Artie Schecter - Class of 1956
Arverne Photos

 Hi Skip.  A former next store neighbor from Arverne and graduate of the
Class of 1950 sent me these.  He said I could foward these to you if
you want to use them for the web site, please do.  These were taken from the roof of the 6 story apartment house we lived in on Beach 66 Street between 1951 and
1954.  Arverne at its best.  The first photo is looking east and the second is looking north toward the bay with P.S. 42 clearly visible.  Also included is a photo of my dad, mom, and grandmother taken in front of Sam's in 1951.  Artie Schechter

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Photo of Sam, the owner of Sam's on the 
Boardwalk at 35th Street.  Also shown is Sam's wife, 
Naomi, and Sam's mother.  Thanks Artie for this great
piece of Rockaway history.

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