well, I'm back and would be happy to hear from my former classmates.

Holmberg, Joanne (Heslin) -  - Lawrence, NY


Hopenwasser, Fran (Teglbjaerg) - – Copenhagen, Denmark
I've lived outside the USA since 1971 and have only now discovered this wonderful website in connection with my first ever reunion with the class of '65. I can chat on Skype or Facetime

Horan, Jack -  - Richmond Hill, NY


Horowitz, Alan - - Pleasant Hill, CA

Hunt, Gary - - Oak Park, CA - Updated January, 2016

Hunt, Michael - - Linares, Spain - Updated December, 2008

Igoe, Edward - - Matawan, NJ - Deceased, February 23, 2013 of pancreatic cancer 
I was a legend in Rockaway!!!

Isler, Leonard -  - Boynton Beach, FL - Updated August, 2014

Israel, Roberta (Kravitz) - - Manalapan, NJ
Jacobowitz, Susan (Harvey) - - Woodmere, NY - Updated May, 2014


Jalazo, Richard -  - Palm Harbor, FL
Should have graduated in 65, went to war instead, returned, finished school, went on to graduate college. Been with the local Sheriff's Office for 25 years, most recently as Captain. Looking for old friends from Far Rock.


Jarecki, Steven - - Boca Raton, FL - Updated November, 2012
I was excited to learn about this website from Harriet Legumsky Lang.


Johnson, Jesse -  - Laurelton, NY


Joseph, Henry -  - New York, NY and Santa Fe, NM

Kahan, Joel (Jody) -  - Manhasset Hills, NY

Kahn, Clare (Resnick) -  - Long Beach, NY


Kaminsky, Eileen (Galindez) - - Manhasset, NY - Updated May, 2014

Kantor, Barbara (Kaplan) -  - Oceanside, NY


Kaplan, Barry -  - Hollywood, FL


Kaplan, Nadine (Parker) -  - Petaluma, CA
Hey, how's it going? Life has been good to about you?  Hello from the San Francisco Bay Area. Would love to hear from anyone who knows me or thinks they know me.

Kelly, Louise (Collado) -  - Amity Harbor, NY


Kerchman, Karen (Goodale) -  - Toms River, NJ

King, Mark -  - Boca Raton, FL
Greetings from South Florida ! Life is good living with the love of my life, Irene (happily unmarried). My three successful children, Neil, Matthew and Jaclyn and my three beautiful grandchildren, Justin, Emily and Elizabeth. Anyone for a game of Scrabble?


Kolbinskie, Larry -  - Groveland, FL


Krasnove, Keith -  - Coral Springs, FL


Kreitzman, Irene (Guttentag) - - Boca Raton , FL - Updated September, 2011
Email address is for my workplace, please send emails relating to FRHS alumnus only. Looking forward to hearing from friends from the past, and new friends too. Life is so precious, enjoy everyday.


Kritzman, Lawrence -  - Brookline, MA

Kwasny, Stan -  - Little River, SC
Graduated in 1965. I sang pro for 28 years. Had a great band for 26 years. Entered the service in 1968. I remember Gail Wyscoff, Irene Taurins, Stuart Cohen, Joyce Crawley, Anthony Rinaldi, etc. I was one of the best artists in HS along with Jessie Johnson. Sang accapella for years. Moved to Myrtle Beach SC from Lawrence, Long Island in 1993. My son lives in Atlanta and produces the Jerry Seinfeld commercials along with many others. Very excited about hearing from old friends. Lets get together.


Lepides, Sheri (Levine) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Plantation, FL

Legumsky, Harriet (Lang) - - Cypress, CA
Thanks for keeping this website running. Love the video. It brings back wonderful memories. Hi to all of those who remember me. These days, I'm busy babysitting my grandchildren and enjoying every minute of it.
It's just so great to be able to go back in time and remember those good old days. I have also been able to find some very close friends from the old neighborhood and I hope to find some more. Thank you, Carol and Skip.


Lemler, Mark - - Long Valley, NJ - Updated February, 2008
Great site. This brings back so many fond memories. I hope everyone has aged well. I have.

