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On a pleasant Sunday afternoon several weeks ago, four members of the class of 1969 took a trip to Bayswater to visit our Public School (104), and the streets and houses where we grew up. We met the president of Bayswater Jewish Center, Mr. Sidney Soloway, who was kind enough to take a picture of  us standing in front of the synagogue where we attended Hebrew School "a few" years ago. I hope you find this photo suitable for display on the web site.


Barry Fomberstein



Attached is a photo of a 1969 gathering of classmates taken at Charlie Mahl*s apartment on South Beach in Miami Beach Fla. I took the photo.  From left to right: Charles Mahl, Richard Kirchner, William Landberg, Alan Kaye, Bert Wolf.  Also attending was Winkler Weinberg; but he was out jogging when the photo was taken.  Thanks

Gordon (Freed) 1969    Posted on 3/10/03


This picture is taken at my 50th birthday party in New York City at the Palm Restaurant. All four of us graduated FRHS in 1969. We also were the four officers-from left to right-Billy Landberg was Senior Class President, Charlie Mahl was Senior Class Vice President, Richard Bey was School Vice President, and Alan Kaye was School President. Billy does investments, I am a Retinal Surgeon, Richard is in radio and television and Alan is a Radiologist.  So 33 years after graduation, we still are partying together!  Work a place on the web site.   Thanks, Charlie Mahl.

Dwight Simmons, Class of 1969, joins us from Brooklyn, New York and shares this memory. "One of my math teachers was Mr. Magdolin, the chairman. I hung out in his office and got to use the most advanced computer in the Board of Ed - an IBM 360. (I think it had slightly more computing power than my Casio calculator I have now). Anyway, there were assorted Geeks and others like myself. We punched cards and complied programs using the library deck. The deck was about 2,000 cards that had to be in order. One day, I picked up a box of blank cards and "accidently" dropped them in front of Mr. Magdolin. The look on his face was pure horror because he thought I had dropped the Library."

Dwight can be reached at

Thanks to Dwight for his contribution. Send me some photos and more stories.

William Landberg, Class of 1969, joins us from New York, New York and shares the following. "I am a graduate of Class of 1969 and have become intrigued with the Internet process re contacting old friends. I've actually made contact with some people with whom I hadn't thought about in almost thirty years. It's a form of time warp but the interesting part is that we are all connected to the Rockaway experience. I have spoken to a number of classmates and I have detected a great deal of apathy re the school. I have to surmise that the allegiances are strong re the undergrad experience. I also have been in contact with FRHS administration and some of the organizers and it seems that the school administration appears to be a tad apathetic as well. The school and area has changed radically- no overcrowding and no triple session. The school is woefully under funded for any extras such as sports programs or computers. I have considered organizing a fund raising effort to build a computer facility but it does not seem to be generating any excitement from my peers regardless of their level of affluence. If this generation does not have basic computer literacy then we are all in big trouble.

William can be reached at

Thanks to William for his contribution. Let's see what we can do to assist him with his vision for the school.

William, send me some photos. Too many mailbags, not enough pictures!!!

Barry Fomberstein, Class of 1969, joins us from Long Island, New York and writes the following:

I lived in Far Rockaway from 1959 to 1973, and I attended PS 104, JHS 180 and Far Rockaway High School (Class of 1969). My parents still live in Far Rockaway, on Dickens Street near Bayswater Jewish Center. I'm curious about what happened to many of my classmates, but I haven't kept in touch with anyone.

I certainly remember "Crazy Eddie" and Gino's. I still live on Long Island, and I'm sure that many of my former classmates are still in the NYC area. As this Web Site becomes better known, it will give some of us a chance to compare notes.

Barry can be reached at, or

Thanks to Barry for writing. Please send along any photos you have and would like to share.

Bonnie Goldberg Goldstein, Class of 1969, joins us from Bellmore, New York and writes the following.

Love your web site. My name is Bonnie Goldberg Goldstein and my e-mail address is I graduated Far Rockaway H.S. in 1969. I live in Bellmore, New York. I have been married 27 years and have three sons Ira is 25, Brett is 23 and Todd is 18. It's great to reach out and be in touch with Rockaway people. Keeping up with old friends. Keep up the good work.

Hope to see you at the reunion.

Bonnie can be reached at

Robin Sanger, Class of 1969, joins us from Voorhees, New Jersey and writes the following.

How nice of you to spend time to bring a smile and maybe a new old friend.

Robin can be reached at -Updated February, 2011

Albanese, Roseann (Maltese) -  - Massapequa, NY

Ambrico, Wendy (Schwartz) -  - Walnut Creek, CA
Married in October 1975; have two children - both boys born 1/87 and 11/89; have been living in Walnut Creek (San Francisco Bay Area) for the last 23 years.

