Graduates From Rockaway In 1970

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Matt Issman, Class of 1970, joins us from Mandeville, LA and writes the following.


 Just found out about your website on Monday (3/1), and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Here are some of my memories.

 I graduated Far Rockaway HS in 1970, went to John Jay College in Manhattan for 2 years and then moved away from Far Rockaway, and never returned except for infrequent visits. My parents moved to Jersey in 1976, and I got transferred to New Orleans in 1979, so I had very little reason to bring me back. I did attend an all-class reunion held in the HS gymnasium in Sept ??1988, and really enjoyed seeing and talking to many of my former classmates and friends, many of whom I hadn't seen since moving out of the area in 1973. I drove my wife by the High School to show her the area, as she was from upstate NY and didn't like the "city", and seeing the broken and boarded up windows (NYC couldn't afford to fix broken windows!) which dominated the building, she assumed the building had been abandoned, and told me how sorry she was that my HS had been closed and abandoned!

I moved to Far Rockaway from Flatbush, Brooklyn, with my parents in 1957 (I was 5) and remember feeling that I was now living in the country, with trees and grass and beautiful beaches. I didn't feel like we were in NYC, and Lord knows the City treated us like we weren't a part of it!

 I remember having a choice of 3 different movie theatres in Far Rockaway (the PIX, and ???), as well as bowling at the old, noisy, rickety Arcade Bowling Alley above the stores on Beach 20th Street (above Grants), which closed soon after Falcaro's opened in Lawrence. Friends of my parents had a bungalow on Bch 27th Street and I remember spending alot of time during the summer months visiting with them. How great it was to walk or ride my bike on the boardwalk, get some of Jerry's Knishes, or ride the scooter cars. When I was old enough, I worked evenings and summers for Nat Faber's Arcade and Fascination, which was across the street from Playland.

 When I first got my drivers license, I remember gassing up at the Crown gas station, next to Wetsons, when gas was 24.9 cents a gallon. We (myself, Steve Eisenberg) would chip in a dollar each and we could drive all night. I drove a cab for my neighbor on weekends and summers for the 4-4's (327-4444) or 4-7's (327-7777) cab services to make pocket money, and it was also a great way to meet people and learn the area. Besides all my part-time jobs, I also worked in my dad's business, Wavecrest Cleaners, at 525 Bch 25th Street (Bch. 25th and the EL).

 Rockaway was such a great place to grow up in the 50's, 60's and 70's, a more innocent time. Dances at the "Y", the jukebox and sodas and malts at Ellies and Phils luncheonette, birthday parties at Pickwick, hanging out in front of Gino's Pizza, all a part of growing up in Far Rockaway.

Matt can be reached at

Thanks so much Matt for writing and sharing you memories of Rockaway. I lived on 27th Street and Seagirt Blvd. and spent every summer day walking up Beach 27th Street to the beach. I'm sure I must have passed you and your summer friend's bungalow many times. Do you remember that there was also a knish place on the boardwalk around 27th Street? Not sure if it was a Jerry's anex. I also spent every summer Sunday morning watching the men play softball in the parking lot ball field on 29th street right off the boardwalk. I haven't thought about that in years. Thanks for the memories. How about a few photos?????

Updated on November 27, 2006 - I have moved back to N'Awlins. The ambiance of this city has been beckoning me back since we left in 1989. Please encourage your elected representatives to visit here and see that the rebuilding is far from complete.  

Lori Friedman, Class of 1970, joins us from Westminster, MD and writes the following.

Well, hi to all my friends who graduated from Far Rock in 1970. I too have wonderful memories of growing up on the beach in Rockaway. It seems to me that a 7 year old kid could go to the beach or boardwalk, or even to Central Ave. without any fears at all. I went to PS 215, PS 106 and back to 215. I remember Ms. Eskridge, Mr. Gutus, Mr. Tillem and finding out about President Kennedy one miserable day in 1963. I was, and still am, a huge Beatles fan. Lenore Behar and a few others of us went to see "A Hard Day's Night" at the Pix, and I worked, as a teen for a year or so at the Pix and Columbia theaters. I lived in Wave Crest, on B. 32nd, B. 34th and B. 12th. I was active in Leader's Club, and had an awesome serve in volley ball.

