Graduates From Rockaway In 1974

Ann Connors, Class of 1974, joins us from the Catskills in NY and writes the following.

I lived in Wavecrest until 1975, and I have four younger brothers and sisters who all attended St. Mary's and graduated from FRHS- (even my dad in 1951.) Living so close to the beach was a dream. We spent all summer long on the beaches going to beach 19th St. where the waters were calm thanks to the peninsula across the channel, and then as we got older we enjoyed the waves at Beach 21st Street--or better yet-Beach 32nd St. bodysurfing especially right before an approaching storm!

August was a beat, because of the Lion's mane jellyfish. But the beginning of September made up for it, because the water was still warm. I remember mom trying to call us in at the end of the day when the waves were up, way past the 4:30 siren, and us begging her, "One more wave!!!" Special thanks to all the great lifeguards who kept an eye on all of us and saved many a struggling swimmer.

"Ice Cream and Orange Drinks, here!" The Good Humor vendors kept us cool. On a clear day you could see the Ambrose light tower, that little thing way out in the ocean up from Playland that looked like the shape of a horse, and who could forget those wonderful fireworks displays every Wednesday night. Rockaway--the Indians name it for "laughing waters." If you sit on the shore and let the rolling waves hypnotize you, you can hear it laughing too.

Thanks Ann-Marie for writing and for the great photos. I've already gotten come comments about them. I'll try to get the rest of them on the web site in the near future.

Amiel, Lana (Azzato) -  - Coral Springs, FL

Anthony, Jesse - Deceased, 2006

Arnel, Curt -  - Merrick, NY

Auerbach, Jeffrey -  - Jackson Heights, NY

Bailey, Linda (Davis) -  - Bowie, MD - Updated November, 2011

Barry, Jane (Spezio) -  - Valley Stream, NY

Beckoff, Alan - - Queens Village, NY - Updated September, 2008  

Berger, Bruce -  - White Plains, NY

Berman, Kenneth -  - No City Listed

Bloom, Ellen (Feinberg) -  - Merrick, NY 

Boudreau, Alice (Barbera) - - Lake Grove, NY - Updated July, 2014

Breth, Jill - - Long Beach, NY
Would love to hear from old classmates.

Brown, Gary - - Baltimore, MD - Updated April, 2008

Bush, Jon - - Washington, DC

Caligiuri, Nikki (Lanci) -  - East Meadow, NY

Caplan, Beverly  - Pembroke Pines, FL

Cardone, Greg -  - Tampa, FL

Carriddi, Jim – Lynbrook, NY - Deceased

Castro, Antonio - - St. Cloud FL - Posted March, 2008

Chara, John - - Bourbonnais, IL - Updated September, 2008

Chernin, Russ - - West Boylston, MA
I am what I've wanted to be since before FRHS--a lawyer in New England. In addition to the contracts, leases, real estate, and other stuff of law, I
also do work for the ACLU. Defending the constitution has always been my true passion. Would love to hear from people.

Chiaia, Nicholas John - - Washington, DC Website: 

Cohen, Andrew -  - Seattle, WA

Cohen, Rena (Kozin)  -  - Merrick NY
Married, 2 children, Director of HR and Administration for large LI company.

Cohen, Sandra "Sandy" (Dettenmayer) -  - Atlanta, GA
How wonderful it would be to hear from some old friends again and some new ones!  I have many great memories of growing up on B. 65th St.

Cohen, Sharon (Streger) -  - Fairfield, CT

Connors, Ann - Catskills, NY  

Conroy, Edward - - Stewart Manor, NY - Updated March, 2013

Cook, Jeffrey - - Sea Cliff, NY - Posted February, 2008

Corcoran-Pineiro, Elizabeth "Lily" -  - Belle Harbor, NY
I have been dancing (Irish ) for 25 years. Now I am still competing (just won the Eastern Regionals) and teaching. Have been on TV and danced for numerous famous people. Was one of the first Americans to ever place in the World Championships right after leaving Far Rock in January of 1974.