Amelkin, Brian - - Helena, MT - Updated April, 2014

Amiel, Elliot - - Glendale, AZ - Updated November, 2008

Ash, Saul - - Seaford, NY - Posted January, 2009

Ashe, Scott -  - Far Rockaway, NY

Babich, Amy (Port) -  - Bakersfield, CA - Updated January, 2011  
Would love to hear from anyone from the class of 69.

Barten, Elise - - Matawan, NJ - Updated September, 2009

Batwin, Howard - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Longwood, FL

Baumrind, Martin -  - Brooklyn, NY

Beacher, Rosalind (Abel) -  - Chestnut Ridge, NY

Beal, Leslie - - Unionville, CT

Beheller, Linda (Mazziotti) - - Long Beach NY - Updated November, 2008
I have a great husband and son. I have 10 birds, 2 dogs and a lizard. I love using the computer; I'm self taught and just built a 166MMX computer for myself. I work in a Dr.s office.

Benison, Eloise (Hersch) -  - Valley Stream, NY

Bennett, Naomi (Finkel) -  - No City Listed - Posted June, 2008

Bergstein, Esther -  - North Woodmere, NY - Deceased 2008

Berke, Nancy (Lee) -  - Setauket, NY
I only attended Far Rockaway for one year, although I went through PS 114 and JHS 180, so I thought I'd sign on.

Berrick, Jan -  - Sheffield, MA

Bey, Richard -  - New York, NY

Bisk, Richard -  - Princeton, MA

Block, Paul -  - Lunenburg, MA

Bogen, Wendy - - Denver CO - Updated March, 2011

Bogin, Brian - Send Me Your Current Email Address - South Jacksonville, FL
I haven't been back since '70. I must be getting old just now thinking of high school. Can anyone get me in touch with Jerry Filler (same class). Good memories, bad ones too. Such is's a bitch...and then you die.

Bornstein, Jeff - - The Villages, FL - Updated February, 2013

Brackman, Lois (Brotz) -  - Lynbrook, NY

Brenner, Harvey -  - Great Neck, NY

Briliant, Rhonda (Sabbah) -  - Boynton Beach, FL

Browdy, Richard -  - Miami Beach, FL
Daughter Theda graduated NYU 2001, attending law school.

Buntzis, Gail (Lynch) - - New City, NY

Burd, David -  -   or  -    Elizabeth, NJ
For those friends of Michael Rose who don't know, he passed away suddenly last year.  You may contact me for more info.  If anyone was friends with Michael, please contact  me.

Burg, Deborah (Gersch) -  - Washington, DC

Campos, Anthony -  - North Woodmere, NY

Canada Barr, David -  - Dallas, TX

Castar, Steven - - Port Washington, NY - Updated September, 2014
I would love to hear from any Far Rockaway grads who are in the education field.

Chalfin, Sonya (Lupion) -  - Old Bethpage, NY

Chernin, Irwin - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Santiago, Chile

Cheron, Philip -  - Cleveland, OH

Christoforou, Elia (Lee) -  - Astoria, NY
With the care, understanding and willingness to teach and instill strong morals in the student body, the teachers of Far Rockaway High gave even the crazy rebellious students the foundation to make something out of their lives. Your Witness, Elia (Lee) Christoforou

Clement, Barbara -  - Oceanside, NY

Cohen, Amy (Cohen-Rose) - - Boston, MA

Cohen, Gerry -  - Scarsdale, NY

Cohen, Ira -  - Toronto, Canada
Married with 3 children. Wife Ricki is Canadian, son Avi (18) was born is Israel, daughters Robin (16) and Heather (12) born on Long Island. I'm indigenous to NYC. Had an office in NY as a Commodity Broker. Presently organizing the Active Investor Show in Toronto and plan to hold shows in the US as well. Also working on developing a virtual show for the Internet. Keep in touch