When I left NY after attending QCC for a term, I joined the Navy....that is how I ended up in Maryland. I hope everyone is well. I will love my memories of Far Rock for ever. The time has gone by so very fast, but no matter how many years go by nothing can alter the pure joy of the memories of building forts in the snow, bicycling down the boardwalk, and watching Wed. Night fire works. Here's to all of us who were lucky enough to know what Rockaway really was like.

Lori can be reached at

Andy Feldman, Class of 1970, joins us from Belle Harbor, NY and writes the following.

Lived on 122nd - went to PS 114 then to JHS 180 then FRHS where I spent more time at Ellies than in my classroom; played football, former professional musician, playing drums and vocals; finally joined the establishment and have to wear a suit and tie (yuch!) Married - 2 girls/4 cats.

Andy can be reached at

Susan (Wilsker) Brownstein, Class of 1970, joins us from Lindenhurst, New York and writes the following.

Hi Skip!

I have finally finished compiling my Rockaway "memories" and wanted to share them with everyone.This is the greatest idea. Thank you for bringing us old "Rockaway-ites" back together in cyberspace and thanks to my husband who insisted we subscribe to the internet!

I graduated in 1970 but you might know my cousin, Steve Wilsker, who I believe graduated in 1963. My husband grew up in Massapequa and S. Merrick and refers to Far Rock as"another planet". If he only knew what a great place it was to grow up in, the way it used to be. We first lived in Sheldon Terrace, then Wavecrest Gardens (20-38 Seagirt Blvd.). I remember going to all 3 building on our side of the terrace on Halloween. Boy, did we get a ton of candy! The "terrace" was great for bikeriding, jumproping, hopscotch and "scully". In 1962 we moved to Grassmere Terrace, across from P.S. 215. I visited the old neighborhood about 10 years ago and was so depressed to see the way it changed. My parents moved to Woodmere in 1974 (father, Butzie, graduated FRHS in 1944).

Now for some memories...I remember going to birthday parties in the back room of Pickwick on Central Ave., probably the only place anyone ever had BD parties outside of home. They were always the same: burgers, fries and ice cream sundaes with a jukebox playing in the background. Everyone sat at a long table. As a teen, I spent every Saturday with my friends going from Gino's to Carvel next store. I remember all of us seeing the first Beatles movies in town, sitting in the front row screaming!! I also remember Colony Cards (owned by family friends, the Horns), Neveloffs and Dr. Cheron, the only optometrist (I think) in town who carried all the "latest" frames for those of us who needed them. I recall Food Fair, Maxi the cop and yes, Crazy Eddie, who never wore a jacket, claiming he had "insulated skin". I remember Wetson's hamburger stand, the "McDonald's" of Far Rockaway.

I loved going to the window painting contests every Election Day during Junior High (I went to 198) where Ellen and Ann Sherman and Bayer Lee always participated. There was nothing like the Rockaway boardwalk with all the food and game concessions and fireworks. I can still smell Jerry's knishes.

In H.S. I was a member of the Iota Gamma Phi sorority and still recall going out of town with them for Muscular Dystrophy conventions. I took piano lessons from Mr. Marcus and when I was very young, took dance lessons from Miss Glady. We were members of Temple Emanuel where my brother Michael (class of 1973)was Bar Mitzvahed and I was confirmed by Rabbi Lowenheim. He also performed my wedding ceremony in 1982!

I noticed that the Far Rock H.S. pages have the most activity of any high schools listed. I think it's because so many of us have fond memories of a place that virtually no longer exists and we want to connect with others with whom we can reminisce. I envy the people I've met in Lindenhurst, where I now reside. Most of them grew up here and are raising their families here as well. If Rockaway had remained as nice as it was, I would have loved to raise my son there.

The years since then have surely passed quickly. It's awesome to realize that by the time of the 100th reunion, I will be 45 years old! After being a stay-at-home mom for 9 years (working only part-time in a nursery school), I finally decided what I want to be when I "grow up" and have almost completed my first year of Graduate School for special education.

My active, 9 year old son is a real "Wilsker" athlete, but I don't think I'll ever be anxious for him to play football!