Corrigan, Mathew  -  Send Me Your Current Email Address - Neponsit, NY

Darby, Michael - - Vancouver, WA - Updated October, 2010
Hi All-Glad to see so many people looking to be found or at least contacted. I should be heading back into NYC this summer (2007) and would love to reconnect with some old friends-drop me an email. Website:

Davis, Marcy -  - Superior, CO

Davis, Sanford -  - Pittsburgh, PA

Davis, Vickie (Schwager) -  - Reisterstown, MD

DeNaro, Alan -  - Haverhill, MA

Diller, Ron -   - Mohegan Lake, NY

Dunn, Alan (write c/o) -  - Albuquerque, NM

Dyckoff, Robert - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Atlantic Beach, NY

Eans, Ernest Jr. - - Staten Island, NY

Eisenberg, Alan -  - Wellington, FL

Eiskowitz, Roberta (Feeney) -  - Hewlett, NY

Elliot, Bert (Goldberg) -  - Suffern, NY

Ettlinger, Richard -  - Lynbrook, NY
Website located at

Falcone, JoAnn (Ryan)  - Dix Hills, NY

Febo, Julio -  - Staten Island, NY

Febo, Luis -  - Farmingville, NY
Is there anyway to get a copy of my yearbook?

Feldman, Barbara (Marciniak) - - Oakland Park, FL - Updated February, 2008
Growing up in Far Rockaway are some of the best memories I have. I live in Florida but hope to return North in the future. I am thrilled to have found this website so that I can quiet the immense homesickness that comes over me now and again. I see so many familiar faces and names. You guys are doing a great job. Please keep it up!! God Bless!!

Feldman, Sandy (Alfasi) -   - Coral Springs, FL

Field, Karen -  - Scarsdale, NY

Fonoroff, Caron -  - West Caldwell, NJ

Freed, Heidi (Rosen) -  - Wantagh, NY

Friedman, Andrew –  - Bedford NY

Friedman, Susan (Salmeri) - Coral Springs, FL

Frost, Donald  - Altanta, GA

Garten, Nancy (Shaw) -  - Tampa, FL

Gelman, Jack -  - Bridgewater, NJ

Gershengorn, Wendy (Greenberger) - - Yorktown Heights, NY - Posted April, 2008

Goldfeder, Janice (Oppenheim) - - North Potomac, MD - Updated March, 2009

Goldberg, Sue (Pollack) - - Middletown, NJ - Updated June, 2011

Goldstein, Barbara (Kane) -  - East Brunswick, NJ

Goldstein, Lynne (Ritter)  - Ormond Beach, FL

Goliger, Janet -   - Sherman Oaks, CA
Hi to everyone I used to hang out with!  Look me up as I am always happy to hear from old friends!!! Use my "comcast address" or check out my website!

Graham, Sheilah (Markham) -  - Commerce, MI

Greenberg, Arthur -  - Staten Island, NY

Greenwald, Randi  - Los Angeles, CA

Greig, Fay -  - Lawrence, NY

Groman, Ronnie -  - Rockville Centre, NY

Gursky, Fran (Lipson) -  - Old Westbury, NY

Hamberger, Beth (Chodoff) -  - Eschar, Israel
Sorry to report that I also just got some devastating news about Seth Zimmerman class of 1972. He just died of a heart attack sometime late last week. I wanted to put it on the memorial page but I don't know how. I think people should be informed of this. If I am correct he was 52 in Sept. We were very good friends in High School and we have stayed some what in touch over the years. My parents and his parents are still good friends and my children and his daughter are friends.

Hammer, Martin -  - S. Brunswick, NJ

Harary, Lee -  - Winter Park, FL

Heifetz, Chuck -  - Orange, CT

Heringer, Ellen (Gorin) -  - Millburn, NJ

Hirsch, Jacki (Wartel) - - Israel

Hirsh, Norman - - Randolph, NJ - Updated December, 2008

Hirschberg, Nancy (Malsin) -  - Woodburgh, NY

Hodes, Stacey (Nagel)  - Belle Harbor, NY

Horowitz, Neal -  - Staten Island, NY

Hovatter, Ellen (Oates) -  - South Amboy, NJ

Hundt, Pamela (Reid) - - Basking Ridge, NJ

Intrabartolo, John - Send Me Your Current Email Address - San Diego, CA

Issman, Andrew -  - Coral Springs, FL

Jacobs, David - - Marietta, GA - Updated July, 2008 
Would love to hear from old friends.

Johnson, Karl -  -  Massapequa, NY

Karkheck, Margy (Barker) -  - Wantagh, NY
After graduating, went to Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School and worked in Manhattan until 1983 when I started my family. I now have 3 sons (and that's enough!!!) and enjoy living on Long Island (except for the taxes!!!)

Kasin, Rhonda (Romanelli) -  - North Woodmere, NY

Kasticher, Ruth (Wenig) -  - Kew Gardens Hills, NY
I am the moderator of the alumni group of Hebrew Institute of Long Island or HILI, which was located Beach 19th Street and Seagirt Blvd.

