Graduates From Rockaway In 1967

Class of 1967 50th Reunion in 2017


Just received this great photo of
David Abelson, Class of 67
Captain, 1967 FRHS Football
Click on it to view in larger format

My name is Francesca Sorrenti (Fran Vitucci).  I'm interested in knowing if there will be any reunions coming up for the Class of 1967?  Please contact me at  Thanks

Evan Garber, Class of 1967, joins us from Sonoma, CA (practically a neighbor) and writes the following.

Hi. My name is Evan Garber and I graduated From Far Rockaway HS in 1967. I now live quite close to you in Marin County and work in Berkeley at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

I returned to Far Rock for the first time in 25 years, in June 1995, on a trip to visit some old friends who remain in New York. We were given a tour by Bob Comer (718-327-xxxx-contact Evan for this number) who is a 1967 alumni (and former football team and band member). He was working at the school and in charge of security. He had a picture in his office of the January 1967 retirement party given Dr. Lillian Moore (Math teacher, I believe she had been Richard Feynman's Math teacher) which I took a picture of and include with this Email. I have several other shots which I will scan and send on to you for your great page.

I lived on Bay 24th street, Bay 25th street, Mott Avenue and Seagirt Blvd. during my time in Far Rock. The places you mentioned on the boardwalk, brought back a flood of memories. I too had my first drink (illicitly) under the boardwalk at Beach 35th street. An older friend of mine bought some beer at the bar there and we proceeded to get rather smashed. Another friend worked at the bumper car rides and when they shut down we road the cars for hours -standing on there backs, holding onto the poles trying to knock one another off. I remember the lemon ices you could buy and the knishes that no longer seem to exist. When we were much younger, my friends and I helped make knishes in the back of the boardwalk store on Beach 37(?), cutting potatoes that were placed in the enormous kettle. My first job (at 14) was selling ice cream on the beach from the Good Humor shack where we would get a large metal case and fill it with dry ice and ice cream bars and proceed to dig holes in our shoulders from the straps under the weight of the load.

I agree, it was very sad to see the state of Rockaway. My friend Stu Goldberg (class of 67) and I visited Mott and Central Avenue, Bayswater, the boardwalk, etc. Gino's was still there as well as the remnants of the Strand theater and the old Army and Navy Store.

Well that's all for now. Fellow alumnus, Evan Garber.

Evan can be reached at

Thanks to Evan for the photo. Hope to see lots more pictures real soon....

Eric Heifetz, Class of 1967, joins us from Lake Grove, NY and write the following:

This page is a trip. We didn't really know each other but I too grew up on Beach 27th St., about 500 ft from the boardwalk. I also attended PS 106 in the 6th grade . Great pictures. I believe your sister Ellen was in the 5th grade at the same time. Quite a place to grow up in back then. Keep up the great work. I'll try to come up with some old pictures.

Eric can be reached at

Thanks to Eric for writing. Ellen Weinstock is my cousin and is still living in the Queens area. What a trip, you growing up on Beach 27th Street. Do you remember Alan and Marilyn Davis? I think they also lived on 27th. Do you remember Dr. Miller?

Suzie Muchnick Spencer, Class of 1967, joins us from Naples, Florida and writes the following.


I recognize your name, but have no distinct memories with it. I did graduate in 67, but was friends with many from 64-72+. You have done a spectatular job on the web site. I read you plea for help and will respond to that in my next email.

For now, I will attach some photos with more to go to Evan's site. The photo of Michael and I-June, 1996 and of Brutus, a foster pet, 1994.

Did you know Jody (Joel) Kamen? Am looking also for Elissa Cole, Amy Silverman, Jay Lieberman.

After graduating in 67 with a short stint at SUNY Albany, I did graduate with a B.A. from Hofstra in 1972 in Comparative Religions, Judaica and Hebrew. After spending some time in Italy and Israel, I returned to get a M.S. in Physical Education at NYU. I had already been introduced to yoga and was committed to this discipline during my part time working experience at Jack La Lanne-1969 (Woodmere) and the North Shore Health Club-1970-1972(Manhasset) while at Hofstra. In 1974, I began teaching privately in Rockaway and the Five Town under the name, The Yoga Workshop, and then at Adult Education at Beach Channel HS, LaGuardia Comm. College and Queensboro CC before I moved to Coconut Grove, FL in 1981 and got married to Michael Spencer.

After more than 5 years, we moved to Naples, Florida and I reestablished myself again under the name of Postures. I teach Iyengar Yoga, a therapuetic and very precise form of Hatha Yoga. Presently, there are 4 teachers studying and teaching at Postures to become teachers. I am also President of the regional Iyengar Yoga Association covering 9 states.

Michael and I are parents to 2 cats and a ferret. We live on an acre only 1 mile from Naples beach. Over the last 10 years in Naples we have participated in establishing a 2.5 million dollar Temple and also a chapter of the Jewish Federation of Collier County. I know you want to know if there are any Jews here. There are. We are also quite involved in our community called Pine Ridge. I am an animal activist, but have not yet sprayed paint on anyone's fur coats.