If I can dig up some pictures, I will be sure to E-mail them. Meanwhile, I'd love to hear from any former schoolmates. Thanks.

Susan can be reached at

Thanks Susan for the wonderful memories. I'd forgotten about Neveloffs and Colony Cards. You're right about Rockaway being a wonderful place to grow up. I think we all feel that way. I hope you can send a photo or two for the web site. If you know of anyone who has any photos of the boardwalk from any decade, I would love to have them.

Andrea Herman Perry, Class of 1970, joins us from New York, New York and writes the following.


I am in tears of joy and sadness that I have found this web page. It sure does bring back fond memories, and wish that Far Rockaway, and Bayswater didn't change so much.

I am a 1970 graduate of FHS, and went to P.S.104, and JHS180. My sister Maxine (Herman) Manara and I toured the old town and we cried. So much waste and rubble. I am looking for my closest friend since 1964, and hadn't seen her since 1973. Her name is Rita Beldock. I had left word around the internet for lost people, but hopefully this site will do the trick.

Thank you so much for the great cry I've had, and my heart does feel lighter. If anyone in 1970 class remembers me, please write.

Andrea can be reached at

Thanks to Andrea for writing. I had the same reaction when visiting several years ago. About the only thing that reamined the same was the great taste of Gino's pizza.

Nina Hirtz Meadows, Class of 1970, joins us from Davie, Florida and writes the following.


 My parents left Rockaway the summer of my Junior year for North Miami Beach, Florida. It was a depressing time not being able to spend Senior year with all my friends. Memories of Far Rock sustained me for a long time! I was able, late at nite, to pick up WABC and listen to Cousin Brucie and be transported.....while I was only 11 when the clip you attached was recorded, it still brought chills!

 You have done a fantastic job on the site and have brought back many thoughts, memories, smiles and tears. While we cannot go back to those great times we all had, your updates have brought the bittersweet. Cheers to you and all you're doing!!!! 

Nina can be reached at

Aaronson, Rhonda (Glickman) - - Lynbrook, NY

Abrams, Jo Ann (Abrams/Goldstein) -  - Royal Palm Beach, FL

Alpert, Michele (Garashi-Ellick) - - Hendersonville, NC - Updated January, 2016

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Berman Leslie - - Woodmere, NY - Updated March, 2010
I have very fond memories of Far Rockaway High School and the town as well.  My grandparents moved from the Bronx to Far Rockaway originally for summers only, but when my parents married they chose Far Rockaway for permanent living and I and all my siblings were born there. It was an idyllic place to grow up. I have been seeking my own private Far Rockaway ever since I left it in 1970.

Berman, Trude (Schwartz) -  - Columbus, NJ

Bernstein, Analee  (Sternberg) -  - Forest Hills, NY
This site is absolutely wonderful!  It brings back so many memories of high school and Far Rockaway.  I would love to hear from my classmates  from 1970 class. It seems like yesterday and not over 30 years ago!

Billig, Melinda -  -Yonkers, NY

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Camba, Gregorio (George) -  or  - Conyers, GA
Will the Class of 1970 PLEASE SIGN IN.. I never thought to look up this site till now. I am glad I did.

Caplan, Steven -  - Tamarac, FL

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Clark, Robert - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Coram, NY
Would like to know if anyone is doing or has done anything in the music field in a pro or semi-pro level. Would love to chat.

Cohen, Alan B. -  - Pleasanton, CA
Congratulations on getting this together. I look forward to hearing from friends from Far Rockaway.

Cohen, Corrine (Schlessel) - Wantagh, NY

Cohen, Sharon (Halperin) - - Cherry Hill, NJ

Cohen, Sheri (Parmann) -  - North Miami Beach, FL  
Would love to catch up with any or all people who lived in Dayton Beach Park and surrounding areas.

Conn, Toni - - San Diego, CA - Posted April, 2008
I went back last year to see the sun rise as it had for me as a child. Magical moments. All my family lived in Arverne dating back to the 20's. The core of my being was formed there and laid dormant in my cells. I hadn't seen the Rockaways since 1969 or so. I had a dream once that i was at a a flash of a moment all the beaches I had ever seen came back to me. This beach had large stretches of sand. A white buffalo came charging out of the waves with great force. I was astonished. when I looked around me I knew that I was at Beach 60th where my grandparents lived. It was powerful dream. Last year i journeyed back to my first neighborhood. It was a thrill to see the sun rise in the same place again. It is nice to read that so many of you appreciated the wonder and beauty that was all around us. Good fortune.