Cohen, Laura (Horn) -  - Somerset, NJ

Cohen, Marcia (Jean) - - Aventura, FL - Updated October, 2009

Cohn, Abbie (Gross) - - Portland, OR

Cohn, Rosalyn - - Rochester, NY - Updated September, 2014

Comite, Harriet -  - Wyomissing, PA

Concepcion, Zaida - - Brooklyn Heights, NY - Updated December, 2012
My name is Zaida Concepcion and I did not graduate from the Rock but I attended from '66 to October '68. I moved and graduated from Franklin K. Lane.  I have been monitoring this web site for a while and been tempted to add my name, but I am a systems person and as such, very skeptical about listing personal information on the web. I guess today, the memorial page tugged at my heart, especially since just this morning I was preparing a blurb in my mind to list.  So, while remembering my friends from a time so long ago, I came across Arnelle Wetzler's memorial for Alan Reitkopf('69) and it broke my heart. Of all the boys in JHS 180, Alan was the kindest and most real. I never feared Alan rather, around him I remember feeling safe and protected.  May God rest his soul. Now, the one kid that terrorized me was Todd Masef. I am sure that today's Todd is well under control. I want to hear how the hell you are: Zoraida Suarez, Gail (the Bomb) Buntzis, Bonnie Blatt (I still cry because you did not go to Far Rock), Joanne Spallanzani, Mark Rosenberg, Ronald Soffer (my september love), Greg Foster (You still walk on water for me), Jeffrey Rubenstein(remember when you and Joel were filming Agent 007-the Rockaway sequel), David Pomerantz (did you make a million dollars yet?) and Richie Bey(some of my Rockaway relatives, I am afraid to admit, were on your TV show.)  Best Regards to All, Zaida.......PS...I  had occasion to talk on the phone with a very nice man from Far  Rockaway that I dated only once.   He caught up to me by way of your net site.   It was a hoot!  Thank you for keeping track of us from the bottom of my heart.

Cooperman, Stuart - - Great Neck, NY - Updated October, 2009

Cornfield, Cara (Golden) - - West Linn, OR

Crystal, Adrienne (Kaye) -  - Westport, CT

Curcio, Julie (Floyd) -  - Royal Palm Beach, FL

Curtis, Alice -  - New York, NY

D'agostino, Paul -  - Casselberry FL - Deceased, 2008

D'Avanzo, Steve -  - Meridian, ID

Davis, Barry -  - Houston, TX

Diamond, Lee -  - Ossining, NY
Website located at

Duffy, Sharon -  - Staten Island, NY

Dunaif, Donna -  - Portland, OR

Eadie, Elizabeth Jean (Rozema) - - Natick, MA

Eisenberg, Howard -  - Belle Harbor, NY

Eisenberg, Rona -  - Pine, CO

Ellman, Barbara - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Secaucus, NJ

Erdheim, Paul -  - Livingston, NJ

Factor, Stephen -  - Bronx, NY

Fagelson, Marc -  - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Faltz, Amy - - Lafayette, CA - Updated February, 2008

Fanara, Vivian (Campagna) - - East Williston, NY - Updated March, 2011

Faust, Mark - - Peoria, AZ - Updated April, 2008

Feldman, Sandie (Clark) -  - The Villages, FL

Fingerman, Dale S. (Lichtenstein) -  - Cross River, NY

Fink, Mike -  - Westbury, NY

Finkelstein, Joan (Cohen) - - Merrick, NY - Posted February, 2008

Finkelstein, Larry -  - Hollis Hills, NY

Flachner, Irwin 'Cal' - - Brooklyn, NY
I have many terrific memories of living in Far Rockaway. I hung out at B. 17th St. in the summer.  I used to caddy at Inwood Country Club, and I worked for a very short time at Wetson's.  Presently, I am a psychotherapist and I teach classes at NYU.

Folber, Louis -  - Maitland, FL
This is Louie Folber I graduated in 1969. I am looking for Sheila Seigel from Wavecrest. Can anybody help please.

Fomberstein, Barry -  - North Hills, NY

Ford, Maureen (Matty) -  - Elmont, NY

Fox, Judy (Lee) -  - Perth, Ontario, Canada

Freed, Gordon - - Raleigh, NC - Updated January, 2021
Thank you, Skip and Carol, for providing a great website. It has allowed us to share our Rockaway memories.  We need to continue to have access to our classmates and other information about Rockaway events and happenings.  The documentary film about Mets fans won BEST doc in the NJ film festival. I along with fellow 1969 grad, Sol Passik have a part in it. A DVD can be purchased. See: WWW.MATHEMATICALLYALIVE.COM    

Freedman, Jay -  - Clifton Park (Albany), NY

Friedman, Diane (Librera) - - Commack, NY - Posted January, 2009
I will mail whenever I can in the near future.

Frischman, Meri -  - New York, NY

Garber, Lesley (Vetter) -  - Coral Springs, FL
I think about Far Rockaway often, and miss too many to mention.  This was the best of times.