Suzie can be reached at  

Thanks Suzie for the letter and photo as well as your kind words about the web site. As soon as you have a chance, send me the other photo and I will be happy to post it.

Linda Milazzo, Class of 1967, joins us from West Hills, CA and writes the following.

My name is Linda Milazzo, Class of 67 and I want to thank you for all your hard work in creating that great Rockaway web site. Although I have virtually no time to spend online, I did take quite a while to read through all the responses and look at the pictures. I saw lots of familiar names and faces and got very nostalgic.

I've been in Los Angeles since 74 and have lost total touch with my roots. Thanks to your website and the forthcoming reunion, I've been reconnecting.

Keep up the great work and thanks for the memories. See you in September!!

Linda can be reached at

Thanks Linda for your kind words about the web site. I am looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and new ones too. This web site project has given me an opportunity to meet so many Rockawayites I never new. Can't wait to meet them all. I hope the week-end will give me enough time!

Larry Gaines, Class of 1967, joins us from East Windsor, NJ and writes the following.

Hey there fellow Rockawayites.

Isn't this a nice place to reunite with old friends, acquaintances and classmates. For those of you that remember me, you'll recall that I was a little short kid, who loved to clown around, and got into his share of mischief. Well the years have brought some change, but then again, some things don't change. I am still short at 5 feet 6 1/2 inches, but considering how short I was when I graduated High School (5'3"), I feel very tall now. I still love to clown around, but then after all, I'm Jewish, and it is in my blood. As for the mischief, well I still enjoy a light prank every once in a while, but not at the expense of others getting hurt. (I used to be a little mean back then.....very insecure). I believe my heart and character has softened and gotten refined quite a bit over the years.

 The other (better) half of my most recent picture taken in the summer of '97, is my beautiful wife Kathy of almost 14 years now. She was my first wife, and will be my wife till death does us part, (or if the Messiah comes for His people first). She's from Pittsburgh, and we met in East Windsor NJ, (right outside of Princeton) where we now live. She has a son, who lived with us from the time he was 11 years old. He's almost 26 now and we have a close relationship. For various reasons, we decided not to have any children of our own. I think if we both had married each other a few years sooner, we would have.

In my early school years, 'math' was my salvation, so I ended up becoming an Accountant. I am a CPA, and have worked most of my years in private industry as part of a management team. It has not been easy for me careerwise, but I believe my day is just around the corner.

I also love computers, the net and modern technology, AND, I also am what I call, a 'semi-professional' singer, songwriter, and musician. I don't really earn any money doing it, but many of my peers think I am good enough to turn pro. Well, we'll see what the good Lord has in store. For now, I like using my talents and gifts to encourage others in life, and that is something, I have a hard time taking money for.

 Getting older for me has really been good. Well I can't do physically what I could do back then, but then again I wasn't being scouted by pro sports teams either, but the knowledge and understanding of life that I have gained in my 48 years to date, plus the wonderful relationships I have developed with many over those years, have truly made me feel great about living today. Being a child was a hard and difficult time for me, with many obstacles along the way, but as a middle aged adult, I have learned that life can be good!

 I have got a real yearning to make contact with anybody from those childhood years that might remember me, especially if you are from Belle Harbor and went to PS 114. My email address is If you are not doing so well, maybe we can share some memories, have some laughs, and maybe I can even encourage you. If you are doing well, then maybe we can share about where we were, where we are, and where we are going. (and have some laughs too).

 Larry Gaines

Larry can be reached at

Abelson, David M. -  - New York, NY
Believe it or not, Rockaway is on the mend. I've been riding the boardwalk from Beach 9th to Breezy Point and it is amazing how the beach has gotten more beautiful, the water is cleaner than back in the day and there are hundreds of homes under construction with thousands more planned. It's a good thing to see. Check out the old Fort Tilden.. it's the Hamptons in Rockaway.

Ambrico, Michele (Barnard Eckman) -  - Troy, OH - (Moving to Ocala Florida on May 8 2015 :)  Updated March, 2015
Trying to locate Viveca Ingram, also 1967 graduate.

Apfelbaum, Judy (Karp) - - Oceanside, NY

Aronowsky, Carol - - Los Angeles, CA - Updated July, 2008

Arons, Candice (Candy) (Koerner) -  - Forest Hills, NY

Axelrod, Bonnie (Warstadt) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Long Beach, NY

Banner, Sharon (Tanner) -  - Trinity, FL
I have lived on the west coast of Florida for 27 years.  I am married and have 2 sons, ages 22 and 25.  Can't wait to be able to contact old friends from Far Rockaway.

Becker, Eddie - - Washington, DC - Updated February, 2008
Always happy to hear from old pals.

Bergstein, Sylvia (Schuster) - - Huntington, NY
Thanks to Marty Nislick and Rockaway Memories for the use of this photo.

Bier, Barbara (Bier Rosenthal) - - Bozeman , MT - Updated October, 2011
Love to hear from Far Rock classmates.