David, Barry -  - Lancaster, PA

Derck, Ken -  - Massapequa Park, NY

Desatnick, Alan -  - Franklin Park, NJ

Deutsch, Leni (Puccio) -  - Longwood, FL

Dickesheid, Daniel -  - Rockaway Park, NY
Proud to be a graduate of FRHS...was a very highly rated academic & sports school during my time there. Went on from there to have 2 shots with the NY Yankees (although never made the pros.. Retired from Wall Street in 95. Glad to find this web site, and hope to hear from some former friends. Would appreciate finding some photos in the future. Have fond memories of Mr. Davies (History), Mrs. Zaretski (fish net stockings) etc...

Dinep, Edward (Fishman) -  - Charles Town, WV

Doman, Rosalind (Klein) -  - New York, NY

Druskin, Robert - - Saugerties, NY
I would have been in the class of 1970 had I not dropped out but I am looking for people I went to school with and thought this site would help me find them so if anyone remembers me please write to me.

Duberstein, Linda - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Sunrise, FL

Eimer, Bruce -  - Huntingdon Valley, PA

Eisenberg, Steve -  or  - Jamesburg, NJ
Looking for old friends to get in touch with.

Eskenazi, Myron -  - Forest Hills, NY

Fallik, Mitch - - Albuquerque, NM - Updated March 2011
I went to a Florida Breakfast  back in November, 2000 and would like to say if anyone hasn't gone to one,  you must go. It was really very unique and if I was still in Florida I would most definitely go to all of them.

Fein, Jill (Ziff) -  - Elmhurst, NY

Feldman, Andy -  - Belle Harbor, NY

Feller, Bruce -  - Portland, OR
I went to the 100th Reunion and loved it. Rockaway was a great place to grow up.

Fernandez, John -  - Far Rockaway, NY
Hi Skip,  Great site! After JHS 198, I attended East N.Y. Voc&Tech H.S. Most of my classmates from 198 and P.S.42 went to FRHS and would be from the Class of 1970.  After high school I enlisted in the Army and lost contact with many of my classmates and friends. I was always playing ball at the P.S.42 school yard. I used to live on Bayfield Ave.& 65st. If you remember me please drop me a line.

Ferrand-Carroll, Karen (Carroll) -  - Chester, CT
Before moving to CT I spent several years on the islands of the Pacific and the Washington DC area. I also wish I would have overcome my shyness during my high school years, social interaction was a very hard thing for me at that time. Those of you who might had thought me a snob since I was not very outgoing, I never wanted to make that impression.

Foster, Karen (Silver) -  - Plano, TX
The tragedy of 9/11 made me nostalgic for NY...too bad it took something that horrific!!! I'm currently living in Dallas, TX selling real estate. High school seems like a milion years much has happened to us all. Would love to hear from any of my classmates...those who remember me and those that don't. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.--Karen

Friedman, Lori -  - Westminster, MD

Friedman, Robert - Bronx, NY - Deceased

Gallagher, Patti -  - Chandler, AZ
It is much appreciated that you who have contacted me and kept in touch, have been a part of the precious memories.  The school, the town and the experiences, are here in my heart and mind. A special thank you to Gary Jansen and his family for my Xmas gift of this membership..THANKS BIG GUY!! I hope that the time will come when we can find each and every one of our friends. Love and peace to all....Patti.... OH yes..I am still a wise*ss

Giovaniello, Valerie (Benardone) -  - New Hyde Park, NY

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Goldberg, Terry (Degatano) -  - White Plains, NY
My younger sister Sue discovered this site totally by accident , and I am thrilled she did (it is a great site), especially since it appears some wonderful former classmates are attempting to get us together for the prom we never had. Hope they are successful, it would be great to see people I haven't seen in 33 years, and also those I have seen from time to time. Would love hearing from and about old friends and classmates and sharing stories about our lives since FRHS!