Garber, Stefanie -  - Miami, FL
I am looking for a friend named Gisela (aka Gerry) who went to St. Mary's and then to FRHS (1967). She moved out of parents' home and lived in city, studying to be a doctor. she had a sister Denise and brother Victor. Also looking for a girl who lived in my building on Neilson Ave., Lorraine Kammerer was name at the time, had two sisters, Dede (Denise) and Abby (Alice Jr). I can be emailed at

Gelbman, Linda (Levine) - - Lone Tree, CO - Updated February, 2010

Geltman, Alan -  - Charlotte, NC
Greetings from Carolina! I'd love to hear from the many friends and neighbors I had not only from FRHS, but from PS 42, JHS 198 and the Arverne, Edgemere, Nordeck community.  Moved to Rockaway in 1960. Lived in Nordeck, on Beach 57th Street. Started PS 42 (3rd grade) the day of Hurricane Donna. Attended Cardozo JHS 198 and of course, Far Rockaway. Worked at Morton's Army-Navy and Capri Beach Club. Graduated from the University of North Carolina and have remained in Dixie ever since. Live in Charlotte, NC, where I've been a Social Worker for 23+ years. Single, active, and still have nearly all my hair. Attended the Centenial Reunion last September and had a fantastic time with old friends and acquaintances. Would love to keep in touch ....


Glasner, Sol -  - Chevy Chase, MD

Glintz, Lewis -  - West Palm Beach, FL

Goldberg, Bonnie (Goldstein) -  - Bellmore, NY

Goldstein, Denise (Skeris) -  - Portsmouth, NH

Goldstein, Gail (Silver) -  - Coral Springs, FL
It's really great to hear from true friends, where time is not a barrier. Keep in touch, and I'll see you at the reunion.

Goldstein, Gary -  - Berkeley, CA

Goldstein, Jonathan -  - Georgetown (Bath), ME

Goldstein, William - - Greenwood, IN - Posted November, 2008

Goodman, Robert -  - Madison, CT
Hi class of '69. Mona '70 and I are well (yes, still married since '74.)  Mo is an elementary school principal. Just sold my business after 18 yrs. and went back to work for corp. America for a few more years. 3 kiddies; one lawyer, one financier, one college student  (golf pro). Hope you are well too.

Green, Gloria (Heitner) -  - Hollywood, FL

Green, Michele (Dolman) -  - Staten Island, NY

Greenbaum, Linda (Miller) - - New York, NY - Updated September, 2011

Greenstein, Mark -  - Gaithersburg, MD

Greenstein, Mark -  - Reunion, FL
A big hello to all FRHS alums from sunny Orlando. Great web site.

Grey, Fred -  - White Haven, PA

Grossman, Eileen (Cohen) - - Long Beach  NY

Gudinsky, Sherry (Isler) - - Sun City, AZ - Updated July, 2013

Halpern, Ken - - Margate, FL - Updated August, 2013

Hammer, Jack -  - Wantagh, NY

Handelsman, Shilo "Sheila" (Colohan) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Fountain Valley, CA
You may remember me as "Sheila" -- in case you're scratching your head in wonder. I've been "Shilo" for more years than I've been the former. In any event, it would be wonderful to hear from voices of the past, so feel free to send words or thoughts my way. Hope you're all doing fantastically well.

Haratz, Judy (Cohen) - - Woodmere, NY

Herman, Mitchell - - Morganville , NJ

Hermelin, Beth -  - New York, NY

Herr, Norma (Hietarinta) -  - Sweden

Hirsch, Deborah (Taylor) -  - Vancouver, B.D., Canada

Hirsch, Jonathan -  - Oceanside, NY
I recently ran into Ron Weitzman at the New York Restaurant and Food show.  We are both "foodies." Ron looks good, especially for a 50 year old (LOL).  Probably my most memorable thoughts are of being a Rockawayite!

Horn, Shelli (Zimmerman) -  - Bellmore, NY

Horvitz, Garry -  - Shoreline, WA

Hung, Jeanet (SooHoo) - - Howard Beach, NY - Updated February, 2010

Imberman, Stuart -  - Sunrise, FL

Isaacs, Eddie - - Forest Hills, NY Website:

Jacobs, Dale -  - Conshohocken, PA

James, Lorna (Sides) -  - Lake County, CA
I would enjoy hearing from old high school friends.

Kahn, Ellen (Blockley) -  - Mill Valley, CA

Kaminsky Davis, Paula, (Davis) -  - Sands Point, NY
Wow, what a great site, thanks for doing this. I would love to know what happened to my best friend Sharon Meyrowitz class of 69, I heard she went to Florida, but that’s all. Also Jon Sargent, class of 67. I live in Port Washington, NY with my husband of 21 years and two teen sons. It is amazing how time has flown by, my sons only want details of my teen years which I refuse to give them.... maybe when they are 35. Since I graduated early in January, really feel like I  missed out terribly on senior memories, was there a prom or graduation party? I have been to reunions and love to see and hear about people from the good ole daze!