Blaukopf, Henry - - New York, NY - Updated October, 2008
I would love to hear from any of my old friends.  I hold periodic reunion dinners for the B. 12th Street crowd.

Bluestein, Michael - - Hampstead, NC - Updated October, 2016

Bornstein, Joanne -  - Westbury, NY
My name may not have changed - but my life sure has been fine.

Boss, Steven -  - New York, NY
Lived at 2920 Healy Avenue in Bayswater and is a proud owner of a Sam's Bar sweatshirt.

Brown, Estee (Richards) -  - Pembroke Pines, FL

Brown, Gail (Gisehaltz) -  - Howard Beach, NY

Brownstein, Robert -  - New York, NY

Budick, Ben -  - Juno Beach, FL - Deceased January, 2016
Went to Stuyvesant HS, but wanted to get out of high school without taking Calculus or Physics. So I transferred to Far Rockaway for the fall '66 term and graduated a half year early. So technically I am a  graduate of the Class of '67 although I didn't get to the graduation. My  graduation was in the principal's office in January, '67. I grew up in Rockaway and had many friends at FRHS, and of course, I went to all the dances. I was great friends with Bonnie Stadler, Steve and Linda Auerbach, Nancie Greenstein, and many others too numerous to mention. I guess my claim to fame was that I worked at Jerry's Knishes with big Steve in the summers.  You have a great site. Made me realize I wasn't the only one mourning the loss of Rockaway as it was.  At this point it's almost like it never existed. Nice to find people who know what I'm talking about when I say Rockaway was the absolute best place in the world to grow up. I am no longer doing headhunting but writing full time.......I have two musicals I've co-written about to go into production. Wild Women of Planet Wongo and Hell Hole Honeys.



Cabán, Jimmy -  - Chicago, Illinois
Hello fellow students:  I am a nondescript and inconsequential student, who would have graduated in 1967 had I not been told I needed to remain 6 months longer to complete American History and Economics. UGH!! I couldn t stand the teacher. He taught by rote and was entirely enamored of textbook dates. Ironically, today my favorite reading materials are biographies and history. So, although I ve matured considerably, I doubt it could have been my acumen. Having failed to graduate, I would not be among your alumni. Moreover, I note that your list of past alumni includes no people of color. I wonder why that is so. Although I have repressed virtually all memories of my youth and school acquaintances, I vaguely remember there having been many Blacks and Puertoricans like myself.   As I look back now, my residence in the Redfern Projects relegated me to the periphery of high school activities. So many of the extracurricular social functions seemed to require a degree of affluence we, at the projects could ill afford.  I can remember having had contradictory feelings towards the white students at Far Rockaway High School. Being a very Caucasian Puertorican, left me in a bit of a quandary. It was that, coupled with the fact that I functioned academically with some facility, that led some of my white classmates to lure me into their circles. The minute I was tempted to head in that direction,  however, my own kind reminded me of my place among the minorities. It was a disturbing predicament.  I offer this only to let you know that there were other people among your classmates who did not feel so much a part of your experiences. I can remember only a paradoxical sense of foreboding in attending Far Rockaway High School. Every time I see the building, it just seems so ominous to me; almost like a prison facade. It is good to read so many more favorable perspectives from others who attended there. It provides a commendatory viewpoint lacking in my own experience.   Since leaving FHS, I served in the U.S. Air Force from ’68 to ’72, completed my GED while there and attended college from ’75 to ’79 receiving a B.A. in Business Administration and Economics.   J. Arturo Cabán, Chicago, Illinois  (Jimmy Cabán, while attending Far Rockaway High School)

Cange, Iris - - Scottsdale, AZ

Cantagallo, Nancy (Angel) -   - Great Neck, NY

Charm, Sherry (Dub) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Pompano Beach, FL

Charne, Scott -  - Robbinsville, NJ

Chwick, Jacki (Chadwick) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - San Leandro, CA

Clark, Francis J. -  - Oakland, CA

Cohen, Barbara (Nutt) - - Waynesboro, TN - Updated October, 2008

Cohen, Joel -  - Brooklyn, NY

Cohen, Robert - - New York, NY

Cohen, Sheldon -  - Valley Stream, NY

Cohen, Susan R. (Strange) - - Coconut Creek, FL
I just moved to South Florida from Indianapolis. I'd love to hear from "old" friends -- especially those who live or visit the area.
  I look forward to hearing from old friends of the class of '67. I have been off the internet for about a year and have a new email address (  I graduated in '67 and I loved FRHS.  I married in 1981 and my husband passed away in 2002.  I have 2 kids ages 18 and 11.  I live in Indiana (for some ungodly reason) but am used to it here. You have to lose the NY edge to survive.  Would love to hear from classmates.