Katz, Alan -  - Riverdale, NY

Kessler, Jeff  -  - Merrick, NY

Kinigson, Lisa (Klein) -  - Middletown, NY
Dear Carol and Skip, Thank you so much for all the work that you do to maintain this website. I have gone on many times over the past few years, (especially when I am feeling a bit down), and my spirits are always lifted by the wonderful memories I have of growing up in the Rockaways. My family first lived in Edgemere at 51-24 Beach Channel Drive, and in 1971 we moved to Surfside at 107-10 Shore Front Pkwy. My mother worked in the ER at Peninsula Hospital Center and I worked in the coffee shop there, and then in Radiology. I knew my husband at FRHS (Tedd Klein from the class of 1972),and had a huge crush on him. Ironically I met him a few years later at Peninsula, and well, the rest is history. We have been married 29 years and have 2 sons.  There are several people I would love to be in touch with who I do not see listed on your site. The names that come to mind are: Judy Morgenbesser, Jane Foung and Jonathan Bush. So if anyone out there knows where they are, please feel free to pass along my e-mail address to them. Once again, thank you.

Kirshner, Isabelle -  - Miami, FL

Klapper, Barbara -  - Walnut Creek, CA

Klapper, Janet (Goodman) - - Walnut Creek, CA - Updated February, 2010
Would love to hear from old friends. Still come to NY for the summer from CA

Koeppel, Gary -  - Berkeley, CA

Kohn, Peter Pkohn -  - Hillcrest, NY

Kolokoff, Sharon (Feldman) - - Coral Springs, FL - Updated February, 2008

Kornberg, Mindy (Misrok) - Click Here to Email - Bellmore, NY - Updated November, 2010
Would be interested in hearing from anyone from Mr. Flateman's 6th grade class in P.S. 42 in 1968.

Langer, Suzanne (Schultz) -  - Oceanside, NY

Laufer, Rachel (Simuro)  or  - New City, NY

Levenson, Steven  -  - Floral Park, NY
I did not graduate from FRHS, as we moved when I was 16. I lived in Wavecrest and on Bay 31st.

Levine, Robin (Barbera) -  - Manorville, NY

Levitan, Andrew  - Winter Park, FL

Levy, Doug - - Merrick, NY

Lichtner, Mark - Long Beach, NY
Hi to all long-lost friends, drop me a line! Go Yankees!

Lieberman, Eric -  - Belchertown, MA

Linden, Russ - - Chino Hills, CA

Louis, Stephen -  - New York, NY

There are at least three FRHS alums at the New York City Law Dept - Len Koerner, and - two from 1974 -- Alan Beckoff and myself.

Mahoney, Mary (Provenzano) - - Boca Raton , FL
I moved to NJ in '74. I moved to FL in '95. Saw many names I remembered on list. Would love to hear from you! Memories brighten my day!

Malsin, Lloyd -  - Woodburgh, NY

Mead, Vicki (Nezolosky) -  - Phoenix, AZ
Looking for anyone that remembers me. I lived in Arverne on B. 68th St. I went to P.S 42 and Benjamin N. Cardozo 198.

Mermelstein, Jeff -  - Pelham Manor, NY

Miller, Susan (Fallik)  - Phoenix, AZ

Moylan, Joseph -   - Manalapan, NJ

Nebel, Debbie (Reinstein) -  - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Neer, Pamela (Eskenazi) -  - Oceanside, NY

Newcombe, Millie (Mortan) -  - Washington Township, NJ
Hello to all from the class of '74!  This site brought back so many memories.  If you remember me please drop me an email and say hi!

Oguss, Carl -  - Cambridge, MA
I'm looking to reconnect with Sharon Cohen, also class of '74, tho' I graduated in Jan. and I think she graduated in June (or whenever is the "normal" time). Please help me locate her. She called to give me her married name and address and re-connect, but in the course of moving, that info. is not at hand now. Also, she has an old e-mail address for me which no longer works. Help! Aside from that: I'm a Harvard Ph.D. with broad interests and extensive real estate holdings, mostly in Hawaii. I've lived and worked in Japan for years, but am now back in the US writing and having fun in my old Cambridge stomping grounds. Everything I am I owe to Far Rock High and it's "loving" staff (oy, the stories I could tell!). I wish you all well.