Leopold, Gregory - - New York, NY - Updated April, 2010

Lepides, Sheri (Levine) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Plantation, FL

Levine, Anita (Jennings) -  - Palm Coast, FL


Levine, Arnold "Corky" -  - Oceanside, NY


Levokove, Barbara (Schwartz) - joins us from Monroe, NJ and writes the following.

Hi Skip,

Thanks for the e-mail. I already found that sight while surfing around. I would like to thank you for this wonderful sight. What a great idea. I grew up in Bayswater went to l04, l98 and Far Rock (class of 65). Surfing around this sight is as much fun as hanging out on Central Ave (without Benny the cop) telling you to move, or later hanging out at the state diner. It's been a great trip down memory lane and I've been in touch with some old and dear friends thanks to posted e-mail addresses. Keep up the good work, and thanks again.

Barbara can be reached at

Thanks Barbara for writing. Every time a receive a new photo it brings back so many memories for me too. Those of us who were in Rockaway during the 60's could never forget people like Benny the Cop and Crazy Eddie. I've heard that Benny the Cop has been invited to the reunion and will be coming. Better not park on Central Avenue!

Levy, Alan -  - Flushing, NY

Levy, Paul -  - Saylorsburg, PA


Levy, Roberta (Goldfeder) - - Pasadena, CA - Posted February, 2008

Lewis, Muriel -  - Yarm, England
I'm particularly interested if anyone knows anything about Jutta Amse, Class of '63 or '64. Thanks.

Litt, Michael -  - Phoenix, AZ

Love, Alan - Deceased


Lutzker, Alan - - Centereach, NY - Updated October, 2014


Maher, Theodore J. "Teddy" - - Laurel, NY - Updated January, 2008
Thanks for developing and maintaining this site.  I am  going to enjoy this.  My interests  lye with renewing old friendships and establishing new ones.....count me in me via mail for contributions.

Mailings, Debbie (Weber) -  Massapequa Park, NY


Malamud, Irwin - - Anthem, AZ - Updated January, 2016

Marinaro, Mary (Macedonio) - - Bellmore, NY - Updated January, 2013
Would love to hear from anybody who remembers me. or any classmate of class of 1965.


Mazoff, Cheryl (Lahnstein) -  - Melville, NY
Great Site!  Just found it.  Still have nightmares of Mrs. Eagle (the woman's swim teacher) in her long black dress holding her stick out in case someone started to drown!  Would love to hear from old Edgemere/Arverne friends.

Meltzer, Nancy (Kislin) -  - Bearsville, NY


Metzger, Richard - - Kingsland, GA - Deceased
Retired from the Central Intelligence Agency in 1990 as the Senior Planning Officer/Office of Security, GS-12. Now working for a PCS phone company, (Powertel), in Jacksonville, Fl. Wife, Cathie Murray, is a grad also, class of 1972. We have one daughter, Laurie, 19, a student at Flagler College in St. Augustine.

Michael, Bernie ("Binky" Glintz) - - Bellmore, NY


Miller, Jerry -  - Hauppauge, NY
It's so great to find this fantastic web site.  It brings back the good memories (and the not so good).

Morris, Alan - - Long Beach, NY

Estelle MosesMoses, Estelle (Hunt) - - Oak Park, CA - Updated January, 2016
Gary and I love hearing from our old classmates.  Please contact us and say hi.  Would love to hear about old friends and neighbors.  This is a wonderful way to stay connected to our past.  When this website first started we were inundated with notes and letters from alums we knew well, friends of friends who remembered our names, and just people saying hi because they live here in L.A. and wanted a connection to their memories.  Sit down have a cup o'java and review the website.  You can always go home again!

Moss, Steven - - Holbrook, NY - Updated May, 2014

Lynn MostMost, Lynn (Regal) -  - Thousand Oaks, CA
Looking for long lost friends, especially from Wavecrest. PLEASE

Natt, Bob - joins us from Easton, Connecticut and writes the following:

The Far Rockaway HS alumni website has been a source of great fun for many of us. It has helped us remember the great times we had growing up in a very special part of New York City.  I hope all alumni contribute whatever
they can to keep this web site going.  Congratulations on producing a fantastic home page. I am part of the class of 1965. After graduating from Far Rockaway I went on to Queens College where I got my undergraduate degree and then to the Columbia Business School for my masters.