Davis, Denise (Baker) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Syosset, NY

Derck, Linda (Casale) -  - Massapequa Park, NY

Dobin, Michael -  - Miami Beach, FL

Dolman, Howie - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Staten Island, NY

Driansky, Richard -  - Narberth, PA

Engel, Lorraine (Weingast) - - Florida
Hi all. Just looking for people I knew growing up in Rockaway. The wheel comes full circle - the beach is once again nearby although I live near the Florida coast now. Look forward to hearing from you.

Epstein, Scott -  - Belle Harbor, NY - Deceased December 27, 2013
I am a teacher in a new Far Rockaway school on B. 29th and the beach block, and will retire from that in 5 years. Additionally, I own a small public relations firm where I serve as a talent booker for many professional wrestlers as well as handle their publicity. I am divorced, have three lovely children (22 Boy, 20 Boy, 18.5 Girl).

Etkin, Jay -  - Memphis, TN
Jay's website is located at

Feinstein, Marti (Schear) - - Emerson, NJ

Fields, Audrey (Mishalow) -  - Henderson, NV

Foster, Sherry (Taxman) -  - Omaha, NE

Fox, Jeff -  - Brooklyn, NY - Updated February, 2008

Frazer, Barbara (Powell) -  - Port St. Lucie, FL

Friedman, Ilene (Brandon) -  - Great Neck, NY
I'm currently living in Great Neck, NY, with husband, Ron, and two sons, ages 21 and 23. I work in an administrative capacity for the NYC Board of Education. Ron and I have become avid sailors and currently own a 32' sailboat that we'll be spending our upcoming vacation on, cruising to Sag Harbor, Watch Hill, Block Island, Newport, Cuttyhunk and other "exotic" places in and around Long Island Sound.  In my years at Far Rock, I was a majorette and also spent a lot of time at the diner - mostly class time. I've kept in contact with only a few folks, but would like to know how others are doing. My Dad (in partnership with my uncle) owned the Met supermarket on Beach 25th street and the whole family (including my brother Ed '65 and cousin Steve Poretsky '67) all worked in the store.

Froster, Robert "Bobby" - - Oceanside, NY

Gaines, Larry -  - Cranbury, NJ

Garber, Evan -  - Sonoma, CA

Garfinkel, Andrew - - Asheville, NC - Updated May, 2015
I have happily retired to the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. "Old age" has caught up with me, though, and I have both orthopedic and vision problems. When I'm feeling down, I go look at the mountains, get out my white apron and sing "The Sound of Music."

Geltman, Sally (Erickson) -  - Fresh Meadows, NY

Gillman, Arnie -  - Agoura Hills, CA

Goldberg, Stu -  - Commack, NY

Goldstein, Glenn -    or  - Chappaqua, NY

Goldstein, Phyllis (Berezein) - - Saint Cloud, FL

Goldstein, Stuie - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Brooklyn, NY

Goodman, Fern (Lambroza) -  - East Rockaway, NY

Goodman, Mark -  - Valley Stream, NY
Hello friends,  It's been quite awhile and I haven't really kept up with any of my former classmates. I'm an Architect, practicing in NY, married for 31 years and I have a Son who graduated the University of Pennsylvania and is now in his 2nd year of Law school at the University of Virginia. It's seems like such a long time, but, I hope to here from my High School pals.

Gordon, Carol (Siegel) - - Glen Cove, NY

Gould, Laura -  - Annandale, VA

Granoff, Barbara (Schor) -  - Plainview, NY

Greenwald, Arlene (Leonard) - - Omaha, NE
We moved from Centennial, CO to Omaha, NE to be closer to at least one of our kids. - Updated May, 2015

Gross, Isabel (Feinberg) - - Harrisburg, PA
To anyone out there that might remember me, I played "Gigi" in "La Petite Parisienne" at Cardozo JHS '63/'64. There were over 500 people in the audience so I'm sure that some of you were out there. Thank you, Alan Weinstock, for creating this website. It's a wonderful opportunity to find dear friends as well as classmates that haven't been seen or heard from in so many years. Not to mention the nostalgia reminiscent of the past as we look on at the photos of yesteryear. You certainly outdid yourself this time! Also, a moment of silence for those who are not here with us today







Grossman, Floyd - - Rockville Centre, NY - Updated December, 2012

Harawitz, Gerald -  - New York, NY

Heifetz, Eric - - Lake Grove, NY - Updated February, 2010

Herskowitz, Eileen (Schultz) -  - Inwood, NY

Hirsch, Wendy (Green) -  - Washington Township, NJ
Thank you for this site. I am a 1967 grad and would love to get in touch with anyone who remembers me Wendy Hirsch and The Germz. My email is  If anyone knows the whereabouts of Anne and David Shulman, and Pat Sexton please give them my email address. I am living in Washington Township New Jersey and have been married to Marty Green for the past 35years.   Love to hear from anyone who remembers me and the Germz. Regards.