Padaetz, Steve -  - Oceanside, NY

Papkin, Jeff -  - Oceanside, NY

Pappas, Patricia (Moore) -  - Rockaway Park, NY

Parnes, Eric -  - Encino, CA

Pearlman, Reva (Yacovone) -  - Little Neck, NY

Penzell, Stephanie -  - Warwick, RI
Would LOVE to hear from old friends and to go to a reunion- doesn't seem that my class has them though.
Peppin, Mark -  - Far Rockaway, NY - Deceased, 2010
A big shoutout to all friends and acquaintances...where you bin?

Peress, Cindy - - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Updated April, 2008
Would love to meet up with folks if they come to The Netherlands.  Website

Pszenitzki, Susan (Stein) -  - Bellmore, NY

Rabinowitz, Lynne  - Brooklyn, NY

Raines, Barry -  - Rockaway Beach, NY

Randal, Bari (Connolly) -  - Franklin Square NY

Regan, James -  - Laredo, TX
Former resident of the Rockaways who still can feel the sand between his toes. I have traveled near and far,to the beaches of Florida,Texas, Germany and even Saudi Arabia; however, my most precious memories have been those centered around the beaches of Rockaway. That part of the beach and boardwalk from 116th Street to 126th was the center of my universe for many years.

Roach, Rochelle " Chelle" (Moros) -  - Apple Valley, CA
I attended FRHS briefly Soph-Senior. I graduated early in January 1974. I remember Ellen Bloom, she lived on Beach 17th (mw, Beach 19th) Her Dad would drives us to school on cold, winter days. Anybody from Rockaway, knows what a schlep it is from the Beach to school. Please contact me, especially Lena Portalatin and Mark Yudlowitz. I was also known as "Roach" and a Hendrix freak.

Robinson, Stuart (Shimshon) -  - Haifa, Israel
It was great looking at your site just now.  I grew up on 51st. in Edgemere in building 10 opposite P.S.105. I went to 105, and then 198 for 2 years and then to 180, and then to Far Rockaway High for 1 year before quitting and getting my equivalency diploma.  After living in Edgemere for most of my youth, we moved to Greenpoint Rd. in Far Rockaway, and then after some years to Dayton Towers on 81st St.  I have been living here on this Kibbutz for the past 21 years.  Your site really brought back a lot of good old memories!   Although I have very little money to my name I will try to send you a small donation to help your site keep going.  Keep up the good work.

Rosado, Carlos -  - Belleville, IL  
1973-1974 Wrestling Team: contact me.

Rosen, Glenn -  - Wantagh, NY

Rosenberg-Lowe, Robin -  - Clifton, NJ

Rosenblatt, Lois -  - Far Rockaway, NY

Rosenfeld, Gale (Steinman) -  -  East Hills, NY

Ross, Diane (McCann) -  - Rockaway Park, NY

Rothman, Barbara (Krieger) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - East Rockaway, NY

Rothman, Paul - - Oakland, CA - Updated February, 2010
Recently, a fellow classmate from JHS 198 and Far Rockaway High School (grad. class of 74) and I reconnected. It felt so nice to share old memories -sort of like unexpectedly coming home. It reminded me of how special Far Rockaway was and how fortunate I was to grow up by the beach.  I'd love to hear from others who share my sentiments, especially if you knew me way back. My email address is

Rubin, Beth - - Buffalo, NY

Russell, Wanda - - Coral Springs, FL
Back in the days when we were young again, it is so great to see old photos of the Rock brings back happy memories.

Russo, Denise –  - Flushing, NY

Ryger, Jack -  - New York, NY

Safran, David - - Long Beach , NY
Left the Rockaways in 1985 and now happy to be back home.

Saporta, Jon - - New York, NY

Saporta, Jon -  - Kew Gardens, NY

Schaffler, Mitch - - Rye, NY - Updated December, 2008

Schiffer, Warren -  - Long Beach, NY
Many of you knew that my wife Toni was battling ALS. I am sad to inform you that she passed away 11/04. Heartfelt thanks for all your personal support and for supporting MDA's Wings Over Wall Street®, the fundraising event for ALS research that she inspired and co-founded with me . We have raised over $5million dollars for research and have given hope to those who fight for their lives everyday. Please stay with us until the cure is found!  Now, I'm back in NY, living in Long Beach. It's great to have the opportunity to see family and old friends again. Feel free to email me anytime. Fondly, Warren

Schneider, Daniel -  - New York, NY
I would love to make a film about the old Rockaway. It was a special place and time.