Kapell, Deborah -  - Brooklyn, NY

Kaplan, Cliff - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Far Rockaway, NY

Karp, Michael -  - Big Bear Lake, CA

Katz, Linda (Sullivan) -  - Hampton Bays, NY


Katzel, Fran (Kitchell) -  - Edison, NJ

Kaye, Alan -  - New York, NY

Kelleher, Rosemary -  - Belle Harbor, NY
Visit her website at

Keller, Marc - - Villanova, PA - Updated March, 2009

Kessler, Elliot -  - Selden, NY

Kinstler, Beth -  - Savannah, GA
I live in Savannah Georgia and Hendersonville, NC and commute between the two.  My husband is full time in NC.  I am an antique and residential contents appraiser and estate liquidator and auctioneer.  I remember standing at the bus stop at B. 133rd St. in the middle of winter with Ann Reichsman, Lisa Macklis, Margie Meyers, Mickey Goshen, and lots of other people freezing my buns off.  Was invited to Ann Reichsman's 50th but could not go.  Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.  Website:

Kirshner, Richard -  - Brooklyn, NY

Klass, Evan -  - Roslyn, NY

Klein, Howard -  - Bardonia, NY

Kletter, Fred -  - Oceanside, NY

Klinger, Joel - - Verona, NJ - Posted March, 2008

Kogut, Rene (Roth) - - Roslyn, NY

Konecky, Stuart -  - Oceanside, NY

Kotliar, Dave -  - Dix Hills, NY
This year will be 30 years since I graduated. Can't wait to see some my former classmates. Any 69 graduates. Please E-mail me.

Kravitz, Phyllis (Leff) - - Wantagh, NY - Updated July, 2008

Krell, Leslie (Moses) -  - Yonkers, NY


Kronenberg, Scott - - Eugene, OR

Landau, Robert -  - North Potomac, MD

Landberg, William -  - New York, NY

Landow, Paula -  - Hertfordshire, England

Landy, Jan -  - Los Angeles, CA

Lassin, June (Feldman) -  - Thousand Oaks, CA
Where are all my old (oops!) friends from FRHS and Belle Harbor? Growing up at the beach WAS best. I guess we're all seriously connected to that smelly salt air, sandy toe-jams, and the 'schmuck-schmuck-schmuck' of the gulls. I used to think 131st street to 146th street was an enormous journey. (Let alone the HOUR bus ride and MILE TREK to HS). I TRULY miss that cozy little world!  I've been living in Southern California for 25 years although I love CA...I'll take Rockaway's beach over any of California's rocky, lumpy, shell-starved sand and FRRRRRR-eeeezing water any day. Married for 24 years to Michael. Have 2 great boys...almost completely grown at 23 and 20 years old. Miss you ...and wish you all the best.

Lassinger, Liora (Stuart) - - Miller Place, NY

Lattimer, Leroy (Rick) -  - Winter Springs, FL

Leinwand, Cindy (May) -  - Syosset, NY

Lerner, Cliff -  - Spofford, NH

Levi, Richard -  - Woodmere, NY

Levine, Nancy (Friedman) -  - Huntington, NY
Terrific site. There was nothing like growing up in Belle Harbor and Neponsit. P.S.114, JHS 180, FRHS. Our lives were really like an extended vacation. The beach, punchball, stickball, stoopball and just hanging out. We didn't know just how really good we had it. Hopefully we have all benefited from our very unique experience.

Levitan, Ronald - - Brooklyn, NY - Updated February, 2008

Levitt, Sheila (Cohen) -  - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Levokove, Anna (Luca) - Freehold, NJ - Deceased

Levy, Helene (Rosen) -  - Fresh Meadows, NY

Lewis, Stuart - - Leesburg, VA - Updated June, 2011

Lichtenstein, Alan D. -  - Cross River, NY

Liebman, Susan (Schlaff) -  - Woodsburgh, NY

Linet, Penny (Safane) -  - Ringwood, NJ

Lipshutz, Marion -  - Brooklyn, NY
Post Far Rockaway H.S. achievements:  embracing second wave feminism, earning a master's in anthropology (labor of love) and another in library and information science (labor of pragmitism); savoring good memories and working through the bad memories of snobbishness and bullying and principal's repression.

Litt, Karen (Holland) - - Juno Beach, FL - Updated November, 2008

Luckman, Robin (Gold) -  - Hewlett, NY
I am still here!!!!!!!!

Lusthaus, Rachel (Scharf) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Bellmore, NY

Macklis, Elissa (Stanton, Lisa) -  - Costa Mesa CA
This website is amazing--seems as though high school were another lifetime.  I still have my yearbook and go through it occasionally so I can place the names with the faces. The reunion in '99 at Tavern on the Green was incredible. If anyone lives in southern California, send me an e-mail,  I'd love to hear from you.