Hirsch, Sandra (Westcott) - -Scottsdale, AZ

Hochberger, Richard -  - Ft. Worth, TX - Deceased

Hoffman, George -  - Castle Rock, CO
Married to Carlee 19 years, with 2 girls, Mira 12 & Jessica 17. I own a small Real Estate Appraisal Firm, and I love Colorado. I ski, play golf, tennis and all the usual male jock stuff. I've also worked on my pool skills, as Norman Banner at the pool hall in Rockaway taught me oh, so many years ago.  Thanks for the effort.  Seeing the yearbook online on Evan's page and getting in touch with old friends is priceless.  Sometimes (many times actually) I wish I was back in Rockaway - before Mayor Lindsey.  I MISS THE OCEAN, and body surfing through hurricanes.  I almost miss the airplanes from Kennedy going over my house every 10 minutes, but I do love Colorado, and I guess you really can't go home again.

Honig Michael - - Nyack, NY
"Always looking for old friends."

Horowitz, Amy (Hernandez) -  - Scotts Valley, CA
In the past year, through the magic of the Internet, I have been able to contact some wonderful people from Rockaway...I look forward with great anticipation to finding more lost friends.  What fun!!! Reading about Far Rock...I was one of the late arrivals.  I lived in Dayton Beach on 8lst St. and just went to FRHS for junior and senior year.  Our group was Alan Mitzner, Jack Desatnick, Lynn Wangel, Karen Nathanson, Claudia Horlick, Eddie Berman, Irving Ashkinasi, Phil Bergman, Eddie Weir...does anyone remember those names?   I live in Santa Cruz County, California.  Moved here in 1972 and I currently work at NOKIA Intl as their Santa Cruz Facilities Manager.  My husband Dave and I have owned an Optical Shop for 25+ years.  We will be celebrating our 31st anniversary this December.  Two kids, Ryan 27, Andie, 21.  There are a lot of folks trying to compare Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with Rockaways' way!!! "Rockaways" Playland by the sea. Come for the day admission is free.  Thrills and fun for everyone...come to Rockaways' Playland."  Would love to hear from old friends.  Although not a great big fan of my high school years, I do miss the people  and the stories that could be shared. I had good friends in high school and  would love to get back in touch with some.

Howard, Marty (Murry) -  - Valley Stream, NY

Jackson, Mike - - Newton Centre, MA - Posted September, 2008

Jackson, Sandi (Gershowitz) -  - Oceanside, NY
I would love to hear from old friends b/c growing up in the Rockaways was a special time of my life.

Jacobs, Lowell -  - South Orange, NJ

Kamen, Leslie (Kaplan) -  - Old Westbury, NY

Kaplan, Eloise (Ellie) (Diamond) - - Chatham, NJ - Updated April, 2008

Kaplan, Marcia - - Santa Fe, NM

Kapp, Lee -  - Coral Springs, FL

Kasendorf, Ruth - - Plainview, NY

Keane, Donna M. (Dunham) -  - Manorville, NY

Keshinover, Larry -  - Wappingers Falls, NY

Kimmel, Barbara (Nusbaum) - - White Plains, NY - Posted July, 2008
My bother Eliot (class of'64) told me about the site. It's wonderful to see my classmates names and able to get in touch. I always loved good old Far Rockaway and I love the memories even more. Remember: Gino's Pizza, the Strand, Columbia and the Pix, Woolworth, Grants and all the stores on Central Ave?? Still love to eat and shop. PLEASE email me, I'd love to hear from all. Rita, Hope, Cheryl, Barbara, Peggy are you out there???? I really need to hear from old friends.

Koerner, Carl -  - Forest Hills, NY

Kraut, Gerald -  - Princeton, NJ

Kravitz, Marjorie (Wecksell) -  - East Rockaway, NY


Krouse, Mark -  - Queens, NY

Krugel, Cheryl (Mazario) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Staten Island, NY

Kwartler, Karen -  - Centereach, NY


La Rue, Robert -  - Richmond, VA

Lazar, Alan -  - Weston, FL
Old name Lazarowitz - practiced orthopedic surgery since 1980. We need a reunion for our year, not 100 years.

Lazarus, Phyllis (Graybow) - - New City, NY
I would like to see a more organized effort to have FRHS graduates volunteer their time and resources to not only improve the school, but also to bring the entire community back to its original beauty. I, for, one, would do anything in my power to make this vision a reality. I am very proud of my Far Rockaway roots.  I hope that we all can give back something to the community that has given so much to us all.

Leblang, Renee (Rubin) -  - Pompano Beach, FL

Lee, Fran (Hallock) -  - Sun City, AZ

Lefkof, Barbara (Carrick) -  - Long Beach, NY - Updated January, 2008
I couldn't leave the area and so now live in Long Beach with my husband. I am a breast cancer survivor of 20 years and although we have no children, we are blessed with wonderful nieces and nephews. As we are both retired we travel between New York, England and Florida to visit with family, and try find time to vacation in-between.