Goldman, Ilene -  - Staten Island, NY

Goldman, Mike -  - East Rockaway, NY

Goodman, Brian -  - Long Beach, NY

Gordon, David - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Plainview, NY

Grafstein, Ann -  - Levittown, NY

Gray, Neil -  - Bridgewater, NJ

Greenman, Michael (now Michael Robbins) -  or - Duluth, GA
Hey there!  I changed my last name back in 1976.  In high school I was Michael Greenman.  For those of you that knew me, well I'm still playing music quite a bit, although these days it's mostly traditional Irish music.  (I missed the FRHS 20th reunion because I had to play a gig with the Indigo Girls that night)  Check out our new site at    Hope to hear from some of you!

Grossman, Francine -  - Framingham, MA

Grossman, Terry - - Canton, GA
Alive and well in Georgia. Be well have fun god bless

Grossman, Terry - - Palm Bay, FL - Updated March, 2011
I taught auto mechanics at FRHS from 1983 to 1999.

Guber, Beth (Rubenfeld) -  - Oviedo, FL
I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me from hs and graduated 1969, 1970 or 1971.

Gurian, Donna -  - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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Heifetz, Laurie (Gross) - - Thousand Oaks, CA

Heller, Karen (Walz) -  - Waltham, MA
It was quite a surprise to find this site. I recognize some names, remember some individuals. I had a special circle of friends, one of whom is also in New England, about a half-hour from me, and we're the closest of friends! I remember us girls winning the right to wear slacks to school, and the time we closed up for the day to march against the war in Viet Nam--Leon Eckstein practically led the way! There was no prom that year, as it was considered passe and even sexist (the beginning throes of women's lib and feminism!). My teachers included Georges Derrien, Ms. (First Name?) Bernstein, also for French, Sylvia Stark, Mrs. Roth (I think--for Chemistry), Mr. Ponemon, Carl Field, Fred Ruff, a young alum, Bill Something (help me out!) for algebra and trig, Mrs. Michaelson (I think) for geometry, and of course others who this middle-aged mind can't conjure up at the moment. I really loved Far Rock High. If you like, drop me a line!

Hirth, Howard -  - Atlanta, GA

Hirtz, Nina (Meadows) -  -Davie, FL

Hofman, Lydia (Rosenblatt) -  - Niskayuna, NY
Looking for some old friends Bob Goldberg, Rhonda Berkowitz, Shelley Wald.


Hoffman, Charles (Chas )-  - Vista, CA

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Horne, Shari (Marino) -  - Ormond Beach, FL
Well, I bought my computer yesterday. I've spent hours trying to get to where I am now. Looking forward to hearing from some of you. I miss Rockaway, it sure was a great place to grow up. I'm ready for the next reunion, I missed seeing a lot of you at the big one. Ormond By The Sea, Florida is where I live; it's so beautiful. I'll always have sand in my feet.

Hurlburt, Mike -  - No City Listed
I was born and raised in Rockaway and graduated in 1970. Believe it or not I just found out that there was a website for Far Rock. It brings back old memories. I was also amazed at remembering some of the teachers I had so long ago forgotten. What really got my attention was a note from Debbie Kapell. Debbie if you're out there contact me. We lived a block away from each other. And if I am right I had the biggest crush on your sister, Miriam. I hope I've got the right girl. If anyone has her e-mail address, please pass this on to her.

Hyman, Bob  - 1970 - Pleasantville, NY - Deceased 2009
Live and practice law in Westchester in Pleasantville. Still friends with Preston Waxenbaum.

Icangelo, Pam (Clark) -  - Phoenix, AZ
Reading about your memories of Far Rockaway brought back a lot of memories of my own. Looking forward to hearing from my old classmates.

Issman, Matt -  - Mandeville LA  
Would like to hear from all of my former classmates and Rockaway-ites!

Jansen, Gary - - Pembroke Pines, FL - Updated March, 2012
There will never be another "Rock."

Kahn, Jill (Flecker) -  - Bellmore, NY
This is a great site and I am so excited that I found it.  I left Far Rockaway long ago but the memories will never leave me.