I live in Easton, Connecticut with my wife, Helen (McKerlie), also a Far Rockaway native but a Stella Maris graduate and my two children. My oldest, Beth, is a junior at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine and is beginning the process of applying to medical school and my youngest is a senior in high school who will be going on to college in the fall.

I am the President of Physicians Health Services an HMO which services the tri state New York metropolitan region. For more about the "business" me and my company, you can see it on our home page at

My brother and his wife are also Far Rockaway graduates. Bernie is from the class of 1962 and is living in Great Neck with his wife, Rochelle (Shapiro) who graduated with me in 1965. They also have two children. Their oldest, Heather, is a senior at Columbia University and their youngest, Charles, is a freshman at SUNY-Albany.

In reading the 1960's comments from former students, I realize that I did not give you any good Rockaway recollections. I was sort of a nerd at Far Rockaway and was more interested in Boy Scouts then Far Rockaway school life. I lived in Bayswater, only a few blocks from FRHS on Bayswater Avenue. I remember that Sam Goody of record store fame also lived in Bayswater at the corner ofBeach 25th street and Healy Avenue.

I keep in contact with a number of my high school friends including David Saunders who is a very successful management consultant in Baltimore, Sid Fuchs who is a traffic court judge in Brooklyn, Alan Binder who is a music teacher in Putnam County, NY and Keith Krasnove who is a successful lawyer in Florida.

I remember taking my drivers ed class at HI LI on Seagirt Blvd. Remember, if you took drivers ed you could drive at 17 rather than 18. I remember right after I got my license I got a used Rambler Classic (with push button transmission) for a couple of hundred bucks (boy, do I wish that I kept that car) and got a job as a delivery boy working for Chickens Delight on Central Avenue. One day, when I was delivering chicken, I got stopped for speeding on Seagirt Blvd (we had an unwritten Domino's Pizza 30 minute delivery policy). When the policeman saw that I was working for Chicken Delight, he did not give me a ticket. However, the next day he and his partner came into the store and walked out with armloads of "free" chicken.

On a more serious and somber note, I also remember, like it was yesterday, when I was in school in November, 1963 and they announced that JFK was shot. As I remember it they played over the loudspeaker system the radio reports and finally announced his death. School was closed after that until after the funeral..

Keep up the good work with the Web Site.

Bob can be reached at


Nachemson, Janis (Orne) - - New York, NY
Our 50 year reunion is on April 18, 2015 and it will be held at the MANA Contemporary, in Jersey City, NJ Thank you to the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation for hosting this wonderful event. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Neistein, Judy - - Huntington, NY
Would love to hear from you.

Niner, Marilyn (Becker) -  - Plantation, FL
Living in Plantation FL for 9 yrs. I have been to the Florida reunions. Widowed now. Love to hear from you!!!!

Orenstein, Sandy (Halpern) -  - Houston, TX
Married Barry Halpern (Class of 1964) with whom I had my first date at the 1962 Far Rockaway HS Halloween dance. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in 2019 by bringing our friends and relatives to Far Rockaway to show them what great place Far Rockaway was. Here‘s our anniversary picture.


Palefsky, Marilyn (Lonky) -  - Pacific Palisades, CA
It was really fun traveling through the web site.  I need to spend more time, but I am looking forward to hooking up with some long lost friends.


Parker, Larry -  - East Windsor, NJ

Perlman, Jon -  - Beverly Hills, CA
It's very nice to find this web site. There are many "old" friends whom I've lost contact with, whom I would love to hear from. Best regards to all of those from Rockaway and Belle Harbor.

I've been in practice as a plastic surgeon in Southern California since moving here in 1978.  I have two children, my daughter Jessica age 17 and son Justin age 2 1/2.  I keep in touch with old friends Allen Epstein, Barry Kaplan, Mike Maskin and Kenneth Ribet.  I saw Nancy Rudolf a few years ago and here that all of them are doing well.  Best regards to all....looking forward to hearing from old friends.  Jon Perlman, MD

Pescatore, Joe - - Westbury, NY

Petrina, Richard - - Fayetteville, TN - Updated February, 2009
Lost in the hills of Tennessee with my HOGS...miss those days in Rockaway.