Levin, Matthew - - Glendale, CA and East Elmhurst, NY
Happily retired assistant Director of Pharmacy at Mount Sinai Medical Center in NYC for 25 years in charge of all Pharmacy computer systems and Staff Pharmacist for the prior 12 years. Enjoyed growing up in Laurelton! @ 128-55 233st. Very happy now in California most of the year and sometimes spend summers in East Elmhurst, NY

Levine, Janice (Hamann) -  - Brooklyn, NY

Levine, Michael T. - - Callicoon Center, NY
Looking at this website brings back many memories. Wonder if anyone remembers the music in the cafeteria experiment that occurred around 1966. So much good music was coming out then; Beach Boys, Beatles, etc. When the day came, the 1st song to play was Lawrence Welk's theme music, i.e. champagne music, which we thought was the equivalent of christening a ship. The 2nd song was also Lawrence Welk, and chaos ensued. The students started throwing food all over the room.

Levy, Stuart - - Alexandria, VA
I would be delighted to attend a reunion or meet up with old friends from the class of 67. I am already in contact with Fred Teiber, David Rauch, and Larry Keshinova.

Lieberman, Wendy (Lipton) - - Deerfield Beach, FL
Co-Captain of the 1967 Majorettes. We Rocked!

Lightfoot, Mary - - Hackettstown, NJ - Posted August, 2008
I live in the wilds of NJ now, but would love to hear from classmates who know what it was like to be from Rosedale and graduate from Far Rockaway.

Lindenbaum, Mark -  - Hewlett, NY - Updated December, 2013

Lipton, Wendy (Lieberman) -  - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Malings, Charlie -  - Berkeley, CA
Website located at

Marasco, Linda S. (Mullenix) - - Austin, TX

Maher, Bobby -  - Huntington Beach, CA

Matus, Barry -  - Exton, PA
I would love to hear from my old friends.

Menahem, Ricky (Stephens) - - Naples, FL

Metzger, Nancy (Lee) - Kingsland, GA
Married for 29 years, 3 daughters, 2 granddaughters. Very active with Girl Scouts. Love camping and gardening.

Metzler, Marty - - Goldsboro, NC

Meyers, Marc - - Scottsdale, AZ
If anyone remembers me, I would like to hear from you.

Milazzo, Linda -  - West Hills, CA

Minkoff, Donald - - Far Rockaway, NY - Updated May, 2012
Would any of us have believed it? The Board Of Ed got rid of the coal furnaces and installed oil burners after 70 years! they built a pro football field that Kerchman, Miller and Metzger would have died for. The place is alive and well! A high school that still taught Latin [Ms.Kraft] and an English Chairman  [Mr.Poneman] who gave tennis instruction... and the master swordsman, His Grace, The Earl Of Jagust!

Minsky, Mark -  - Delray Beach, FL
Far Rockaway was a great place to grow up. I have very fond memories from P.S.39 thru FRHS.......from "Sid and Sams" to "The Strand". It's great to keep in touch with the friends I have known for so many years.

Moskowitz, Ellen (Gordon) - - Newton, MA

Muchnick, Suzie (Annette) (Spencer) - or - Naples, FL

Nadel, Brenda (Siflinger) -  - Davie, FL

Nagin, Joshua (Fred) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - East Meadow, NY

Ness, William - 1967 - - North Las Vegas, NV - Posted May, 2008


Newman, Lou - - Manalapan, NJ

Papkin, Neil  - - Tamarac, FL
Website located at:


Pattinger, Beverly (Spear) -  - Huntington, NY
I would love to hear from any graduate that may remember me. Hope life has been good to you all.

Prater, Lauren (Given) -  - Lakewood, CO
What a fun and thought provoking site!  Growing up in Far Rockaway was a truly "Leave It Too Beaver" existance.  It would be wonderful to hear from old friends.  Has anyone heard from Lynn Fazio?

Preston, Judy (Hirsch) -  - Staten Island, NY

Philippson, Helene (McCarty) - - Lauderhill, FL - Updated October, 2015

Preston, Judy (Hirsch) -  - Staten Island, NY

Prisand, Gary -  - Middletown, NJ

Prober, Susan - - Plano, TX - Updated May, 2008

Rauch, David -  - Morganville, NJ

Rausnitz, Joan (Heymont) -  - Brooklyn, NY

Richardot, Michael - - Sidney, NY - Updated December, 2011
Anyone from the 20-33 Terrace, Wavecrest?  I'm still in regular contact with a number of '67 grads. Would love to hear from others. My parents lived in the same apartment in Wavecrest for 51 years.  I grew up in Far Rock, having started first grade in P.S. 215, then JHS 198 and graduating FRHS in"67.  I recently took a ride from upstate ny where I live for the last two years, to Far Rock.  It's really changed for the worse. The atmosphere is gone.  All the concessions have long ago disappeared. I miss Sally and Larry's pizza and the knishes and the tuckee cups.

Rosenfeld, Mark - - Cary, NC - Updated May, 2020
This web site is wonderful. Brings back so many great memories. Would love to hear from anyone who hung out on the boardwalk at B. 56th St. during the summer of 1966.

