Class of 1972
25th Reunion

Hi Skip,

Well the Class of '72's 25th Reunion has come and gone, and I'm happy to report it was a GREAT SUCCESS. We had about 200 attendees, mostly graduates of 1972, but including some '71 and '73 graduates, and of course the guests that joined us! The party started and the DJ played some "good ol' rock-n-roll" from the 70's. The food was good, and the dance floor was hardly ever empty! I would venture to say that everyone had a good time. The party didn't end at 1 am when we were asked to leave the ballroom. Many of us went to the hotel bar until we closed that down, and then moved to the hotel lobby, where we continued our fun until sometime after 4 am (that's when I left!).

For me, the experience was fabulous. I knew many more people than I thought I would, and was remembered by many! I danced the night away, and had fun, fun, fun!

We had a group photo taken, which I intend to send to you for posting in the website as soon as I get it!

Thanks to everyone who attended, you helped to make this a GREAT event!

Annie Wolbrom

Annie can be reached at

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