Polansky, Barry - - Cherry Hill, NJ - Updated May, 2014

Pollard, Jane (Glickman) -  - North Woodmere, NY


Prensky, Paula (Tapper) - - Land O Lakes, FL


Prisament, Mary (Lupi) -  - Bradenton, FL


Rabinowitz, Judy (Zinman) - - New Rochelle, NY - Updated May, 2014

Rabinowitz, Sharon (Croenlein) - - Coram, NY - Updated May, 2014


Raizer, Harvey -  - Wantagh, NY - Deceased, 2008
Miss the old Rockaway days.  Moved to Arverne in 1961; graduated from FRHS in 1965.  Would love to hear from old friends and classmates.


Reback, Joyce (Slous) -  - Montclair, NJ

Reiter, Stanley - - Flushing, NY - Posted August, 2008

Rennert, Sheryl (Linker) -  - Boca Raton, FL


Resnitzky, Sandy (Helmsorig) - joins us from Hollywood, Florida and writes the following:

Hi Skip,

I'm e-mailing from sunny Hollywood, Florida. I've been living in South Florida since 1972. I was married 1968 to Paul Helmsorig, also from Rockaway, and divorced in 1989. I have a son 23 years old & a daughter 18 years old.

I headed the committee in the planning of the 1983 FRHS Reunion in Coral Springs, Florida & was involved with the planning of the 1995 Reunion in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

I'm looking forward to renewing old friendships & reminiscing good times at the 100th Year Reunion in September. Would love to hear from 1965 graduates. Thanks so much for posting some of the pictures from the previous reunions. I've gotten several e-mails thanking me for bringing back memories, especially the pictures of Wavecrest Corner & FRHS. See everyone soon......

Sandy can be reached at


Ribet, Ken -  - Kensington, CA

Rice, Rick -  - Middletown, CA
Personal web page:


Rinaldi, Anthony -  - North Bellmore, NY


Robinson, Randy -  - Escondido, CA
I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me in any way. As I'm getting older, looking back is real attractive. Hope all is well with everyone.

Roiter, Neil -  - Mattapoisett, MA

Rose, Michael -  - Iowa City, IA

Rosenberg, Emily (Weiss) – - Boca Raton , FL
Currently living in Boca Raton . My daughter and her two children live nearby. I have a son and his family living in San Clemente , CA . I recently became a Florida resident after living in Manhattan for over 20 yrs

Rosenberg, Larry -  - Stamford, CT

Roth, Eddie -  - Rockville, MD

Rothenberg, Janice (Goorland) -  - Coral Springs, FL - Updated February, 2011
Dear Skip and Carol, So glad this ray of sunshine will still be here in my pc. May the sand never leave our feet.

Rubinson, Eileen -  - New York, NY


Saldinger, Ellen (Lederman) -  - Philadelphia, PA

Salstein, Arthur -  - Jupiter, FL


Sarapin, Marvin - - Montgomery, AL - Updated October, 2018
"Life is good so far"

Saunders, David M. -  - Baltimore, MD
I've been in touch with Bob Natt, Sid Fuchs, Fred Strober and Coleman Tutt.  Whenever we are together we have a good time talking about the old days.  I'd be very happy to chat with anyone from Far Rockaway who would like to give me a call or send an e-mail.  I've been down in Baltimore for about 30 years.  I have gone back to the 100th anniversary and had a great time.  I've also gone to two reunions in Florida and enjoyed seeing old friends.  I've stayed in touch with Bob Natt and Sid Fuchs; we even have gone back to our old Boy Scout Camp a couple of times. I often run into people who visited Far Rockaway, and I do miss the beach and the waves.  Where is Mark Doneson? Web site located at :


Savitt, Helene (Konell), Class of 1965, joins us from Boca Raton, Florida and writes the following.

Hi Skip!

I finally got the photos together for you. Most of the photos I sent are from a reunion we had last year. It was at the Deerfield Beach Resort in South Florida. Is was for alumni from 1960 - 1970. We had a wonderful turnout and we all had a fantastic time.

I keep in touch with several a matter of fact most of my friends in Florida are from Rockaway and we get together on a regular basis. In December a whole group of us went on a Cruise to the Bahamas and Key West....we had a great time.