Roth, David - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Baltimore, MD

Roth, Sheila -  - New York, NY

Rothstein, Jay -  - Spring Valley, NY
I would love to be in touch with my old classmates from Class of 1967.  It seems really that several lifetimes have passed since our graduation.  So many of you stand out in my mind as glowing examples of warmth and happiness.  Truly, life is a process.  It is almost mind-boggling to think that all of us have been growing and developing and reaching our full potential for so many years.  You are in my heart as you were when we were seventeen.  Part of me is afraid to see the changes in you, as they will really bring home to me the changes in myself.  My years at Far Rockaway were exceptional to me.  I worked harder senior year than at any other time of my life.  I was so focused on being "perfect" academically and getting in to Harvard.  I appreciate the friendships I developed with you on the CHAT, the Math Team, and the Yearbook.  At the same time, I missed much of the usual social life of a person that age.  It took me many, many years to come in to my own personally.  I was very fortunate to meet my wife, Tanya, and marry in 1982.  We have been blessed with three wonderful children, Judah, Joshua, and Isaiah.  These relationships are the most precious and an ongoing challenge and privilege.  Professionally, I recently made a major change from Information Technology to Mortgage Banking.  I am very happy with my new company and becoming a loan officer.  I will do my best to give you a good deal on a mortgage, if you need one.  Whether or not you are looking, please be in touch. It would be great to hear from you.


Rubenstein, Steve -  - San Francisco, CA

Rubin, Robert Jaime -  - Poughkeepsie, NY

Rudin, Michelle (Altman) -  - Kew Gardens, NY

Rudinsky, Lynn (Schweitzer) -  - Central Islip, NY
I look forward to hearing from anyone from my class of  '67

Saffiotti, Vincent - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Rumson, NJ

Salpeter, Helene (Hershkovich) -  - Hewlett, NY

Sanchez, Arturo -  - Jackson Heights, NY
Hi Folks:  A quick update. I just started a new position - as of August 2007- at Cornell University, College of Architecture, Art, and Planning. The position entails a joint academic appointment within the Department of City & Regional Planning and the Latino Studies Program. Although, it is not NYC, Cornell/Ithaca is first-rate research institution, and I am enjoying the intellectual stimulation. I am currently working on a few manuscripts - on immigration and economic restructuring in the New York City economy - and hope to polish them off soon. In short, "its all good." Best,  Arturo I. Sanchez, Ph.D.  I lived in Far Rockaway (The Redfern Public Housing  Projects) up through my last year in High School. My memories of growing up in the community of Far Rockaway are just great! A wealth of fond memories. My good friends at Far Rockaway H.S. were and continue to be Stuart Goldberg, Stuart Goldstein, and Evan Garber.  Although my given name is Arturo Ignacio Sanchez -- I was known as Arthur in Far Rock. After graduating from Far Rockaway High School, my family moved to Woodside, Queens. My university studies were carried out at: St. Francis College (B.A. in Latin American Studies); New York University (M.A. in Latin American History); Columbia University (M.S. Urban Planning in Developing Nations); Columnbia University (Ph.D. Urban Planning and Public Policy). At present, I teach urban and regional planning at the Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment, Pratt Institute. I also teach the History of Immigration in NYC (Immigration Old and New) at Barnard College/Columbia University and a course on globalization and urban development at the Metropolitan Studies Program, NYU. My current research and publishing interests revolve around the inter-related issues of globalization, transmigration, and urban socio-economic restructuring.  Sounds boring? Not really. Its interesting work and politically progressive -- I am after all a product of the 1960s and the anti-war movement.  Currently I live and work in NYC and would love to hear from old friends, classmates, and associates.  Dr. Arturo Ignacio Sanchez (A.K.A. Arthur)

Santorella, Louis -  - Lynbrook, NY

Sargent, John -  - Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Scherker, Bruce -   - Massapequa NY

Schindler, Lawrence - - Tucson, AZ

Schneider, Randy - - Atlanta , GA

Schoen, Carol (Brunelle) -  - Greenfield, MA

Schrager, Laura (Fishman) - - Brooklyn, NY

Schulman, Mike -  - New Rochelle, NY
It was great to find this web site.  All those memories and good times.  I'm a High School Superintendent (would you believe it?) at a Nonpublic school for troubled kids.  I have two kids - one boy, one girl.  Both almost finished with college.

Schultz, Lois (Beckerman) - - Hewlett, NY - Updated September, 2008

Schwartz, Jeff - - San Gabriel, CA - Updated December, 2014

Schwartz, Terry (Moskowitz) -  - Delmar, NY
I'd love to hear from people who are either '65, '66 or'67 graduates, and from people who remember Far Rockaway as it really was. To describe it to my children or the people in upstate New York (Delmar is a suburb outside of Albany, New York) is very difficult. Especially in comparison to what exists today. We had an "idealic", indescribable form of life, not to be compared to any other. Help me reassure myself and bring new memories to mind. In addition, and in finality, the friends you made in your high school, are your true friends. They helped shape who you are today. I look forward to hearing and sharing memories of days gone by and days to as well as days to come.