Kahn, Karen (Rosenfeld) - - East Brighton, Victoria Australia - Updated February, 2008

Kantor, Paula (Arnao) -  - Selden, NY
Love hearing from old friends.

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Looking for old friends.

Karp, Gary -  - Rego Park, NY

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Kiken, Shelley (Ortiz) -  - Staten Island, NY
I love this web site...I grew up in the Rockaways...and this keeps the memory alive...I would love to hear from old friends.

Kimmel, Beth (Sievers) -  - London, England

Kirschner, Sandy (Mills) -  - Belle Harbor, NY
I am divorced after 20 year marriage.. mother of 2. An administrator for a distribution company... ex-chef and restauranteur. I just moved back to Belle Harbor (summer of '98) after being away since 1970.. Would love to hear from old classmates.

Kivolowitz, Jack -  - Bellmore, NY
Website location is

Klapper, Bonnie (Goldenberg) - - Thousand Oaks, CA

Klein, Ira -  - Santa Barbara, CA

Klein, Roy -  - Plainview, NY - Updated April, 2008
Please visit -- which I update weekly with new articles -- for excerpts of my writings.

Kluger, Steven -  - Westland, MI

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I am looking forward to re-meeting old friends.

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I would enjoy hearing from friends.

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So many sweet memories are coming back to me. Thanks for the chance to go back in time.

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Mintz, Beney (Waitzman) -  - Rockaway Park, NY

Moses, Seth -  - Los Angeles, CA   Write and say hello!

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Nash, Susan - - Woodstock, MD - Updated January, 2009

Needleman, Ann (Gehring) -  - Plantation, FL

Needleman, Howard -  - Palisades Park, NJ

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Ness, Pamela (Morrison) - - Hollywood, FL - Posted April, 2008

Newman, Amy (Weiss) -  - Freehold, NJ

Nussbaum, Irwin -  - Windsor, CT   
Would love to hear from my buddies!

Oksevski, Jean (Lange) -  - Kansas City, MO
Hope to meet again with the class of '70.

Osherofsky, Sandra (Fendrick) -  - Staten Island, NY

Pattinger, Jay -  - Woodbury, NY

Perlman, Bob -  - Laguna Beach, CA

Podgorsky, Anita (Levin) -  - Smithtown NY

Pollack, Jody (Pollack Roth) -  - New York, NY

Port, Marla (Gentile) - - Beech Mountain, NC

Profera, Carolyn (Taska) -  - Inwood, NY

Post, Robin (Berger) - - Weston, CT
Looking forward to hearing from old friends!

Rabinowitz, Leslie (Rosenberg) - - Apex, NC - Updated July, 2008
Oops! Didn't realize that I had my old e-mail address posted, so here is my update.  Website:   I just discovered this website and I think it is great. I agree Far Rockaway was a special town to grow up in and I miss the ocean so much. Happy that many of my classmates have done well and have remained more a tight knit bunch than I would have thought. I still keep contact with by best friend from HS but lost touch with everyone else especially since I had to move to Bklyn the year we all graduated. I know you all are having the same birthday I just had (we won't mention the number) for those of you with any memory left. Are you feeling nostalgic? If so drop me a line.

Raider,Gail (Gottlieb) -  - Huntington, NY

Rakow, Rick -  - Freehold, NJ

Rappaport, Ken - - East Rockaway, NY

Ribet, Claudia -  - Santa Monica, CA
I would love to hear from my classmates.

Rodack, Victor -  - New York, NY

Rosen, Ellen (Jacobs) -  - Livingston, New Jersey

Rosen, Michael -  - Milford, CT
I have so many great memories this website renewed. Skip: Great job setting up the site and getting so many graduates and former students connected. And, Carol, really nice work with the diagrams and pictures. Haven't been in Far Rockaway since 1976. It's a cliché to ask where the time goes, but still I wonder.  Anyone out there who remembers me, please contact me at

Rosenberg, Wayne - - Denville , NJ

Rosenbloom, Janet (Fletcher) -  - Katonah, NY

Rosenfeld, Lois (Saturn) -  - Merrick, NY

Rothberg, Patti (Avin) -  - Levittown, NY
Married childhood love, Michael.  Two children, Jason 26 & Stefani 24. Happy & Healthy living in Levittown, NY.  Would love to hear from old friends.