We are all looking forward to the reunion in September....hope to see you there. I hope you publish the pictures on your web page for all to enjoy. I really enjoy your web page and sign on is really great. Again thanks and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Helene can be reached at Updated November, 2011


Scharf, Paula (Kohn) - - Larchmont, NY

Schatz, Iris (Haig) -  - Hewlett, NY

Schireson, Laura (Wetzler) -  - Shirley, NY

Schnitzer, Robert -  - Sea Cliff, NY - Updated April, 2008
A great place to grow up in. A great time (1950s and 1960s) to grow up in. Great friends and great times. ROCKAWAY FOREVER!!!


Schoenthal, David -  - New York, NY

Schor, David - Plainview, NY - Updated December, 2014
Hello to all the people that might remember me. It's been a lifetime since we all were together in Far Rockaway HS and hanging out. I guess we all survived because we were flexible enough to adapt and change. I personally went from a radical, anti establishment hippie to a fairly well adjusted adult!!


Schulman, Michael - - Buffalo Grove, IL


Schuman, Susan (Axelrod) -  - Avon Lake, OH
I live in the City of Cleveland and work for the Mayor as Director of the Department of Aging. After leaving NY we lived in Los Angeles and Cincinnati. I married Howard Axelrod; (he graduated FRHS in 1961) in 1966. I head a county department of Senior and Adult Services and have four grandchildren.   It was my son that found this website. I think about my FRHS days a lot! I would love to hear from fellow alums -- wish I knew about the reunion!

Schwartz, Robert - - Pittsburgh, PA
I enjoyed seeing some of the familiar faces on the site. Life is good in Pittsburgh, raising my 4 sons, running a group psychology practice, doing some research and, when possible, road biking. I last did the MS Century ride around Manhattan. Website: - Photo courtesy Marty Nislick and

Schwimmer, Marcia (Muskat) -  - New York, NY
Truly a Far Rockaway girl, through and through! Loved the Sept. 97 reunion...everyone looked so healthy! Looking forward to the next reunion in Florida.


Schwolow, Jane (Floyd) -  - Lawrence, NY
I found this site by accident and when I entered, there were pictures of my graduating class. What great memories.


Segal, Howard - - Pompano Beach, FL
Hi, my best wishes and thoughts to everyone I had the opportunity to know at Far Rockaway... after FRHS I lived in Manhattan for a number of years attending CCNY Architecture School, then Boca Raton and Palm Beach Gardens FL; played avid tennis here for a number of years, now retired, relaxing, swimming and biking; Rockaway was good training ground for all this. Wishing all good health and happiness.

Shapiro, Rochelle -  - Great Neck, NY
My novel, MIRIAM THE MEDIUM (Simon & Schuster) has been nominated for the Harold U. Ribelow award and is now out in paperback in Holland, Belgium, the U.K., and the states and can be bought at,, barnes&, and The back story takes place in ROCKAWAY!   Like the heroine, I, too am a professional psychic. My background has caused as much media interest as my novel. Profiled in Redbook, The Jerusalem Post, NYT Long Island section, Jewish Week, and more.   Jodi Picoult, author of Bestselling, My Sister’s Keeper, declared, “You don’t have to be psychic to know how much readers will enjoy tagging along with Miriam.” Caroline Leavitt, book critic and author of Coming Back to Me and Girls in Trouble praised MIRIAM THE MEDIUM as a “haunting, heartbreaking, and absolutely hilarious novel of about family, love, and claiming your own identity.”


Shevins, Barbara - Deceased
The first girl I ever dated was Barbara Shevins. I was 13 she was 11. She lived across the street from me on Beach 9th Street. I believe we went to a birthday party together. We were never really close friends then. After that we hardly had any contact with one another. She was a beautiful and much admired person. Her beauty was a consequence of not just physical features but of elegance and stateliness.  About 10 years ago I somehow learned that she had died some 19 years earlier, when she was only 22 years of age. I believe it was from leukemia.  Her spirit still resides strongly in my memory.