Mahl, Charles -  - Louisville, KY

Mangat, Sukhdip - - Island Park, NY

Marasco, Diane (Stelling) -  - West Milford, NJ

Marcus, Sue (Rauch) -  - Morganville, NJ

Mastorides, Katherine (Murray) -  - Arlington, VA

Mausner, Sandy - - Corte Madera, CA - Updated February, 2008


Menashe, Elaine -  - New York, NY

Menschel, Michael  -  - Far Rockaway, NY

Meyers, Marjorie -  - McLean, VA

Morris, Jacalyn -  - Roslyn, NY

Moss, Lawrence -  - New York, NY

Mutchnick, Steven -  - Plantation, FL
Have been in Fla. 32 years. Winding down psychotherapy practice. Started janitorial/restaurant supply business. Married to a great gal for last seven years. Starting playing hoops again last year. Still have game at 58+.Will always be a Yankee fan. Look me up if you visit Ft. Lauderdale.   Ciao- Munchy

Naimark, Esther (Held) -  - Oceanside, NY

Nathan, Frank - - Northbrook, IL - Updated October, 2009

Natofsky, Paula (Parker) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Staten Island, NY

Needleman, Barbara -  - Hollywood, FL

Neuman, Judy (Cunningham) -  - Forest Hills, NY

Odenz, Jackie (Melzer) -  - Oceanside, NY - Updated November, 2010

Oshinsky, Eileen - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Rhinebeck, NY

Oshinsky, Mark -  - Melville, NY
Website located at

Peress, Sheila -  - Tucson, AZ

Pincus, Bruce -  - Fairfax, VA

Pine, Dan  - Stamford, CT

Platz, Matt -  - Columbus, OH
My website is located at:

Printz, Robin (Solomon) -  - Commack, NY

Propsis, Abby (Simms) -  - Chevy Chase, MD

Queen, Nitza -  - Mt. Vernon, NY 
Married and 1 son

Rabinowitz, Sandy - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Elmont, NY

Raider, Robert -  - Woodmere, NY

Raines, Ilene (Brown) -  - Long Beach, NY

Reichsman, Ann -  - Cleveland Heights, OH

Reinstein, Howie -  - Los Angeles, CA

Riback, Janis (Strasser) -  - Ridgewood, NJ

Roberts, Sharon (Spencer) -  -  Oneonta, NY
Did not graduate with class.  Left in June of 68. Took GED.  However, used to keep in touch with many class mates until I moved out of Rockaway in 1987.  I worked in St. John's Home for Boys until 1986.

Roché, Denise (Robinson) - - Rochester, NY - Updated July, 2014
An award winning website to be sure! Thank you for all  your hard work. I am from the class of 1969 with fond memories of JHS 198; P.S. 105 and life in Edgemere in the 60's. Looking for my pals: Jeannette Zarovsky; Janice Igoe;  Janie and Annie Tuohey.  Favorite Book: The Bible. Love being a fulltime homemaker.  As I look through the photos and read the comments, I feel the bittersweet emotions of happiness mixed with melancholy for those years of carefree childhood. I thank God for the life I had then and the life He has blessed me with now. I had the privilege of growing up in Arverne from the early to late 60s. Attended PS 105, JHS 198 and graduated from FRHS in 1969. Hope to hear from past friends--and enemies. :)

Rodriguez, Gisela -  - Vernon, CT

Rome, Linda (Backerman) -  - Vancouver, B.C.
I enjoy reading and viewing the great times we had in Rockaway and the projects. Does anyone remember the Murray the K rock and roll events?  Keep up the great web site.

Romm, Alan -  - Rockaway Park, NY

Rosen, Deborah (Goldsmith) -  - Merrick, NY

Rosen, Dianne (Pallmerine) -  - Burlington, VT

Rosenberg, Joel -  - Woodmere, NY
Selected by Fox Sports Net as the Ultimate Mets Fan.

Rosenberg, Karen (Leitner) - - North Woodmere, NY - Posted November, 2008

Rosenberg, Mark -  - Cedarhurst, NY

Rosenblum, Connie (Endick) -  - Cooper City, FL

Ross, Allyne (Anderson) -  - Ft. Mitchell, KY

Ross, Lenore (Shalom) -  - Merrick, NY

Rovak, Michael - - Katy, TX - Updated January, 2008  
I was the guy who played the violin.  Feel free to contact me and show me that true diversity includes me!