Schwarzschild, Adrien (DeDe) (Vargas) -  - Brooklyn, NY

Schwenkler, Rheva Jane (Welpman) -  - Quincy, MO

Schwizer, Gale (Davis) - - Aberdeen NJ

Shapiro, Jeff -  - Haslett, MI
Thanks to all of you that work so hard to keep this Alumni Association viable. Rockaway Beach in the the sixties was a once in a lifetime experience and the memory is kept alive by the dedication of a few generous people, so thank you, once again. Jeff

Shapiro, Stu - - Chandler, AZ
Would be great to hear from old friends.

Sher, Karen -  - Sharon, MA

Sherman, Michael -  - Hamilton, NJ

Shiel, Charles - - Ramsey, NJ - Updated May, 2012

Shindelman, Tina (Larssan) -  - Island Park, NY

Siegel, Cindi - - Bayside, NY  - Updated May, 2011

Siegel, Jerry -  - Orange, CT

Siflinger, Alan (Singer) - - Cherry Hill, NJ

Singer, Fred -  - Littleton, CO

Sloan, Elyse (Michlewicz) -  - Brookeville, MD

Small, Howard - - Hicksville, NY
After more than 46 years after graduation, I starting browsing the site and recognized many names from my graduation class of 1967. I want to add my name to the list. It's interesting how Far Rockaway HS prepared us for a life . . . for which we were un-prepared.

Smolin, Steven -  - Staten Island, NY

Snowhite, Jerry -  - Brooklyn, NY

Solomon, Arlene (Basselini) -  - Manalapan, NJ
I recently came upon the Far Rockaway website and am extremely impressed.  It was wonderful to see so many familiar names.  I'm so sorry that I missed the 1997 reunion.  If anyone knows how I can reach Marcia Tipley, I'd greatly appreciate your help.

Soskin, Cheryl (Hansen) - - Los Angeles, CA

Spina, Angela (Comer) -  - Rockville Centre, NY

Spivak, Celeste (Katz) - - Roswell, GA - Updated May, 2008

Sterling, Bob - - Mount Vernon, NY

Sterling, Debra -   - Phoenix, AZ
This is the second web page I found for Far Rockaway High School Class of 1967. I have not been back in Far Rockaway in over 25 years, but agree that it was a great place (Edgemere) to grow up. I need to look in the year book and find a familiar face. Glad to hear from anyone who remembers me or my twin brother Bob (who is not in the yearbook). Thanks.

Tarnofsky, Gale (Abercrombie) - - Tampa, FL - Updated December, 2008
I am looking for a 1967 yearbook. I am also looking for Carol Ziebowsky. Also anyone who knew Carol or me from the projects please contact me.

Taylor, Bruce -  - Albuquerque, NM

Tellerman, Rita -  - New York, NY

Tirman, Joanne (Perelman) - - Pittsburgh, PA - Posted January, 2008

Trama, Joi (Lorenzo) -  - Lynbrook, NY

Tsalapinas, James - - Harrisburg , OR - Updated April, 2017
Thirty years worth of being a D.J. ( Long Island , MS , GA, W. Palm). Moved out to Eugene , OR 32 years ago. Have been an Activities Director/personal caregiver for the elderly last 10. Lovely wife, family, friends. I have been very blessed. "...what a long, strange trip it's been."

Tuchfeld, Meryl (Zaglin) - Unfortunately, Meryl passed away on January 3, 2018

Varadi, Joanna -  - Florence, MA

Vilardi, Steven - Send Me Your Current Email Address - East Rockaway NY
State University of NY at Albany Class of 1974, Vice President & Board of Directors Art Students League 1975-8, Board of Directors American Fine Arts Society 75-78, Trustee, Treasurer, Rear Commodore, Vice Commodore, Glen Cove Yacht Club 86-92. Currently President Garvies Point Boating Association. I attended PS 104 but moved to East Rockaway before HS graduation.

Vitucci, Francesca (Sorrenti) -  - New York, NY

Wagshul, Fred -  - Dayton, OH

Warstadt, Ira - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Long Beach, NY - Deceased

Weaver, Bruce -  - White Plains, NY

Weber, Kim (Westrich) -  - Wellsboro, PA

Weinberg, Robert -  - Rochester, NY

Weinstein, Laurie (Rashkin) -  - Buffalo, NY

Weiser, Joel -  - Garrison, NY

Wertheim, Lynda - or  - New York, NY

Wiener, Natalie -  - Sunrise, FL

Wilenchik, Michael -  - Scottsdale, AZ

Winters, Deborah (Chuk) - - New York, NY - Posted February, 2008

Wolf, Diane (Zadnoff) - - Indian Lake Estates, FL -  Updated February, 2008

Wortmann, Chris - - Carlsbad, CA

Zeichner, Mark -   - Scarsdale, NY

Zeller, Dyan (Harris) -  - Lawrence,  NY

Zimmerman, Stephen -  - Bellmore, NY

Zylber, Gerard -  - Langhorne, PA


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