Marty Nislick (FRHS, 1962)

Shivek, Lynn -  - New York, NY


Siegel, Gary -  - Potomac, MD
For a number of years, this Web Site has brought me a great deal of pleasure and a host of memories.  Skip, thanks for trying to keep it going.  I look forward to hearing from old friends and I hope to see many of you at reunions in the near future.

Siegel, Renna (Bassal) -  - Montreal, Canada
Just got on to the Classmates website and as a result  found four friends. They in turn told me about the Far Rockaway website. I am thrilled!! Have thought about my FRHS friends many times over the years, but living in Montreal did not know where to find them.  My memories of FRHS are the best!!!! I wish my children could have grown up in such good times and have those special memories.  If you look for my picture in the Dolphin it was place under Seigler by mistake.  Hope to hear from lots of "old friends".  What a great site filled with with wonderful  memories.  Skip and Carol,  Thank You!

Silverberg, Abe - - Far Rockaway, NY - Updated March, 2008

Silverman, Donald - Deceased

Singer, Glenn -  - West Palm Beach, FL
It's great to see so many names from the past, and I hope to resume contact with old friends.


Sirota, Sandra (Keltai) -  - Monroe, NY
Peter and I have lived in Orange County, NY for the last 19 years. We have three sons, Kenneth 33, Michael 29, and Jonathan 16. What a wonderful site to connect with the past!!!!


Slaton, Barry - - New Paltz, NY - Updated January, 2011


Soloway, Ellen (Soloway-Fox) -  - New York, NY


Sperber, Karen (Terach) - - Saddle River, NJ
I don't think we realized how lucky we were to be in the environment we were. What a wonderful town and time we grew up in. 

Sperling, Phyllis (Jacobs) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Plantation, FL

Stenzler, Alex -  - Long Beach, CA


Stoller, Sanford - Brooklyn, NY - Deceased


Stolzer, Arlene (Sandner) -  - Suffern, NY
The names on this website bring back so many fond memories of my FRHS years! If you don't remember me, I was the shy, quiet one who played the piano in the school orchestra. Thanks to Mr. Jagust, I majored in English and became a librarian. I live in Rockland County (near Bear Mountain) and have two kids...a son in college & a daughter who is a teacher.  I look forward to hearing from some of my former classmates!


Streamer, Lynn (Sussman) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Sunrise, FL - Deceased 2009


Taurins, Irene -  - Wynnewood, PA


Texler, Sam - - New City, NY - Updated May, 2014

Urdank, Albion -  - Nuevo, CA

Would love to hear from class of 65 friends.

Wank, Ken -  - Seaford, NY

Warshavsky, Peggy (Seton) - - Pound Ridge, NY
Hi everyone, I just stumbled onto this page and was reminded of very wonderful times. Hope all of you are well and happy.

Weber, Howie -  - Massapequa Park, NY


Weiner, Donna (Weitz) -  - Delray Beach, FL
Just wanted to let all my old Far Rockaway classmates that I took the big step and moved to Florida this June. Would love to hear from all of you in South Florida.

Weingrow, Marjorie - - Point Richmond, CA
I've lived in the Northern California Bay Area since the early 70's. I still live by the water, but in warmer weather.  I miss Far Rockaway and I hope to get back there.

Weinstein, Alan -  - New York, NY

Weinstock, Helen (Fischer) -  - Merrick, NY

Weisman, Sandra -  - Brooklyn, NY

Whalen, Michael -  - Holmes, NY


White, Richard -  - Cocoa, FL - Deceased June, 2017


Winokur, Carole (Zissman) -   - Medford, NJ

Winter, Kenneth -  Sun City Center, FL -  Updated March, 2011
 It was so nice to see so many pictures and to see updated stories. Thank you, Carol and Skip, for taking the time and love to deliver the best high school web site I have ever seen! Carol, your Far Rockaway pictures brought back so many memories and it was also nice to see what Far Rockaway looked like even before we were all born.

Wishnick, Deborah (Hoffman) -  - Paradise Valley, AZ


Wolterding, Dennis - - Myrtle Beach, SC
Francine Fishman, Class of 1964--Where Are You?

Yudlowitz, Carol (Seigel) -  - Port St. Lucie , FL


Zinman, Arnold - - New Rochelle, NY - Updated May, 2014

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