Mike, wife Mary, son Aaron, daughter Lisa, and my other genius, Hesshie (golden retriever / German shepherd)

Rubin, Marilyn "Mickey" (Lawrence-Newman) - 1969 -  - New York, NY
Didn't know this site existed. I sent five dollars to Far Rock High 5 years ago and never heard from anyone. I thought our class was lost. Great that you are putting together this web site. I found you through Eileen Oshinsky who located me last week. Never heard about the reunion-it was a surprise to me.

Rubenstein, Ira -  - Rockaway Park, NY
Hope to hear from alumni from 1969.

Rubenstein, Marian (Paris) -  - Novato, CA

Rubenstein, Paul (the guitarist) -  - Oak Park, CA

Rubinstein, Paul - - Boynton Beach, FL - Updated April, 2010

Russell, Stephen - - Scottsdale, AZ

Russo, Christine (Nagel) -  - Roanoke, VA

Rutman, Oscar - - Massapequa, NY

Saldinger, Lester -  - Plainview, NY

Sandman, Laurie (Hurwitz) -  - Scottsdale, AZ
Hi everyone: I guess people were trying to find me-my married name is Hurwitz and I live just outside of Scottsdale, AZ with my husband of 16 « years-no children but lots of cats and several parrots. I'm in the software business and do a lot of travelling-mostly in the U.S.-my current territory is 17 states-everything west of the Mississippi up to the states not touching water. I would love to hear from you all out there. I couldn't figure out how to get this posted on the 1969 page so I hope people see this email. My email address is I would love to hear from you.

Sanger, Robin -  - Voorhees, NJ

Savitch, Joel - - Coconut Creek, FL - Updated August, 2022
I am updating my listing. I am still living in Florida with both my wives. I lived in Rockaway between 51st street and 71st street most of my life. Went to PS 42, 105, and 215 and even went to Yeshiva of South Shore for a short time. I was really "out of the loop" socially. Academically, just got by. Great memories however. After FRHS, I attended Woodstock and bounced back to NY for a year or so until finally settling in Florida permanently. I finally found my future in the medical field. Became a Nurse Practitioner then an MD. Traveled most everywhere internationally and am curious to look up old friends, now that the internet has made it possible. E-mail me for my home phone number.

Schatz, Debby (Glinkenhouse) -  - North Woodmere, NY

Schein, Alvin -  - New York, NY

Schenendorf, Barbara -  - New York, NY

Schnabel, Ann (Simon) -  - Cherry Hills, NJ

Schnur, Jackie (Bier) -  - South Setauket, NY

Schor, Stuart -  - New York, NY

Schulman, Philip -  - Far Rockaway, NY

Schwartz, Kathryn (Cavalcante) -  - Las Vegas, NV - Updated December, 2012
This is a great site, it gives me a chance to keep in touch with old friends.  As a resident of Ft. Lauderdale, the site has allowed me to stay in touch with old friends.  Keep up the good work!!  Kathy

Segal, Donald -  - New City, NY

Shapiro, Dale Joan (Young) -  - Scarsdale, NY

Shapiro, Gail (Hashmall)  -  - Wantagh, NY

Shawlson, David -  - Akron, OH

Sheinman, Alan -  - Woodmere, NY

Shell, Martin -  - Newton, MA

Sherman, Bruce -  - Woodmere, NY

Shulman, Patti (Malings) -  - Bayside, NY

Siegel, Pamela (Wild) - - Chestnut Ridge, NY - Updated January, 2014

Siegel, Sheila -  - Bellmore, NY

Silverberg, Lisa - - Cohoes NY
Thank you so much for all the work you have done.  I was in Rockaway this weekend with my husband and 2  children showing them where I grew up; the beach, PS 42, JHS198 and FRHS. Even  Derech Emonah, which is still there, in shambles, but was conducting Friday night services in the basement!    My children are living such a different life in upstate NY and they cannot comprehend the incredible childhood we had in Rockaway.  We were so lucky to have had the incomparable splendour of the small town atmosphere by the beach, yet still so close to the big city.   I still dream about it!!!  Thank you for keeping all those memories alive with your website.

Simmons, Dwight -  - Brooklyn, NY

Smith, Debbie -  - Rockaway Park, NY

Soffer, Ronnie - - Agoura Hills, CA
Thank you all for being part of the best years of my life.


Soltan, Howard -  - East Meadow, NY

Spergel Ronny - Send Me Your Current Email Address - East Meadow, NY

Stambler, Leonard - - Baldwin Harbor, NY - Posted August, 2008

I first came across this website by accident about a year ago. Tried 3 email addresses and 2 people answered me back. Came across it again and since I have a lot of time on my hands I figured it was time to sign up. I grew up on beach 43rd st, so I was somewhat socially isolated. During college we moved into Bayswater. I graduated from Brooklyn College, hung around there taking classes for another year. I then went to the Brooklyn College of Pharmacy, graduated and became a pharmacist. Shortly thereafter, I went to medical school in Mexico. Just moved from Hewlett to Baldwin Harbor. Wouldn't mind hearing from old friends.

