Graduates From Rockaway In 1986

Abadia, Tyson - - Kissimmee, FL - Posted January, 2008
Hey guys this is Tyson Abadia. Miss all of you guys. Residing in Florida but always have "THE ROCK" close to my heart. Married 16 years. Three children and loving life. Hope to see all of you in the future.

Artis, Robert -  - Parlin, NJ
I would like to hear from anyone that made it out of Rockaway.

Banner, April -  - Long Island City, NY
Hello to the entire class of 86.  I still see few of you from time to time.  My parents are still in the Rockaways and my mom still works at I.S. 53.  I'm still in New York. No husband and no children. These men out here are still sorry!!!!! I love my job and love my freedom. I can't believe it's been 15 years.  Time flies.  I miss some of you and who knows, maybe one day we'll run into each other. Have a great life class of 86.  We were the best class :)

Blocker, Clinton Sr. -  - Aiken, SC
Can you believe I matured? I even have children that actually listen and respect me,and a wife that loves me. What is this world coming to?  I hope some of you folks email me and say hello,tell me something about yourself! I'd love to hear from all those old and familiar folks that made it throgh. I am still trying to wonder how I did it. I do miss the Rock and all it had to offer, learned a lot, met a lot of people and I wish I could do it again! Hope to see a reunion posted for us 85-86 in the near future. Hey guys keep me and my family in your prayers. Peace.

Carrasquillo, Annette (Sigler) - - Midwest City, OK
Hello to all! Even though I'm in Oklahoma I'll always be a part of "The Rock"!

Cely, Dinorah -  - Virginia Beach, VA

Closs, Janet -  - Redondo Beach, CA
Hey everyone! I'm living in California now and my parents  finally moved out of the 'hood last year!  One of my (many!) brothers is  a NY firefighter - who luckily was visiting me in California on 9/11.  To all of you who lost a friend or family member, my prayers go out to you.  I'm  still single and figure I am destined for spinsterhood - but hopefully, I will have seen the world by the time I'm too old to walk!  Send me e-mail  - I would love to hear from you!

Cruz, Brenda (Short-Cruz) -  - VT
I didn't graduate from Far Rockway but went to P.S. 105 and J.H.S. 198 and P.S. 42. Looking For all my old friends...would of graduated around 1985 - 1986. Thank You!

Davis, Sharon (Greene) - - Avenel, NJ - Updated October, 2014
I moved from NY in 1988 and would like to see my friends I grew up with. I'm 30 years old now with two children, 12, and 6 years old. Two girls, named Jessica and Shelby.

Deane, Martha "Marti" (Michael) - - Salisbury, NC - Updated August, 2008
Wow, it has been a long time. How is everyone? Would love to hear from you.  Don't hesitate to E-mail me any time.

Fagnani, Lisa (Kahl) -  - Oceanside, NY
Hey all my friends from the class of '86. I live in Oceanside now. I'm married 3 years and have a son 10 months old. Many memories and good friends from "The Rock." E-mail me sometime.

Freeman, Dianne (Rosa) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Rockaway Beach, NY
Sitting at home one afternoon surfing the web. And I could not beleive that Far Rockaway High had their own website. So that was a trip within itself. Also to the class of 1986 lets organize ourselves and have a reunion. I would love to hear from you guys. Take care. And keep Rocking!

Geathers, Elizabeth (Reed) -  - Far Rockaway, NY

Godfrey, Robin -  - Arverne, NY
Hey fellow classmates, it was great passing through this website and seeing so many familiar names. I hope everyone is happy and doing well. It would be great to hear from some of you guys, drop me a line so that we can catch up. I had some great times at farrock and fond memories. Shout out to all my former majorettes!! and peace to my SWEET SIX SISTERS!! love always...ROBIN

Hubschmitt, Thomas - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Elmira, NY

Lanza, Robert -  - Tucson AZ

Martinez, Peter (Velazquez) -  - Lawrence, NY
Wow! I can't beleive it's been twenty years already since we all graduated. For the few of you who remember me Peter Velazquez, I now use the name Peter Martinez. Hope everyone is well. I hear a reunion is in the works hope to see alot of you there.

MasterBorn, Bernard (Blackmon) -  - Stone Mountain, GA
Big ups to the class of 85 - 86. I can't believe I actually made it through! Now I'm a lot older and wiser (BUD). I miss those days in the ROCK when we'd be straight buggin in the lunchroom, at the train station, cut out parties and rocking knots! (Could you believe I have a college degree!! I miss seeing my twin brothers (Donald & Duggie). Peace to everyone in Edgemere who made it and to those that didn't.  I have a lot to be thankful for...I come strictly to town to see my peeps and then I bounce back to Atlanta GA where I'm holding it down. Look ma I made it!!! To the 1986 CO-OP Class - "I still can Crack/Snap mad jokes.  What's up to my Geometry teacher Mr. Melnick - I had straight A's, but was thugged out...Peace, Master  ..... Well I just wanted to make sure I continue to represent Da Rock" even though I live in Georgia. I miss a lot of my people yet I love my new state. No matter where ever I go, "Da Rock" will forever be a part of me.  Memories of those who passed and to those still trying to make it, my strength is with you. Keep it solid! Solid as " Da Rock"!  Peace  Masterborn Class 85/86 Hollering to all my peeps who made it and to those still on the grind. Far Rockaway - thanks for holding me down during those crazy times. Much love and condolences to those who have passed on.

Mauras, Sergio A. - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Freeport, NY
Hello to all my old classmates; miss you all.

Mendez, Trevor - - Lithonia, GA - Posted January, 2009
What's good people of the Rock. Its been a long time, can't believe it's been over 20 years since high school. Man how life has changed. Most will remember me hanging with Chris Howard and William Cooper, AKA Chris and Coop. I'm still in touch with those dudes. Played on the football team, had a big afro, grew up in Edgemere projects. Living in Atlanta now over 5 years, I see a lot of people have moved away from NYC altogether. Wow it would be nice to see everyone of my class again. If any of you remember me hit me up with an email....
Peace and Love to all the Far Rock grads of 1986.

Moore, Lisa -  - Far Rockaway, NY

I had some great times at Far Rock, hope to hear from some of you guys soon.

Napolitano, Alice (Improte) -  - Nanuet, NY

Palomino, Elisa -  - Richmond Hill, NY

Pipitone, Maria (Pacheco) - - No City Listed
Hey there, Class of '86. Wish there were more of you on this web site. Hope to see more soon. Feel free to contact me all those who remember Pipitone's Pizza.

Rosas, Alexander - - Brandon, FL

Rubin, Steve -  - New York NY

Sanchez, William Jr. - Send Me Your Current Email Address  - VA 

Graduated in 1986: The Rock: "We will ROCK you"!! Living in FL.. wanting to set a reunion with the class of 1986... look for the info!!

Sarnataro, Nicole -  - New York NY

Schwan, Eileen (Closs) -  - West Hempstead, NY

Seva, Joseph - - Long Beach, NY

Shanab, Paul -  - East Rockaway NY

Silverstein, Debbie -  - NY
Would love to hear from all my old friends

Skillmore Buckley, Joan (Pagan) -  - South Ozone Park, NY

Terry, Karen -  - Lexington, NC
Hello classmates: this is Karen Terry. Email me...would love to hear from all you guys

Velardi, Joanie (Wendt) - - Valley Stream NY

Williams, Ramona -  - New York, NY

Woods, Shirlene (Johnson) -  - Philadelphia, PA  
I actually graduated in 1985 but I got skippped. All of my childhood friends graduated in 1986..I miss y'all!!

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