Do You Remember These Teachers?

My name is Alan Yockelson.  I was born at St. Joseph's Hospital in 1954, and lived on B. 36th Street, and also in the Refern Projects before I moved to New Haven at the age of 12.  The public school I attended was PS 106 on  Beach 35th Street, between the El and the Boardwalk. 

Does anyone remember Mrs. Glick (kindergarten teacher) and Ms. Hershey (a beautiful young, red-headed 1st grade teacher)?

Since I was young, I have a somewhat sketchy memory of things.  My father worked at both the bumper car and fascination store fronts.  I remember Tuckee Cups, Jerry's knishes, and the pizza joint next to it.  I remember the good humor truck, and the seltzer truck.
I could go on and on, as your website is a real trip down memory lane. I am now an attorney living in Oregon, and was prompted to look up Rockaway after a discussion I had with one of my daughter's about growing up so poor that I lived in the Projects.

If you have any memories of these people or places, please write and share them.

Alan can be reached at or your memories can be sent for posting on this page to Skip Weinstock at

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