Starkman, Gale (Blattman) -  - Phoenix AZ

Stauber, Larry -  - New Rochelle, NY

Stefel, Barrie -  - Parkland, FL

Stern, Jenny - - New York, NY - Updated April, 2008

Stern, Joel - - East Longmeadow, MA

Sternhell, Mary -  - Belle Harbor, NY

Stuminski, Susan (Peterman) -  - Coral Springs, FL - Deceased, 2005

Swiedler, Alan -  - New York, NY

Tannenbaum, Allen -  - Smyrna, GA

Tanner, David -  - Carmel, NY

Tanner, Robin (Melman) -  - Carmel, NY

Tartakoff, Dale - - Poway, CA - Updated January, 2009
If you come to San Diego, let us know!    Website:

Taruskin, Ray - - Brooklyn, NY - Updated March, 2012

Taska, James (Jimmy) -  - Inwood, NY

Tavlin, Steven - - New York, NY

Teitelbaum, Elliot - - Hauppauge, NY - Updated September, 2011

Telles, Marcy -  - San Rafael, CA

Terlinsky, David -  - Cedarhurst, NY

Texler, Mike -  - Minneapolis, MN

Thompson, Deborah (Mundell) - - Lake Worth, FL - Updated September, 2009

Tolin, Joan (Frank) -  - Winston-Salem, NC
I loved living in Rockaway.  I have lots of great memories.

Tolan, Rochelle (McKeen) -  - Baldwin NY
Calling all classmates from class of '69; would love to hear from you.  Especially Darlene and mates from "Gods Little Acre," Broad Channel.  Pat Saris, where are you?

Traum, Martin -  - Springfield, NJ

Turbin, Gwynne (Shugarman) -  - Clearwater, FL
What a wonderful discovery this site was. I was missing Belle Harbor and keyed it in hoping to see photos. I have CML, doing well, and often miss my days in Belle Harbor, that wonderful smell when midway over the Marine Parkway Bridge towards home. Thanks for everything on this site and all of the links.

Valley, Clare -  - Hanapepe, Kauai, HI

Vise, Cathy (Anthony) - - Rockaway, NY - Updated September, 2009

Vise, Ilayne (Sheinman) -  - Woodmere, NY

Voulgarakis, James - – Saint James , NY - Updated January, 2014
Website located at

Waitzman, Ronald -  - Rockaway Park, NY

Waldman, Rosalind (Berman) -  - Maui, HI

Waldman, Rosalind (Rozie) -  - Maui, HI

Weber, Bruce -  - Sunnyside, NY

Weinberg, Winkler -  - Marietta, GA
Would love to hear from you!  Wink Weinberg (

Weinman, Donna - - Washougal, WA - Updated January, 2011

Weir, Richard -  - Biscayne Park,  FL
Glad to be here. It's nice to see that the awareness of the Rockaway alumni  is so clear putting this web together to unify all the cadets out there.

Weiss, Susan (Berry) - - New York NY
Moved back to NYC 5 years ago after living most of my adult life in Ann Arbor, MI.

Weiss, Willie -  - Glastonbury, CT

Wen, John - - Rockville Centre, NY - Updated November, 2009

Wernick, Ellen J. (Rubin) - – Herndon , VA
Fond memories of FRHS and Belle Harbor ! I live in Fairfax Cty, VA with my wonderful husband, Michael, software engineer, and cute little Yorkie, Jazz. I have 2 amazing children, Erin, veterinarian; Barry, film maker. Love making jewelry, polymer clay, chain maille, PMC, and have a jewelry business. My heart felt sympathy and compassion for all who suffered the tragedies that jolted the Rockaways.

Wetzler, Arnelle (Brown-Booker) -   Las Vegas, NV

Wilenchik, Dennis -  - Paradise Valley, AZ

Wolf, Richard - - Saint Cloud, FL - Deceased, 2007
I grew up in the 1960's, lived at 20-04 and 20-26 Wave Crest Gardens Apts. Went to Elementary & Junior High Schools there, and moved to Florida in 1970.  I miss Far Rockaway more than anyone could imagine!  I miss you all, and love you all !

Wolk, Myra -  - Far Rockaway, NY

Yessner, Randy - - Brooklyn, NY - Deceased, 2007

Yuzik, Richard -  - Howard Beach, NY

Zahler, Howie -  - Forest Hills, NY

Zeitlin, Barry -  - Delray Beach, FL

Zenreich, Michael -  - New York, NY


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