Schneider, Robbin (Gurr)  - Dix Hills, NY

Schwartz, Jeffrey -  - Merrick, NY

Sheldon, Randy - - Palm Beach Gardens, FL - Updated February, 2013
Turned 50 this year and can't believe it. I don't think there were too many teachers in FRHS who were 50. Where did the time go. I guess the class of 1920 feels it even more so. What keeps me feeling young is my 35 year old wife, 12 year old daughter and the Florida sunshine. I bet some of you from '74 have grandkids. Scary thought!!  Please send me e-mails from those who remember me. I wasn't much of a standout in FRHS.  Well wishes to all.

Sherman, Randy (Leaning) -  - Avon, MA

Siegel, Scott -  - Ringoes, NJ

Silver, Perry - - East Hampton, NY

Simmonds, Arturo -  - Winter Springs, FL

Simon, Janis (Simon-Graff)-  - Henderson, NV
Please keep those cards & letters coming!!!! KEEP IN TOUCH!!!!!... I'm FINALLY living my "happily ever after"...found my prince charming & ENJOYING LIFE like I never thought I could!!!! Would LOVE

 to hear from anyone from the "good old days." Janis

Singer, Michelle (Raines) (deceased) -  - Rockaway Beach, NY

Sitnick, Steve  - Boca Raton, FL
After graduating Far Rock, I spent quite a number of years overseas, living in Australia in the late 70's, early 80's. Accounting has been my backup trade for the past 20 years, although cooking has been not only a pastime but a love. I became a chef in 1994, graduating from the Florida Culinary Institute in West Palm Beach, FL. I currently am the financial controller of a flooring contractor in Pompano Beach, FL and have my own catering company which I'm involved with on weekends (Gourmet Gatherings)

Slensky, Jan - - North Babylon, NY 

Smalls, Donald -  - Hayward, CA

Smith, Jackie -  - North Miami, FL
I hope you're all doing well. Check me in Miami!!!!!!!!

Smith, Kenny  - Woodbury, MN

Sobel, Julie (Soltan) -  - East Meadow, NY

Solomon, Mitchell - - Tamarac, FL - Updated October, 2008

Stein, Michael  -  - Staten Island, NY

Sternberg, Susan (Taylor) -  - Belle Harbor, NY

Sundack, Mike - - Coconut Creek, FL

Sutton, Scott -  - New Rochelle, NY

Swift, Donald -  - Olympia, WA

Tellerman, Arlene -  - New York, NY

Toulon, Jacqueline (Butt-Parks) - - Morrisonville, NY - Updated January, 2014

Towsky, Robert -  - Oceanside, NY
Hello to everyone that did their time on "The Rock". "Those were the days my friend....." I'd love to hear from you. The reunion was great; like going back in time.

Troupp, Michele (Troupp-Polansky) -  - Staten Island, NY
Would love to hear from old friends.

Tulman, Scott B. -  - Chappaqua, NY

Turpin, Grace (Rosen) -  - Weston, FL
Would love to hear from old friends from the beach.  I really miss Rockaway and all the great times we had!!!!

Uretzky-Moses, Rhonda -  - Marlboro, NJ
I'd love to hear from any 1974 graduates and others who remember the good old days. Email me anytime.

Vick, Alan -  - Burlington, VT

Vogel, Denise -  - Vancouver, WA

Vought, Regina - - Murrells Inlet. SC - Updated February, 2014
Anyone know how to find Debbie Brooks? I'd love to talk to her.

Wachtelkonig, Gail (Schiffer) -  - East Rockaway, NY

Wadler, Michael – wadfamily@aol - Boca  Raton, FL - Updated July, 2016

Wedemeyer, Jack -  - Hopkinton, NH
Love to hear from any or all of you.

Weiner, Judy (Karasick) - - Coral Springs, FL

Wetzler, Mindy (Bell) - - Vestal, NY - Updated January, 2014
This website is a treasure, a connection to my past.  It gives me the opportunity to "walk down Central Avenue" or "around Wavecrest" and say hi to the people I know.

Wiener, Daniel  - Lido Beach, NY

Wiesner, Arlene (Dayboch) - - Smithtown, NY - Updated August, 2014
Any one know where I can find Ellen Levine, graduated in 1975...last known address in New Jersey?

Witoff, Alan -  - Oceanside, NY

Young, Jack  - Plainview, NY

Yurgel, Joan (Zimmermann) -  - Vienna, VA

Zapolsky, Jeffrey -  - Oshkosh, WI

Zinderman, Marcha (Hochberg) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - West Chester, PA
I'd love to hear from my former classmates.


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