Sadin, Wayne -  - Sugar Land, TX

Sanders, Gary -  - Coconut Creek, FL

Sbeglia, Richard -  - Brooklyn, NY
I am an attorney practicing in Manhattan. I live in Carroll Gardens in a four story brownstone. I am married and have three children. So far so good!

Schack, Warren -  - Plantation, FL

Schantz, Carol (Harvey) - - Island Park, NY - Updated November, 2010

Schwartz, Arnold -  - Stafford VA

Schwartz, Larry -  - Midland, TX

Shapiro, Bruce H. -  - Roslyn Heights, NY


Sherman, Ellen -, NY

Siegel, Richard -  - Clearwater, FL - Deceased, 2011

Silverberg, Rosalind - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Far Rockaway, NY

Silverman, Howie "Zack" -  - Parlin, NJ

Silverman, Maxine (Ganer) -  - Katonah, NY

Silverstein, Alan - - New York, NY
Skip, I recently received a message from Ken Rappaport regarding the reunion for the class of 1970. Ken had made mention to me about the FRHS website. So, here I am...It brought a smile and a tear as well. My regards to all who attended our wonderful school and all our past neighbors who lived in Bayswater and the surrounding area...all the best.  Alan Silverstein.   Website:

Siperstein, Alan -  - No City Listed

Slott, Linda (Conner), Linda (Slott) -  - Oceanside, NY

Solomon, Martin -  - Los Angeles CA

Soloway, Elaine (Zimbler) -  - Livingston, NJ

Stahl, Barbara - - Alameda, CA - Updated December, 2011

Stein, Ina (Kane) - 1970 -

Stein, Sylvia (Klein) - 1970 -  - Boca Raton, FL

Stenson, Alice (Littler) -  - Rochester, NY

Stenzler, Mark -  - Long Beach, NY
Nice to be part of this wonderful site!

Stone, Kenneth -  - San Diego, CA

Strauss, Susan (Tallis) -  - Little Neck, NY

Sullivan, Edward -  - Sarasota, FL

Taska, Dennis -  - Flushing, NY

Thau, Michele 'Shelley' (Gross) -  - Matawan, NJ
I would love to hear from my friends from FRHS 1970.

Toennies, Barbara -  - Santa Monica, CA

Trachtenberg, Michele (Kivolowitz) -  - Island Park, NY
I can't seem to get away from the beach!

Tutundjian, Susan - - Jupiter, FL - Updated January, 2008
I've moved from Long Beach to Jupiter Florida and would love to hear from old friends.  The web site is wonderful!  Keep up the good work!

Unterman, Michael -  - Wall, NJ

Uretzky, Michelle -  - Oceanside, NY

Waxenbaum, Preston -  - Holbrook, NY

Weber, Barry -  - Forest Hills, NY

Weiner, Cheryl (Zeitchek) -  - Lynbrook, NY

Weingarten, Wendy (Auslander) - - East Meadow, NY

Weinstein, Irene - - Los Angeles, CA
Hello to anyone who remembers me; feel free to get in touch. Love to hear from anyone. Miss Far Rockaway but it's not the same. California is s great place to live; been out here for 30 some years. Be well, you all.
Weiss, David -  - Brooklyn, NY

Wilsker, Susan (Brownstein) -  - Lindenhurst, NY
This is my new e-mail address -- I would love to hear from old friends!!

Winters, Barbars (Burstin) -  - Tenafly, NJ

Wirth, Gary -  - Plainview, NY

Wolbrom, Renee (Cohen) -  - Marlboro, NJ

Yessner, Marla (Doty) -  - Jackson, NJ

Zeller, Michael -   - Millstone Township, NJ

Zellermaier, Robin (Hartmann) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Rockaway Park, NY

Zipper, Ronnie (Kramer) -  - Cleveland, OH/Jerusalem, Israel
I came across this website when searching for FRHS street address. My most prominent memories of my one too many years at FRHS can be summed up with the lyric from a Grateful Dead song "one way or another, this darkness got to give". But it was good to read the many entries of those who had a blast. I must have been at Ellies way too long. Best regards to all of you and Happy New Year.


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